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Letter to MSM - Fukushima Daiichi Surrounding Area is NOT Safe for Journalists or Other Humans.

The following letter was sent to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) after I saw a clip that had one of their journalists walking around on a beach in very close proximity to the Daiichi Nuclear facility in Fukushima.

Dear ABC,

I know you do not treat seriously claims of high level "conspiracies" or heinous cover ups by the leaders of Western Countries but you must take a highly detailed look into what is happening at Fukushima.

Recently, on 7:30, I saw one of your journalists walking around on the beach with a search team looking for human remains. In the background, perhaps a few kilometers away, was the Daiichi Nuclear facility.

I do not know how long your crew was in the area but I will almost guarantee that they were exposed to very hazardous levels of radiation as if they had been in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Please understand that the disaster at Fukushima is at least equivalent to what happened at Chernobyl and is probably worse. The Japanese Government claims that the plant (remains) are in a state of "cold shut down" but is a lie. Radiation levels coming from the plant recently went up.

The reactor remains are still producing harmful fission products that are spewing out and blanketing the nearby areas. Your journalists on the beach were undoubtedly exposed to small amounts of Caesium, one of these harmful products.

The problem is that the Governments of Japan, Canada and the US (and other European countries with nuclear programs) are loathe to admit there is an ongoing crisis that will lead to the death of many tens of millions of people.

In the face of being denied honest answers from Governments and nuclear authorities, all of which are tied to the nuclear power industry, you must think for yourselves. Do some research and then draw your own conclusions from the data that is available in the public domain.

Think about the fact that above ground nuclear testing was banned in the 1960s because of the danger from the relatively tiny (when compared to Chernobyl and Fukushima) amounts of fallout being produced by a few kilos of Uranium:

Think about the fact that the "burning" reactor remains involve many tons of nuclear material.

Consider the video Battle of Chernobyl and the implications of this information with regards to Fukushima:

Consider the effects of the Chernobyl disaster on US wildlife highlighting the dangers of low levels of radiation poisoning:

Read the following post about the health impact in Eastern Europe post Chernobyl from a health worker at Fukushima Diary:
(I urge you to check out the information being posted at the Fukushima Diary site:

Please watch the following (must see) video, Fukushima safety level not safe:!

Please watch the following video dealing with mainstream (Government/corporate) media complicity in the cover up, Fukushima: BBC Debunked

Note also that fallout from Fukushima is coming down in the Pacific, the West Coast of the USA, Western Canada, and in lesser amounts all over the Northern Hemisphere. See the following videos:!
(this video also explains that the nuclear industry and the regulators in Japan are practically one and the same.)!
(note the slide showing the Seattle radiation is suspect. The data indicated m=11.7 vs m=18.9 for Tokyo. This means the amount is about 2/3rds of the Tokyo sample. The slide should have shown some radioactive spots if the data cited is correct.)

Evacuate your reporters from Northern Japan. Areas up to and beyond Tokyo should be considered inside a radiologically contaminated zone. The food and water should be avoided.

Remember the immediate effects of low level radiological poisoning will not be noticed in mature animals but will be seen in high infant mortality rates and later in high cancer rates in the general population.

The disaster at Fukushima should have resulted in a massive global effort designed to entomb the ruined facilities as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this did not happen and now we will all be paying the consequences. Some fallout will reach every corner of the Earth. This is especially true because we have had nine months of continuous particle release from the plant.

Thanks for your time.

ps. I am posting this letter to my online blog. Thanks again for your attention.


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