Monday, 12 March 2012

Canadian Vote Fraud

The federal Liberals say it is “classic vote fraud” if hundreds of previously unregistered voters were allowed to cast ballots in Eglinton—Lawrence riding during the 2011 federal election without providing proper credentials or information.

“People being permitted to vote without the appropriate ID or address is classic vote fraud. If it happened, it shouldn’t have happened,” Liberal interim leader Bob Rae told the Toronto Star Thursday.

He was responding to allegations that at least 2,700 voters made applications for late registration to vote in Eglinton—Lawrence and that many failed to provide addresses or gave false or non-residential addresses, all of which failed to meet Election Canada rules.

The Conservative Party has been dogged for weeks now with allegations that it was behind so-called robo-calls and other dirty tricks that critics say swung the results in its favour

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