Sunday, 31 July 2011

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Trailer;

This is the trailer for the expert-packed feature length documentary Experts Speak Out by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - which premiers the week prior to September 11, 2001 around the world.

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Keiser Report (E168): Ghettofication of America

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at gold's standing ovation for the Obama-Boehner debt ceiling theater. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Stefan Molyneux about the Fed audit and the debt ceiling.

A great episode about the US debt crisis. Awesome info.

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The World's Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders

As I've pointed out for years, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is owned by the world's central banks, which are in turn owned by the big banks. See this and this.

It turns out there may be a very interesting wrinkle to the private ownership issue.

By way of background, BIS is often called the "central banks' central bank", as it coordinates transactions between central banks, and which is the entity determining the level of reserves banks are required to keep worldwide.

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Russian Telescope Launch Pulls National Space Program Out of Black Hole

Russian scientists are jubilant at news that the Spektr-R, a powerful space telescope conceived in the depths of the cold war, was finally lofted into orbit aboard a Zenit rocket Monday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Once it is fully operational, the new radio telescope will sync up with ground-based observatories to form the biggest telescope ever built. It will be known as RadioAstron, with a "dish" spanning 30 times the Earth's diameter. Experts say it will be able to deliver images from the remote corners of the universe at 10,000 times the resolution of the US Hubble Space Telescope.

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Saturday, 30 July 2011

World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

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Leaked Audit: Boeing Overcharged Army Up to 177,000 Percent on Helicopter Spare Parts

$644.75 for a small gear smaller than a dime that sells for $12.51: more than a 5,100 percent increase in price. $1,678.61 for another tiny part, also smaller than a dime, that could have been bought within DoD for $7.71: a 21,000 percent increase. $71.01 for a straight, thin metal pin that DoD had on hand, unused by the tens of thousands, for 4 cents: an increase of over 177,000 percent.

Taxpayers were massively overcharged in dozens of transactions between the Army and Boeing for helicopter spare parts, according to a full, unredacted Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) audit that POGO is making public for the first time. The overcharges range from 33.3 percent to 177,475 percent for mundane parts, resulting in millions of dollars in overspending.

The May 3, 2011, unclassified “For Official Use Only” report is 142 pages. Prior to POGO’s publication of the full report, the only publicly available version was a 3-page “results in brief” on the DoD OIG’s website, first reported by Bloomberg News. The findings in the results in brief, while shocking on their own, pale in comparison to the detail contained within the full report.

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Genetic Armageddon: Humanity's Greatest Threat

Despite whatever problems one may (or may not) have with Alex Jones' summation here the basic warning put here is VALID. In fact scientists like Dr David Suzuki have warned about being very very cautious with conducting genetic experiments because once something harmful escapes into the environment then it will almost impossible to reverse.

One thing is certain, GMO crops, like corn, have been proven harmful to animals - and therefore a danger to humans. The corporations are not under control (and perhaps neither is the Government) in their genetic experimentation.

Note: Corporations make money off GMOs because, unlike natural products, they are patented. Whether the GMOs actually cause harm seems to be secondary in the quest to push these things into the market place so as to generate profits. It is aggressive capitalism gone too far and we shall all reap the consequences of such short sighted foolishness.

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Venus 96.5% Carbon Dioxide: No Greenhouse Effect

Surprisingly to most, there is no greenhouse effect at all, and you can prove it for yourself.

From the temperature and pressure profiles for the Venusian atmosphere, you can confirm that, at the altitude where the pressure = 1000 millibars, which is the sea level pressure of Earth, the temperature of the Venusian atmosphere is 66ºC = 339K.

This is much warmer than the temperature at the surface of the Earth (at pressure = 1000 millibars), which is about 15ºC = 288K. HOWEVER

Venus is closer to the Sun, and gets proportionally more power from it. Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun, on average, while Venus is only 67.25 million. Since the intensity of the Sun's radiation decreases with distance from it as 1 over r-squared, Venus receives (93/67.25) squared, or 1.91 times the power per unit area that Earth receives, on average.

