Monday, 28 May 2012

US Prepares Multi-Front Proxy War Against Syria

Since the Washington Post’s May 16 report on an influx of arms to Syrian opposition forces, the Obama administration’s plans for a proxy war against Syria have become clearer still.

The Post wrote of “significantly more and better weapons” reaching oppositionists, “paid for by Persian Gulf nations [Saudi Arabia and Qatar] and coordinated in part by the United States,” based upon a perspective that “an expanding military confrontation is inevitable.”

Saudi Arabia and Qatar were sending weapons with approval from Washington, which has “expanded contacts with opposition forces to provide the gulf nations with assessments of rebel credibility and command-and-control infrastructure.”

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Russian, North Korean arms ships to dock in Syria as bloody crackdown continues

[The Russians are not going to stand back while the West, via proxies, sends fighters and armaments into Syria.]

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