Saturday, 11 February 2012

Super PAC Supporting Ron Paul is Operated by a 9/11 'Truther' [Good!]

I found this mainstream article that mentions one of the SuperPACs supporting Paul is run by a 911 truther. The article is very FAIR and provides a link to the anti Federal Reserve video From Freedom to Fascism. The comment section underneath shows a lot of support for the arguments being made by Paul. This is almost like a pro-Paul article with criticism of Paul being very mild indeed. Maybe not everyone in the mainstream propaganda wants the Empire to win ? -Spook
Franchi agreed to answer questions from, but only by email.

He said labels are distracting, and the description of him by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "conspiracy theorist" is "derogatory and inflammatory language."

In regard to Sept. 11, he said his view is that "I personally, alongside Russo, 9/11 Family members, and thousands of architects and engineers do advocate for a more thorough investigation, preferably free from the Executive Privilege invoked during the Bush Administration."

Of Paul, Franchi said, "Ron Paul is my candidate because he understands what is affecting this nation, i.e. the Federal Reserve, an unsustainable foreign policy, and the loss of civil liberties under the guise of security."

Paul has had a vague and uncertain connection with fringe views and conspiracy peddlers for decades. In several cases he has welcomed their support, neither repudiating their views nor explicitly endorsing them

Note: The Super PAC headed by Franchi is focusing on the issue of vote fraud by paying to have exit pollsters to monitor what is actually going on. This is essential because Paul will not be able to win anything if the cronies running the show simply cook the books.

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