Since the radiating temperature of an isolated body in space varies as the fourth-root of the power incident upon it, by the Stefan-Boltzmann law, the radiating temperature of Venus should be the fourth-root of 1.91 (or the square-root of 93/67.25) = 1.176 times that of the Earth. Furthermore, since the atmospheric pressure varies as the temperature, the temperature at any given pressure level in the Venusian atmosphere should be 1.176 times the temperature at that same pressure level in the Earth atmosphere, INDEPENDENT OF THE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF INFRARED ABSORPTION in the two atmospheres. In particular, the averaged temperature at 1000 millibars on Earth is about 15ºC = 288K, so the corresponding temperature on Venus, WITHOUT ANY GREENHOUSE EFFECT, should be 1.176 times that, or 339K. But this is just 66ºC, the temperature we actually find there from the temperature and pressure profiles for Venus.

[Note: The derivation of the radiating temperature above is for absolute temperature, in degrees Kelvin (K), so the 1.176 factor relates the Kelvin temperatures, not the Celsius temperatures.]

According to the calculations here the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere, massive on Venus and low on Earth, has NO "greenhouse" effect on planetary temperatures - rather it is the distance from the Sun that is the main factor.

So far there have been no serious challenges to the observations made at the link. Presently it appears the Green House Effect, with regards to CO2, is totally BOGUS.

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"Official CPI Is Running 3.6%, But If It Were Still Calculated The Way It Was Before The Greenspan Commission Went To Work, It Would Be 11.1%"

Whatever agreement emerges from the backroom dealing [on the debt], it is now almost sure to include what we’ve labeled a “stealth default” on Social Security.
The White House quietly put out the word two weeks ago that it’s on board. Congressional Republicans think it’s a super idea, too. “There hasn’t been any economist anywhere that says we shouldn’t do that,” says Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).

Of course, they don’t call it a stealth default. They call it “chained CPI.”

This stealth default has occurred before. When Social Security was in trouble in 1983, one of the Greenspan Commission’s fixes included an adjustment to the consumer price index known as “substitution.”

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sorry, But You've Been Had

The debate about global warming has reached ridiculous proportions and is full of micro thin half-truths and misunderstandings.

I am a scientist who was on the carbon gravy train, I understand the evidence, I was once an alarmist, but I am now a sceptic.
Weather balloons had been measuring the atmosphere since the 1960s, many thousands of them every year. The climate models all predict that as the planet warms, a hot-spot of moist air will develop over the tropics about 10km up, as the layer of moist air expands upwards into the cool dry air above.

During the warming of the late 1970s, 80s, and 90s, the weather balloons found no hot-spot. None at all. Not even a small one. This evidence proves the climate models are fundamentally flawed and they greatly overestimate the temperature increases due to carbon dioxide.

This evidence first became clear around the mid-1990s.

At this point official climate science stopped being a science. You see, in science empirical evidence always trumps theory, no matter how much you are in love with the theory. If theory and evidence disagree, real scientists scrap the theory. But official climate science ignored the crucial weather balloon evidence, and other subsequent evidence that backs it up, and instead clung to their carbon dioxide theory this just happens to keep them in high-paying jobs with lavish research grants, and gives great political power to their government masters.

There are now several independent pieces of evidence showing that the earth responds to the warming due to extra carbon dioxide by /dampening /the warming. Every long-lived natural system behaves this way, counteracting any disturbances; otherwise the system would be unstable. The climate system is no exception, and now we can prove it.

But the alarmists say the exact opposite, that the climate system amplifies any warming due to extra carbon dioxide, and is potentially unstable. Surprise - surprise, their predictions of planetary temperature made in 1988 to the US Congress, and again in 1990, 1995, and 2001, have all proved much higher than reality.

They keep lowering the temperature increases they expect, from 0.30C per decade in 1990, to 0.20C per decade in 2001, and now 0.15C per decade yet they have the gall to tell us its worse than expected. These people are not scientists. They over-estimate the temperature increases due to carbon dioxide, selectively deny evidence, and now they cheat and lie to conceal the truth.

