Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Americans Oppose War: Does Govt Care?

With harsh US rhetoric and tensions around Iran's nuclear program snowballing by the hour, American polls nonetheless show that most Americans think a war with Tehran would be a grave mistake. But do the leaders care?

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steven andresen said...


Aren't we told that the Founders were skeptical that the majority could be trusted to support policies in the interests of the owners...or was it the country? But, that was the reason they wanted a republic instead of a democracy. The republic would actually be run by "representatives" who would know what the policies good for the country would be and be able to sell them to the majority.

This is one reason why there is such a huge disconnect between what the majority wants and what the elected government does.

Again, isn't this part of what the Founders intended, and too, isn't this what Paul insists we follow?

That is, yes he's for limited government, but the government that exists works for the owners.


SpookyOne said...


And the Republic also had certain Laws that were to be followed to limit the actions by those at the top.

Obviously there is a recognised problem about the role of those with power over the Representatives of the people.

I think that this is something that will be addressed IF the present system is challenged.

I remember Dylan Ratigan's rant where he said the President shold just get up and go on TV (rallying people to action?) and admit the Congress is bought etc.

Once we can admit to such truths then perhaps we can admit to the fact that many/most people oppose a new war.

The choice for us right now is to decide whether we sit back and just keep our mouths shut and let things roll on or take a chance and speak out.

Spook !