Monday, 9 April 2012

Reactor 2 'Beyond Human Capability' And Worsening - Reactor Ruins NOT in Safe Shutdown

The Maddow Show is actually on the money here. The crisis in Fukushima was NEVER resolved. If the radiation levels are so high then you can bet there are still hot particles entering the atmosphere and falling out over the Pacific Ocean, the West Coast of the USA, and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. You can bet this has been occurring almost continually since 11/3/11 (the day of the catastrophe).

The last 4 minutes of this clip discusses a nuclear waste dump being built over a huge water aquifer in the US.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, April 9th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


Maddow did not mention site #4 where the cooling pools are heavy and they're using jacks to keep the floor from collapsing.

She did a fair job of explaining the problem with the runaway reactor cores, but did not mention the problem with the waste fuel rods.

Isn't there some question about the waste at Fukushima and the waste that the Texas zillionaire wants to store above America's water supply? Isn't it the same waste?

Spookypunkos said...


I think the waste might include the Japan material. I assume that one could make a lot of money by offering a "disposal" site.

I seriously hope that the Texas dump plan is sunk. To change the map showing where the aquifier is, to allow the site, is complete madness. It's pretty much criminal if you ask me.

You are also correct about the building 4 situation.

My take on this situation is that it is already way out of hand just from the damage done to the other three reactors - that FULLY MELTED DOWN (apologies for the caps lock!).

The spent fuel tank in 4 is still an issue, but I feel that the Melt Downs have been grossly down played, that they STILL need to be entombed ASAP.

The current state of things is completely ridiculous - and genocidal in my opinion. We're all in extremely deep shit over the medium to long term.