The lying and cheating is perhaps best exemplified in the Climategate scandal and subsequent cover-ups. The hearings that supposedly cleared the Climate researchers of wrongdoing was a political scam.

And now the result of this warming ideology, and the corruption, is the believe by many people in the world, including scientists and academics, that there is hard science backing the "Global Warming Consensus."

If enough honest scientists speak out about the truth, then this situation can be rectified.

Hopefully the population of our planet will learn a valuable lesson here, the same one taught by Galileo's situation, that we must think for ourselves, be rigorous in understanding about where our beliefs come from, to only accept the word of the authorities if they can show, in an open way (no hiding of raw data!), why their position is the most reasonable.

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Keiser Report (E167): Mass Psychosis

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the one in 66 Americans now classified as psychotic and the matter of 'selective default' as the over prescribed anti-psychotic medication for financial marketss. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Adrian Salbuchi about the similarities between the financial attack on Greece and what happened to Argentina in 2001/2002.

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CIA Funding and Manipulation of the U.S. News Media

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Judge Napolitano: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and the Future of America

What can history teach us about war and debt? Tonight, the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and the future of America.

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The Video Congress Does Not Want You To See

The vid reveals that a high percentage of Congress Critters made a lot of money during the last economic downturn - and that is it perfectly legal for them to engage in insider trading.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The First Ever GAO (Government Accountability Office) Audit of The FED was Released Sunday, July 24 Revealing $16 TRILLION IN SECRET BAILOUTS

Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious — the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.
From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest.
Mike Rivero from makes good sense of these massive secret bailouts stating that:

Those are not bailouts; those are buy-backs, buying back the fraudulent mortgage-backed securities so that the Wall Street crooks don't have to go to prison.

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MSNBC Reporter Put in Her Place & Ry's Rant Against the Bailouts

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Trained for Pain: Get your Torture Degree from School of Americas

"The classified manuals that the Army School of the Americas used had the words interrogate, extortion, assassinate, neutralize — in common layman's terms, it all equates to torture." Graduates from the School of the Americas have been implicated in massacres and torture throughout the hemisphere — including the murder of six Jesuit priests and four American churchwomen in El Salvador.

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Prominent Doctor Agrees Vaccination May Increase Autism Risk

Autism, a neurological condition that affects children’s social and communicative abilities, is becoming increasingly common. In the United States today, one of out every 150 babies is affected by autism or another similar brain development disorder.

Dr. Russell Blaylock has attributed this rise in brain development disorders to the inclusion of harmful preservatives in today’s most common vaccines. Since most children receive 12 or more injections before their first birthday, according to Dr. Blaylock, the preservatives in vaccines must be playing a role in affecting the brain development of babies.

For example, one of the additives commonly used in vaccines today contains mercury. Mercury has been known for years to be harmful to health and, more specifically, has been linked to autism and Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, some of the vaccines containing these dangerous additives are only minimally effective in the first place.

There must be more research done into the safety of the vaccines if question marks hang over them. We know that today's flu vaccine shots often include a mercury preservative that is harmful to the brain.

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

9/11 Explosive Eyewitness Testimony

Here you have firefighters, citizens, and news reporters all telling you about explosions. Some witnesses explain that they felt an explosion before the plane even hit the building. Others report explosions in the basement, and the lobby. News reporters report that they've been hearing explosions all day, and one reporter Pat Dawson, spoke with the Chief of Safety for the NY Fire Dept. who said that he thought there were bombs planted in the buildings.

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WRH.COM FLASHBACK - Why Were Government Propaganda Experts Working On News At CNN?

Reports in the Dutch newspaper Trouw (2/21/00, 2/25/00) and France's Intelligence Newsletter (2/17/00) have revealed that several officers from the US Army's 4th Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Group at Ft. Bragg worked in the news division at CNN's Atlanta headquarters last year, starting in the final days of the Kosovo War.

