Friday, 30 March 2012

9/11: The WTC Elevator Key - Bombs in the Lower Levels and Basement Areas

NIST clips, Port Authority radio transcripts, dozens of witnesses help describe the plan to disable the firefighting effort, to keep the cover story alive: FIRE induced collapse. Then the official investigations totally ignored the evidence for bombs. Totally ignored the elevator investigation. Here's audio, video, photographic proof... when viewed with the architectural drawings and a good understanding of the elevator system.

The material presented here, regardless of minor errors (if any), broadly shows that there was significant damage done to the lower levels of the towers and critical systems that controlled the elevators during the time of the attacks. This damage cannot be reconciled with the aircraft impacts or subsequent collapses. The kerosene "fireball", often put up as an explanation for the damage to the lobby, is clearly ridiculous.

Remember, 911 started the War on Terror and only the truth about this attack can end the conflict. The false flag crime of 911 MUST be acknowledged by the general public (and eventually those in authority) so that we can be protected against further deceptions.

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steven andresen said...


The 9-11 critics may be able to show that their questions make sense, and even that the official story has flaws in its narrative, but the 9-11 critics cannot take your job away if you don't take them seriously, whereas the people who promote the official story have that power.


steven andresen said...

I think there's also a recognition that, given the state of democracy, that is how much in disrepair it is, people will give the benefit of doubt to the government. They will ignore or deny the critics because they understand that they cannot allow the critics to be right on this issue.

Presidents poking 6 year olds in New York hotel rooms would destroy that particular politician. This is why sex scandals are so big in political culture. The realization that this or that politician is a criminal pervert will have a limited range of damage.

However, if it became established that some large number of operatives in the government either planned and carried out or allowed to happen a murder of 3,000 Americans in a day, all for profit, or for political advantage, then this would cast a big question about the legitimacy of that government. You'd have to wonder whether the government itself should be overthrown because the miscreants couldn't be left in charge anymore.

So, even if you were able to put together video tape of the crew planting the thermite in the walls, and had audio of Cheyney giving them instructions on how to do it, I expect few people are going to pay any attention.

They are not going to pay any attention because in a war situation, which is something that the crooks pushed for themselves, of course, the people are not going to want to create chaos in the government that's supposedly protecting them...from the terrorists.

No, I don't think exposing the criminals responsible for 9-11 will stop or change anything.

Spookypunkos said...


In a world full of propaganda, where a lot of things are compartmentalised and dismissed, there are still some incidents and actions that invite reaction.

If we had video of some of the things you suggest - such things would help break the spell that has kept most people apathetic or unaware.

Not everyone will get on board but I think there will be enough.

Anyway, I will take what I can get in aiming to get change rather than not trying anything at all. If it is possible that some information will help get through to people then an attempt to educate, to turn people's light bulbs on, should be made.

S, if people like yourself and myself somehow managed to see through the lies then there must be some hope for the rest - or at least a portion of the population with some level of education.

At least in the Internet age we have ways of circumventing the mainstream news.


steven andresen said...


I sound dismissive of your efforts, and I'm sorry about that. I am skeptical that merely waving the truth in front of people will motivate them to generate any changes.

The Congress is in a better position not only to get at the truth, but to do something about it. And yet, I think Congress is particularly unwilling to look or do.

You'd think journalists would be more able than Congress to dig into the story and come up with a better account of what happened than the official one. Then, you'd think journalists would be able to at least write books and such, informing people. But, it seems the MSM, primarily, won't go near the story.

You'd think maybe professional academics would want to investigate...because as I suspect, 9-11 is an example of an alternative universe with unusual laws of physics in effect. But, I don't see studies going on or being reported.

For these reasons, at least, I don;t see this strategy of yours moving us much in the right direction.

I'm not wanting to stop what you are attempting. I just want to determine what more needs to be done. Just getting the word out has not moved us over the last ten years.

Spookypunkos said...


Rather than stagnation I think there is a growing, underground awareness of the truth about 911. I do agree that the awareness is not as widespread as one would like but I think it is progressing slowly. Also, a number of celebrities are more willing to talk about it, something that helps draw attention to the matter.

IMO a lot of inaction by people in positions of power and academia can be seen as a matter of politics. The propaganda and ridicule does work. The threat of losing one's job plus credibility weighs heavy. That's what we are fighting against.

Indeed, in the history of humanity unpopular ideas, even ones backed by hard evidence, are seldom taken up except by a few stubborn individuals.

I think that this accounts for the lack of response from the mainstream press reporters I email from time to time. Recently I sent simple to understand information (a video) that proved NIST outright lied in their building collapse reports. In reply I got the usual - "we will forward this to one of our producers. Thanks for your email."

However, I have noticed in various online & real world debates (not involving "professional trolls"), in situations where people's jobs are not on the line, those involved are much more open to discussion- even if orginally highly doubtful of the 911 conspiracy evidence. The outrage against questioning the attacks is considerably less these days- enough such that you can make your points.

In these arguments the wealth of information now available, including debunking the 911debunker arguments, makes the job of convincing people a lot easier.

I will keep blogging about 911 but I do also focus on other areas of hardcore corruption, recognising that anything and everything that helps people to see the darker side of the world will help folks to "wake up" from the mainstream propaganda.

Breaking down the present state of affairs is definitely not easy. I can understand that, and the need for continuous multi-pronged anti-propaganda approaches.

Spook !