Monday, 5 March 2012

Game Over, Mittens

The "like" count on this You Tube video is way higher than the number of views. Although it's been claimed that this is a function of the programming used by You Tube I don't buy it. Counts seem to be manipulated on the Tube (see here also).

So, in light of the potential censorship, please repost this video everywhere you can. Ron Paul 2012 !

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 5th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


Do you think that this video, showing Romney's "flip-flops" will actually effect anyone's decisions about who in the Republican primaries they would like to vote for?

In the Republican primaries I think people might think that "electability" is the most significant issue. That is, they are calculating who might beat Obama. In this calculation, flip flopping may not count very much.

I've thought "hair" and "speech" are the biggest factors leading to electability. Is the candidate sexy enough, and can he put a few sentences together that sound good enough to come off with enough gravitas when those sentences are quoted on the evening news...?

Romney may have that sort of presence. Surely, if flip flopping and general slimyness counted against a candidate, he would have lost already.

But, I think he wins because he looks and sounds like a President.

Santorum doesn't look or sound serious enough. He's too strident. And, he comes off as unserious next to Romney.

Paul does not have the "hair" or the "speech" to win. He looks like one's Grampa. He has too many concerns and has too many complaints, which makes him look like a loser. Americans will never vote for anyone who looks and sounds like a loser.

Romney won't lose the Republican vote if he "flip flops." He wouldn't lose votes if someone had film of him torturing homosexuals with cattle prods in his basement.

He's got the hair and the speech to be their candidate.

Spookypunkos said...


Putting aside superficialities, it is my hope that this guy doesn't get in and that this video helps! :)

I don't deny that hair and speech and electronic vote rigging may prevail. Alas !

Anyway, I am going for the least corrupt candidate and posting information here in juxtaposition to the mainstream fluff - as per usual.

Spook !