A reminder from about the fact that the US military/intelligence establishment is involved with the corporate media. As a matter of policy, the US Government, via the CIA, and other agencies, aims to control and influence as much of the media as they can. See Operation Mockingbird.

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Ron Paul Vs. Obama 2012 - A Simple Comparison

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Obama: Problem With 'You Progressives'

The Huffington Post had a devastating report that included how President Obama and others in the White House showed disdain for Elizabeth Warren and progressives in general. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Big Multinational Corporations Hire the CIA and NSA To Kill People and Nations"

John Perkins was initially recruited by the National Security Agency when he was still in business school in Boston. He had to undergo a very long set of interviews with lie detector tests and personality tests. In the interview they were able to draw the conclusion that he would make a good economic hit man which is basically a con-artist. Apparently the NSA found the three most common weaknesses in human beings which would be the best doors for them to enter and hook him up to do dirty jobs for them. These weaknesses are sex, power and money. Perkins was tested and interviewed and it came out that he had all the three weaknesses in him. That was how they got to him and hired him to do the dirty jobs for them.

During the years of working for them, Perkins was close and well-known to organizations such as the CIA, National Security Agency, the World Bank and USAID. All the EHMs were well known to them but not to the general public. Perkins tells Lew Rockwell in a recent interview that the primary job of both the CIA and the National Security Agency is to serve multinational corporate interests for giant corporations that are not even US based anymore such as Halliburton. However the CIA and the NSA devoted tremendous amount of effort, money and energy to doing things that would help corporate interests abroad. These include making sure that the right countries have the resources that the corporations want, bribing them, making sure that they’re staying in position, and even arranging for them to be killed if they stand up against the corporations.

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911 RECAP: The News Media at War - Press Censorship, Propaganda and the CIA

For many Americans, one of the strongest reasons for accepting the official story about the shocking events of Sept. 11, 2001, is their deep-seated belief in the free press. We are taught from an early age that the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution guarantees us many cherished freedoms, among which is freedom of the press.

If there were really any serious problems with the official 9-11 explanation, many Americans reason, this information wouldn't go unreported for long in our media-saturated society. Major news organizations such as CNN, Time, and the New York Times would most certainly investigate and report any serious problems almost immediately. Nearly all major American news organizations have embraced the government's version of events with few questions asked. Consequently, many Americans naturally conclude that it's safe to accept the official story at face value.

There is a very serious flaw in this line of reasoning, however: The United States is at war and, for nearly a hundred years, the U.S. government, major media companies and leading journalists have joined forces with the military during wars and other national emergencies to shape public opinion by carefully controlling what Americans are told about world events.

This is a must read article for all of us caught in the mainstream media propaganda bubble:

The article here explains that from very early on the role of the CIA has been to shape the media, not necessarily gather foreign intelligence as most people think, but to control what goes out in print, on radio and TV. The history of the agency shows that this was the primary role of the CIA in the early days and that nothing has changed.

The lesson is to never believe the mainstream media perspective on any significant event.

And note: It's not just the press that the CIA has under its influence. Many academics, "independent" think tanks, retired military, law enforcement and professionally trained individuals also fall under their sway - or the influence of the military industrial complex.

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Keiser Report (E165): Debts & Ratings Theater

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the political theatre of America's AAA rating in a land where gold is not money and shoplifting is a sign of a strong economy. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Amir Taaki, founder of BitcoinConsultancy, about the peer to peer currency, Bitcoin, and its recent trials and tribulations.

In response to Bernake, Gold is indeed money because money is supposed to be a store, or record, of wealth. Printing heaps of paper (paper money) does not store wealth but debases it. In a market system, if there is an over abundance of goods, then the money should be able to buy more of the product.

In ancient times the money or sometimes clay counters were used to facilitate trade and transfer of wealth (real assets like livestock, grain etc). Likewise, early paper notes represented something of worth like gold and silver that are used for trading. Old time paper money, like the paper of today, is not, in itself, wealth.

