Saturday, 20 August 2011


This is a great basic video that outlines some of the key material evidence that reveals the attacks on the Twin Towers, and building 7 MUST have involved inside help.

Melted steel and thermitic (thermite) traces prove that corrosive agents were at work on the World Trade Centre buildings. Bin Laden's agents could not have gained access into the WTC buildings in order to undermine the structural steel supports - a necessity in order to cause their collapses.

Please note that the video here features numerous pictures of superheated metal and molten steel in the rubble pile that can only be the result of chemical incendiaries. Neither the high rise fires or rubble pile fires exhibited features of a fire that was anywhere near hot enough to produce these results. They can only be the result of incendiary devices (pre-planted in the buildings).

(Please note that one of the pics used in the clip here actually shows numerous fire fighters crouched around a very bright lamp, that is obstructed. However, the other pics do indeed show superheated metal.)

Remember, we are stuck in an endless War on Terror due to the 911 false flag attacks. The only way we can stop the war, and stop further staged attacks, is to expose 911 and launch a new criminal investigation.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 20th, 2011.]

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