Saturday, 7 January 2012

NDAA: Obama Legalizing Tyranny - More Americans to be Killed Without Trial

Alex covers Obama's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, a draconian bill that will allow the military to arrest American citizens and disappear them into a secret labyrinth tribunal system where victims may be kept for years without access to due process and the protection of the Fourth Amendment.

Jones talks about the direction everything is headed and the need for those in Government to back off. If anything too ugly is pushed upon the US people there will be a revolt against the tyranny, a revolt that will also include people from within the military and Law enforcement agencies. The "NWO" advocates will not get the cooperation they need to advance their agenda.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 7th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


I'm sure these scenarios have been gamed over and over starting a long time ago.

You have to keep up the pretense that we are an opportunity society and that we are the shining light of the free world and that anyone can become rich. This is what makes people feel like it doesn't matter what happens to others, they can still be personally successful.

I think all this modification of the law will be kept quiet untill sometime in the future when they can use it to damp down court cases.

But in the meantime and for as long as they can, the pretense of democracy will be maintained.

This probably won't be hard to do because for most people, they are focused on their immediate job problems and family issues. They don't worry about the principles that govern.


steven andresen said...


Jones said the power structure was passing all these laws because it is afraid.

I have to doubt this claim. I don't think the power structure is doing any of this because they are afraid that the people will get a clue or rise up and effectively shut them down. In fact, I think it must be the opposite. That is, these kinds of oppressions were not done in the past because the power structure was afraid then that the people would get a clue, and be able to do something about it. At the moment, I think the social contract has broken down because the power structure realizes that the people are so weak that they will never be in a position to protect themselves.

Jones says this about how the power structure is now afraid because he wants to mobilize his listeners to action. Or, he wants to get them to organize.

I think it's mostly too late for action or organization to do anything to stop this oppression. The strategy has been to divide in order to conquer. And, I think the country's people are severely divided and too fractured to put up any kind of effective resistance.


SpookyOne said...

Let's hope that some resistance, in some form, will be offered !

I know lots of people do not care, but if very many can be informed then some push back will become more likely.

I am not without hope or without strategic thought as to what can be done.

Spook !