Note: All these things, like Gold, paper money, and BitCoin (in second half of the show) are trading mediums, some being more effective or resilient to wealth loss than others. It is true that generating "new money" (a trading medium), via printing and computer zeros, has become and end unto itself...

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Gundersen On Nuclear Fallout Cover Up: Time To Stop Minimizing Information And Start Minimizing Radiation Exposure

Now nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen is chiming in the scandal and discusses the officials explanation for the spread of radioactive beef across the country. He says it is time for government officials to stop minimizing the information being released to the public about the disaster and to start minimizing the radiation exposure.

Ex Japanese Nuclear Regulator Blames Radioactive Animal Feed on "Black Rain" from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

ESSENTIAL information on the CONTINUING fallout coming from Fukushima. They are in big trouble.

Related Info:
Japan Issues Belated Ban On Radioactive Fukushima Beef After Allowing To Be Sold In Stores

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TWA 800 - The Search For The Truth

A great summary of the Flight 800 shoot-down evidence and the FBI cover-up.

At one point, after half way, people being interviewed speculate that the shootdown may be due to foreign terrorists - whilst earlier it is implied that the US Navy was responsible for the tragedy. IMHO, with the US Navy testing missiles in the area, the foreign terrorist hypothesis seems less likely.

What is not disputed is the fact that a missile took out this aircraft.

The truth about events such as this are important in educating the public about the level of corruption that permeates the Government allowing all sorts of disasters and crimes to occur and go unchecked.

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New Doubts Over Crucial Evidence in Lockerbie Trial

A prosecution expert misled judges at the Lockerbie trial about key evidence, according to a classified police memo obtained by the Sunday Herald.
Pan Am Flight 103 was blown up over the Scottish border town on December 21, 1988, killing 270 people.

The trial of the two Libyan men accused of the bombing began in May 2000, in front of a Scottish court set up in the Netherlands. During the trial, Dr Thomas Hayes, an expert witness for the prosecution, testified that a fragment allegedly from the bomb’s timer had not been tested for explosive residues.

However, according to the memo, tests were in fact carried out – and proved negative.

The revelation comes as the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee prepares to consider calls for a public inquiry into the conviction in 2001 of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

Campaigners believe he was wrongly convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, and accuse the police and Crown Office of concealing evidence that might have cleared him.

Related Info:

Lockerbie Bombing: Megrahi was Framed

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What CNN Doesn't Want you to See Again ! Congressman Dennis Kucinich in '08 Presidential Debates:

(thanks to John B for the story!)

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

RT's Short History of UK Police Corruption - Relevant to the "Unexplained, yet Not Suspicious" !? Death of Journalist Sean Hoare

The whistleblower who exposed the News Of The World phone-hacking scandal has been found dead. Police are treating it as unexplained, but say at this stage there's no evidence of anything suspicious. The scandal has shaken the press, politicians and the police, having already taken down Britain's two top cops. As Laura Emmett reports, it's another blow to Britain's beleagured police force, after a string of high-profile errors in recent years.

The record shows that certain UK cops, those in positions of power, are untrustworthy. The recent resignations of the top cop and a deputy commissioner must be viewed suspiciously.

Do not expect to see the whole truth come out if the establishment is involved in the death of Mr Hoare. Presently the cops are investigating themselves in regard to the phone hacking scandal.

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James Corbett on Sean Hoare's Death, Murdoch Scandal Turning Bloody

The whistleblower who exposed the News Of The World phone-hacking scandal, has been found dead. Sean Hoare was a journalist at the shamed newspaper and claimed Editors knew what was happening, and encouraged reporters to do it. He was found dead at his home near London. Police are treating it as unexplained, but not suspicious. Hoare directly named his former Editor, Andy Coulson, for knowing about illegal hacking, which he denies.

A great overview of the hacking scandal and subsequent investigations that covers more than just the untimely death of the journalist Sean Hoare.

