Friday, 11 November 2011

Email Letter to Australian Media - Aussie War Dead: We Should Never have Gone into Afghanistan

The idea that we went into Afghanistan to stop it from being a breeding ground for terrorists is a misnomer. Not many people I know can think very well for themselves when faced with confronting information. When faced with a clever deception many "experts" are fooled just the same as the public.

For starters, before 911 the Bush Administration had attempted to deal with the Taliban in order to construct an oil pipeline across the country but were losing out to a rival European bid.

Secondly, post 911 the Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden for trial but the US refused the conditions that were to provide evidence linking OBL to 911 (subsequently the FBI, on their most wanted list, did not have OBL being wanted for 911 because quote they had "no hard evidence connecting Osama Bin Laden to 911." There was no official indictment for the crime. )

3rdly, it is very likely that OBL had very little to do with 911. Physical Evidence from the 911 attacks themselves point to a reasonably elaborate deception, at least in the case of the World Trade Centre buildings.

You Must watch the following:

Plus see all videos from physicsandreason:

4thly OBL's "confession video" was not a confession (it was a discussion about the attacks), and subsequent his death notice appearing in late 2001, we have been witness to audio and video tapes of OBL that were either proven fake (via Swiss experts), or seriously doubted as being genuine.

If you think the official story is reasonable please consider the following excellent video:

Also, for those of you that still cling to the idea that all this 911 "conspiracy" material has been debunked (via NIST, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics et al) I urge you to explore the blog site Debunking the Debunkers that pretty much demolishes such claims:

Perhaps you can do an entire show about how we should not be in Afghanistan that consists of airing all the above clips including some of your own research. I personally don't like to see more of our troops being gunned down or blown up, thinking they are helping our domestic security situation, when they are not.

For more information you can explore

Please remember this War on Terror is endless unless some of us speak up against it. The War is the "solution" to a peaceful post Cold War world where there was no pre-emptive war doctrine and no real enemies with which to justify US military interventions.

If nothing is done, by playing along with the current paradigm, then we will only see more staged attacks in the future and be witness to the deaths of more of our soldiers (and civilians), killed for no good reason at all.

Thanks for your time.


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