Thursday, 12 April 2012

Syrian Rebels ‘Using Turkish Refugee Camps as Base’

The Syrian army’s pursuit of rebels across the Turkish border has shed light on claims of rebel groups using refugee camps as safe havens. Reports suggest the Free Syrian Army could be treating them as springboards to launch incursions into Syria.

RT correspondent Sara Firth interviewed an anonymous source on the Syrian-Turkish border following the incident, who said that members of the Free Syrian Army were operating in the border region.

“They [Syrian rebels] cross the border, then they walk back again. Maybe the Turkish army finds some and takes them back to the camp, others just come by themselves. A lot of these people work with the Free Syrian Army,” he said.

He added that the Turkish government turns a blind eye to their movements and “lets them go back to fight.”

RT also spoke to a member of the Free Syrian Army operating in the area, who told her the opposition wanted to pressure the Turkish government into providing “arms and equipment from NATO.”

According to media reports, Syrian regime troops who were pursuing insurgents after they attacked a military checkpoint opened fire across the border, killing one and injuring several people.

Turkey has been highly critical of the Assad regime, and has previously been accused of harboring and training Syrian rebels in the south of the country close to the border region.

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds wrote in December that US and NATO troops had been training insurgents in Hakkari, southern Turkey

The world is NOT a simple place. Life is pretty straightforward, but when it comes to geopolitics we find hidden hands pushing various agendas in many situations.

Our problem, as observers, is that the western mainstream media does not like to point out these complexities since it implicates their own governments in schemes that lead to war and unnecessary suffering. They did a shameful job in their support of the Iraq WMD lies, and we are again seeing more of the same (in terms of biased, or uncritical, reporting).

As has been commonly the case, the paid TV presenters, the mainstream press writers and their corporate bosses don't want to rock the military-industrial boat that feeds them. Many are probably ignorant of what is happening, while others who are more critical get told to shut up or are fired - like what happened to mainstram TV host Phil Donahue before the 2003 Iraq War.

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steven andresen said...


Do you know what the relationship between Turkey and Iran is like? I take it Turkey is willing to support wars against its muslim neighbors. Is this something that's peculiar to the Turkish government, or do the Turkish people want wars with Iran?

SpookyOne said...


In general I expect that the Turkish people don't want to have a war in Iran (or against other Muslim countries) but internal problems stop people from speaking out.

Turkey is a mostly secular state however in recent years there was a concern that the more fundamentalist Muslims were gaining too much power. I think there were rallies to show solidarity with the secular cause to ensure the continuity of their modern state.

In my view, the people don't want to rebel against the secular state (and powerful army) because they fear a slide into the hands of the fundamentalists. This situation is a balancing act tho. Too much overt corruption and there will be some reaction.

In terms of the Turkish Government and military.... they have strong ties to the West (being part of NATO), and there is a level of corruption too. And we know from many sources that Turkish intelligence is intimately involved with the West and the Israelis. It's a tangled web if you pay attention to some of the comments made by Sibel Edmonds.

When it comes to an actual war with Iran I think their Government will express a level of protest but will ultimately do nothing.

Spook !