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The Greatest debate of modern times. if you've never seen this.....[from 2005]

Hitchens comes out looking like a propagandist with misleading and often simplistic or confabulated summations of various events. Galloway is not perfect either, but his nod to the geopolitical machinations going on behind the scenes, something obfuscated by Hitchens in my opinion, makes his a much better argument.

No one likes a dictatorship but one would obviously prefer to be alive rather than dead or displaced - a result of the effort at Iraqi regime change. Indeed, when it comes to change there is often more than one solution to the problem. Given enough time dictatorships can actually be unwound so long as there is no anarchy within the country or threats/foreign interests influencing things negatively from the outside- look at what has happened in Egypt, Indonesia and now Burma. Plus pressure can be put on countries to ease their torturous habits as part of a longer term process.

An example of a Hitchens confabulation: Consider the notion of the savage resistance to the US occupation of Iraq and the sectarian violence that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians - and that it is therefore wrong to support these resistors and, by implication, resistance. Hitchens equated the two, which, although likely carried out in many cases by the same groups, actually represent two separate agendas. One cannot say, in a wholesale way, that resisting an invasion is necessarily bad.

-When we look at the situation from a sectarian perspective, yes, the Sunnis did not want to lose power, resisted occupation from the start, and later fought against various empowered Shiite groups who engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the capital. That both groups wanted to see the US removed, is understandable and justified -which is the point I believe Galloway would stand behind- rather than endorsing any ethnic cleansing. If you look at recent Galloway statements on Libya we see that he would like to see non-violent resolutions within Middle East countries and continued resistance against outside inference and occupation.

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