Corbett does mention the murder of Dr Kelly, that is tied to the Iraq War lies, as an example of where investigations into such events get sunk thanks to the machinations of the existing establishment.

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Justice Department Lawyers Contradict FBI Findings in Anthrax Case

The Justice Department has called into question a key pillar of the FBI's case against Bruce Ivins, the Army scientist accused of mailing the anthrax-laced letters that killed five people and terrorized Congress a decade ago.

Shortly after Ivins committed suicide in 2008, federal investigators announced that they'd identified him as the mass murderer who sent the letters to members of Congress and the news media. The case was circumstantial, with federal officials arguing that the scientist had the means, motive and opportunity to make the deadly powder at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md.

Now, however, Justice Department lawyers have acknowledged in court papers that the sealed area in Ivins' lab — the so-called hot suite — didn't contain the equipment needed to turn liquid anthrax into the refined powder that floated through congressional buildings and post offices in the fall of 2001.

The government said it continued to believe that Ivins was "more likely than not" the killer. But the filing in a Florida court didn't explain where or how Ivins could have made the powder, saying only that his secure lab "did not have the specialized equipment . . . that would be required to prepare the dried spore preparations that were used in the letters."
In asserting that Ivins was the culprit, criminal investigators pointed to his access to the specialized equipment at the laboratory. Officials drew up elaborate charts showing that Ivins' time in the hot suite spiked in the weeks before the letters were mailed. But Ivins' colleagues have said in depositions for the Stevens case that the powder couldn't have been made in the lab
Two of the five letters, those sent to Democratic U.S. Sens. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Thomas Daschle of South Dakota, were especially deadly because they were so pure that they floated with the slightest wisp of air.

Worsham said the lab's equipment for drying the spores, a machine the size of a refrigerator, wasn't in a contained lab.

"If someone had used that to dry down that preparation, I would have expected that area to be very, very contaminated, and we had nonimmunized personnel in that area, and I would have expected some of them to become ill," she said.

In its statement of facts, the government lawyers also said that producing the volume of anthrax in the letters would have required 2.8 to 53 liters of the solution used to grow the spores or 463 to 1,250 petri dishes. Colleagues of Ivins at the lab have asserted that he couldn't have grown all that anthrax without notice.

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Keiser Report (E164): Oligarchy Propaganda

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at how propaganda shapes political and economic outcomes in our economies. They report on Americans collecting government social welfare benefits without knowing it and U.S. Congressman taking financial bets against its government debt. And, finally, Max and Stacy suggest that if British teenagers are being extradited to America on copyright infringement, then George Michael ought to have a case against Rupert Murdoch under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act as well.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

UK Media Ignore Murdoch Role in Iraq War

After weeks of hue and cry about Murdoch gate there seems to be a prevalent unwritten agreement among the British main stream media to ignore one fact.

While ordinary British citizens are buried under piles of news about Murdoch’s empire hacking into the voicemails of the royal family, celebrities, high-ranking politicians, a murdered teenager and the relatives of the dead soldiers, almost all media fail to report the worst allegation: the endorsement of illegal war in Iraq.

Observers accuse Murdoch’s newspapers of being the main newspaper propagandizing the fraudulent military conflicts.

Although it is great that the public is getting a window into the corruption that exists behind-the-scenes in the UK media/political establishment/police force, the issue of the lies that sold the Iraq War still needs to be addressed. These unchallenged (in the mainstream) lies, put out by the White House and Downing Street, led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Let's hope that the phone tapping investigation runs its full course so other crimes can now be more easily exposed and some measure of justice can be achieved.

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Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice

This documentary proves that the U.S. government-including the FBI and DOJ-are totally corrupt and involved in serious felony crime and the outrageous cover-up of truth concerning the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996.

As you will see, Flight 800 was actually destroyed by a surface-to-air missile. Every allegation made in this film is backed up with facts-none more dramatic than those that come from the Federal government itself.

TWA 800 was most likely accidentally shot down by the US Navy that was known to test fire missiles in the area. RIP to all the victims of this tragedy.

