Friday, 23 December 2011

Nuke Expert/MD: Japan Gov’t Was Lying Through its Teeth about Fukushima… and Probably Still is

@ “We still don’t know exactly what radiation doses people were exposed to (in the immediate aftermath of the disaster)”
“Or what ongoing doses people are being exposed to”

@“Most of the information we’re getting at this point is a series of contradictory statements”
“Gov’t assures the people that everything’s okay”

@ “Private citizens doing their own radiation monitoring come up with higher readings than the government says they should be finding”
Japanese gov’t is essentially contending that the higher dose is “not dangerous”

@ “However, since the accident, it’s become clear the Japanese government was lying through its teeth, doing everything it possible [sic] could to minimize public concern, even when that meant denying the public information needed to make informed decisions, and probably still is”

@ “It’s now clear they knew within a day or so there had been a meltdown at the plant, yet they didn’t disclose that for weeks, and only with great prodding from the outside”

@ “And at the same moment he was assuring people there was no public health disaster, the Prime Minister now concedes that he thought Tokyo would have to be evacuated but was doing nothing to bring that about”

The Government has claimed that the plant is now in cold shutdown. Before this time it was discovered that the THREE reactor cores had melted through the containments such that their locations were unknown. Some experts are concerned that there could be another explosion, possibly a very large one, that could lead to the evacuation of Northern Japan. At present, with the current level of contamination, the evacuation of Northern Japan should be seriously considered.

EVERYTHING humanly possible must be done to stop the spread of radiological material out of Fukushima.

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