Sunday, 4 March 2012

John Williams of Shadow Stats "This is End of the World Type Stuff"

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steven andresen said...


I have thought that the newspapers and TV news shows don't talk about bad news or serious issues facing the country because it might stop people from shopping. This is why the news is so much about trivialities.

However, do you know of anyone who might confirm with their own observations the predictions and rationales presented by this shadowstats guy?

I have to say I've been reading about dire financial or political predictions for a long time. I don't want to say I've been hearing "wolf, wolf" off in the distance, and now don't care...but, it's a little that way.

I think I understand the scenarios about how overspending is making us bankrupt. So, it's not like I don't understand what this guy is saying when he says the sky is falling.

I think the problem is in presenting the data that makes it a real problem for now.

I suspect that people understand that the fundamentals have problems. Most people believe, I suspect, that the crooks are in charge. They also understand that there's a lot of theft going on and eventually the losses will catch up to us.

It's all about realizing that the can can't be kicked any further along.

steven andresen said...


It is my understanding that the social security trust fund was a fund that was built up over time. This fund had money in it, out of which the government was supposed to pay its social security obligations.

It is my understanding that the money in this fund was stolen by previous administrations in order to pay for their wars and corporate welfare needs. This is why there is a problem with social security and its unfunded obligations.

The problem isn;t that the country is obligated to take care of its old and sick people. The problem is that since the crooks have stolen the money that should have been used to pay these obligations, we are left with just current income to pay those bills.

So, if the economy tanks more, then those social security checks cannot be paid.

Of course, it won't be like we'll have to get rid of a few aircraft carriers or bomber groups, because the corporations will still get their cut.

The problem will be that the old and the sick will have to make do on their own and that will make the government look bad.

So, in order to fix this, the people have to be made to agree to give up on their social security now so that when the economy tanks and the checks don't come, they won't be able to complain.

I think this is how it goes.

SpookyOne said...


I think the Shadowstats site is pretty much unchallenged because what he does is fairly straightforward. I have not seen any criticisms of it in my travels.

As I'm sure you know, his method is to calculate figures based upon methods used in the past. I can only say that in the past I have read about how this was done and it seemed very reasonable to me.

However, I can definitely say, from mainstream news articles, that the US inflation figures are grossly distorted from how they used to be calculated. These days they change the basket of goods so as to hide the increasing cost. Steak is replace by sausages etc.

As for the sky is falling warnings. I point to Gerald Celente from Trends who says that the timing is the hardest thing to pick when making predictions. You can have all the indicators and yet be unable to gauge exactly when things will occur.

In terms of the economy collapse a lot of doomsayer pundits appear to underestimate the abilities of the Federales to simply print money and prop things up.

The money coming into the system, to back up banks and buy shares to keep the stock markets afloat, is endless.

Disaster still seems on the cards. At the very least we can obviously see that much of the wider economy did fall off the rails as was predicted. The only question remaining is: Will things deteriorate much further? I am guessing there is still a high chance of such a scenario.