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CIA Knowingly Released False TWA 800 Video, Reported Directly to President Clinton

Within recently obtained CIA emails, agents admit that their video produced to explain eyewitness accounts from the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 did not match the evidence. In one email, an agent states that the video "could not possible (sic) match the radar data" that recorded the aircraft as it fell to the ocean.

In another, an agent discusses briefing then FBI Director Louis Freeh and President Clinton. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is by law, the government's lead agency in investigating commercial airline disasters. The CIA video did not "accommodate" NTSB-imposed time constraints on the crash sequence, according to a CIA agent in yet another email.

The CIA video is the one that shows the aircraft performing an impossible "zoom climb" after the forward section of the fuselage has (hypothetically) sheered off (as opposed to the entire aricraft falling apart as it exploded). There are 4 problems with this model.

1. It does not match ground witness descriptions of the event.

2. It does not match airborne witness descriptions of the event.

3. It does not match the radar record of the event.

4. It is physically impossible for the aircraft to continue flying when its centre of gravity is altered so dramatically. The aircraft would likely pitch up, being massively tail heavy, flipping over to a point where it would stall and fall like a 300 ton stone.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Murdoch's ex-CEO Arrested: 'Case Proves UK's Endemic Corruption'

The former CEO of Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper operation has been arrested by police investigating allegations of phone hacking and bribery. Rebekah Brooks is the tenth person to be detained in connection with the scandal that's engulfed the now-defunct News of the World. For more on these latest developments, RT talks to Annie Mashon, a former intelligence officer for MI-5.

There are question marks over the police arrest of Brooks since it will damage or stop attempts to question her at the public hearings into the phone hacking scandal.

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S.O.S. From Fukushima: Silence is Deadly in Japan

"We the citizens of Fukushima ask ourselves if this region is habitable, and if our children should continue to live here. We ask for an evacuation order for us and our children. Neither the Japanese government nor the local authorities call for an evacuation. We have to figure it out for ourselves. We need national and international support. Please send us your messages of support to Fukushima, Japan".

The Russians evacuated the people of Chernobyl after the deadly nuclear disaster there. It didn't happen fast enough, but once signs of the massive radiation leak reached Europe, the Soviets were forced to acknowledge the disaster and people left the region in droves. The Japanese govt. is now playing second fiddle on the same stage.

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"We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period!"

"There is an overwhelming bias today in the media regarding the issue of global warming. In the past two years, this bias has bloomed into an irrational hysteria. Every natural disaster that occurs is now linked with global warming, no matter how tenuous or impossible the connection. As a result, the public has become vastly misinformed on this and other environmental issues."

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Monday, 18 July 2011

1996 TWA Flight 800 Shot Down in US Surface-to-Air Missile Test

Video link: Silenced TWA and the Subversion of Justice

On 17 July 1996 TWA flight 800 exploded mid-air off Long Island New York. The official investigation claimed that the cause of the accident was due to an explosion in the empty centre fuel tank- but this is not true.

The clip above provides clear evidence that the FBI, NTSB and US military worked to suppress any evidence that pointed to a missile causing the crash. The reason: It was no terrorist missile but an errant US Navy Missile.

The video states that a "mysterious" ship sped from the crash area following the shootdown. However, we now know that the mysterious ship(s) were US Navy warships that had been conducting missile tests in the area.

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Time Lapse Video - Food Stamps Are The New Normal

Tracks the change in food stamp participation on a national map since January 2007, as a percentage of each state's population.

The video helps illustrate that there has been no economic recovery for most Americans.

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New British Medical Journal Report Questions Legitimacy of H1N1 Pandemic

This Friday will mark the one year anniversary of the start of the H1N1 pandemic. But a new joint report from the British Medical Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism questions the pandemic and alleged conflicts of interest between confidential World Health Organization advisors and their reported financial ties to pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccines.

