Friday, 2 March 2012

Mitt Romney's 9 Worst Clueless-Rich-Man Gaffes

1. He pals around with NASCAR team owners
2. His wife drives "a couple of Cadillacs"
3. He's not concerned about the very poor
4. He thinks $374,000 is "not very much" money
5. He likes "being able to fire people"
6. He claims to have feared the pink slip
7. He casually bets $10,000
8. He believes corporations are people
9. He jokes about being unemployed

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 2nd, 2012.]

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steven andresen said...


I thought the existence of these gaffs would be a liability for Romney.

However, Obama can't use them against Romney without at the same time inviting Romney, or whomever, to use Mrs Obama's frittering away the people's money on her vacations against Obama.

One of the few arguments that Obama has is the perception that he is "of the people" in sveral ways, he's black, he's been a community organizer, and he looks hot with his shirt off.

Romney's appeal has never been that he's just one of the common folk.

So, an exposure of Obama's eliteness would be more harmful to him than any story about the same issue would hurt Romney. Nobody expects Romney to be like the commoners.

Romney is very shrewd. He knows that the Republican base is as bloodthirsty as any population could get.

He also knows that Obama is being pressured to out murder the Republicans.

But, he also understands that the Democratic base is not so bloodthirsty and will find Obama's moves to become like Stalin alienating.

So, Romney is using his jujitsu moves as a way of drawing Obama onto Romney's ground, where he can be dismembered at Romney's leisure.

Yes, Obama is for this war and against that part of the Constitution, because he's wanting to make us safe, knowing that Democratic voters will stay away from him at the polls in droves.