Sunday, 25 September 2011

Obama's Jobs Bill and the State of the US Economy & Media- On the Edge With Max Keiser

Some thoughts: The US has been hijacked by corrupt interests. It's obvious and yet, because most economists in the mainstream media and judicial establishment have failed to acknowledged it ("authority figures") does this mean such a consensus position is valid ? Obviously not.

Just a reminder to turn to the alternative press and think rationally for yourselves.

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steven andresen said...


Max and Dan Schecter ask for some explanation for why there is so little understanding of America's situation, or any real curiosity about it.

Here's my take on what's going on.

When Socrates tells us that our lives are like the lives of his cave dwellers, he does not explain that he would also agree to the claim that, as Hume says, our lives are like the lives of zombies, driven by our insatiable hungers and the commands of our voodoo masters.

The two metaphors are true because they are about some common underlying assumptions about reason and how we resolve conflicts.

But, the claim that we are zombies explains not only why people are not curious, but also the arguments people make about the 9-11 murders.

The people who write for the major media assume, or understand to be the case, that Americans have allegiances to American culture, to its establishment, to the country as patriots, and to the leaders who supposedly have Americans interests at heart. These writers know that there are critics of America, that some of those critics say things like, the 9-11 murders were an inside job, that our leaders murdered many of their fellow Americans. There are also critics who say that we are impoverished as a country because our economic leaders are corrupt...that they are crooks who steal from us in order to make themselves better off. The people who make the claims about 9-11 and the economy, that accuse our leaders of evil, so the thought goes, are not taking their commands from the same masters as Americans generally do. They take their commands from foreigners...from what are probably our enemies.

The thought is that the critics get their questions and their willingness to oppose what the general understanding is about 9-11and the economy not from any matters of fact, but from commands they get from our enemies.

This is why people ignore 9-11 truthers or the critics of the economy like Max and Dan S. The thought is, if you aren't with us, you are with the terrorists.

There was a piece that a Jeremy Stahl wrote, found at, where he claimed that conspiracy theories rise or fall not so much on the facts they have or their arguments, because, according to him, they have no facts or arguments, but, instead, on whether their advocates and supporters are discontented or paranoid or unhappy for some reason. It was a lot about Bush-hatred. This is the idea that people, as zombies, are driven by their hungers ...or in this case, their paranoias, discontents, and angers.

According to Stahl, for example, one would quell these conspiracy theories, and make them go away of you somehow made the zombie hordes less hungry...give them some meat, or, maybe lead them off into some byway where they won't bother anyone for awhile.

I think people like Stahl, and others in the major media and government, think that their critics are not bringing arguments to them and the public generated by facts, and real arguments, but motivated by the commands given them by our country's enemies.

So, how does one question the Fuehrer without seeming to be one of his enemies?

SpookyOne said...


I would say we move forward by sticking to the facts and ramming them home. Although people tend to believe the authorities and defend the status quo the people are not complete Zombies and can be reprogrammed via repetition of facts and other techniques. They can learn that voicing criticism is not unpatriotic.

Psychological strategies are important. This is why I have that quote of Churchill's at the top of my blog -

"If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use the pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time; a tremendous whack."

Yes, many people are not very curious about things and default to the media's spin but if enough people are voicing dissent- common people may indeed move toward wanting real change. You have to plant a few memes and ideas about who is really responsible for the problems and how to get rid of the problems.

It's not easy, but that is the way forward as far as I can see.