Saturday, 17 September 2011

Swissair Crash May Not Have Been an Accident: ex-RCMP

An investigator looking into the crash of Swissair Flight 111 near Peggys Cove, N.S., says he was prevented by senior RCMP and aviation safety officials from pursuing his theory that an incendiary device might have been the cause of the fatal fire on board.

"There was sufficient grounds to suspect a criminal device on that plane," retired RCMP sergeant Tom Juby, an arson investigator assigned right away to the Swissair file, told CBC's The Fifth Estate.

"I'm convinced that the investigation was improperly done," he said.

The flight from New York to Geneva crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on Sept. 2, 1998, killing 229 passengers and crew.

The plane carried a Saudi prince, a relative of the former shah of Iran and high-profile UN officials. Diamonds and gems that would be worth half a billion dollars today were also never found.

The fact that this investigator's suspicions, based upon forensic material, were not followed up means that foul play was not ruled out. There needs to be a reassessment and, if possible, re-examination of the debris.

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