Here in Charlotte, people are torn on whether the pandemic was all hype, one woman saying, "I got tired of hearing it” and another man saying, "I believe it was serious at the time. I truly believe that." Others were surprised to hear we are still in "pandemic" status. "I'm always worried about transmitting diseases, but I thought the risk had passed,” says northeast Charlotte's Edith Noble.

The pharmacist at Pike's Pharmacy in east Charlotte tells FOX Charlotte he hasn't had a customer ask for an H1N1 vaccine in months. In March, he shipped back his last 100 doses to the manufacturer because they'd expired.

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Operation Castaway: ATF Trafficked Guns to Honduran Criminal Gangs

Evidence indicates that the ATF not only provided weapons to Mexican drug cartels and gangs but also trafficked guns to criminal gangs in Honduras, including the murderous MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, known to work with the Sinaloa drug cartel.

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Foreclosure Fraud Investigators Forced Out at Attorney General's Office

A lead foreclosure fraud investigator for the state said she and a colleague were forced to resign from the Florida attorney general's office, unexpectedly ending their nearly yearlong pursuit to hold law firms and banks accountable.

Former Assistant Attorney General Theresa Edwards and colleague June Clarkson had been investigating the state's so-called "foreclosure mills," uncovering evidence of legal malpractice that also implicated banks and loan serv­icers.

Despite positive performance evaluations, Edwards said the two were told during a meeting with their supervisor in late May to give up their jobs voluntarily or be let go. Edwards said no reason was given for the move.

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New Solar Cells Can Now be Printed on Paper

The MIT News article opens describing that the sheet of paper looks like any other document that might have just come spitting out of an office printer, with an array of colored rectangles printed over much of its surface. But then a researcher picks it up, clips a couple of wires to one end, and shines a light on the paper. Instantly an LCD clock display at the other end of the wires starts to display the time. Seems to work, and considering the skill sets and innovative atmosphere at MIT its not a great surprise so much as a quite pleasant one. Photovoltaic is still far too expensive for mass adoption, and in the current economy and government situations, PV is a technology that must self wean itself from incentives.

The device is tough, formed from special “inks” deposited on the paper. It can be folded up to slip into a pocket, then unfolded to watch it again generating electricity in the sunlight. It’s a more complex than just printing out a paper. In order to create an array of photovoltaic cells on the paper, five layers of material need to be deposited onto the same sheet of paper in successive passes, using a mask (also made of paper) to form the patterns of cells on the surface. And the process has to take place in a vacuum chamber.

But the basic process is essentially the same as the one used to make the silvery lining in your bag of potato chips: a vapor-deposition process that can be carried out inexpensively on a vast commercial scale. When one considers the total area of metalized bags like potato chips versus photovoltaic panels the idea of the scale becomes clearer.

The MIT production process technique represents a major departure from today’s systems creating most solar cells on heavy solid inflexible substrates encased in glass, that require exposing the substrates to potentially damaging conditions, either in the form of liquids or high temperatures to etch the silicon into the needed shapes.

The new printing process uses vapors, not liquids, and temperatures less than 120 degrees Celsius. While the PC printer metaphor is used, the MIT News article clarifies that masks are used and vapor deposition takes place over five steps. Its not really so much inkjet printing as five round trips through the potato chip bag process making it more complex but still quite simple, low energy and material intensive and astonishingly low cost.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Fukushima Highly Radiated United States Water, Food: Cover-Up by Feds Continues

In KING 5 TV's report Tuesday on high levels of radiation detected in Northwest rainwater, the United States government is accused of continuing to fail to tell the public about Fukushima dangerous radiation blanketing parts of the United States, a coverup that led grassroots projects and independent reporters to gather and present data for public well-being. University of California Nuclear Engineering Department Forum began asking on Tuesday for people in the Los Angles area to come forward with any dangerous radiation readings that may have been detected after local peaches were highly radioactive.

"Our government said no health levels, no health levels were exceeded, when in fact, the rain water in the Northwest is reaching levels 130 times the drinking water standards," said Gerry Pollet from a non-government organization watchdog, Heart of America Northwest

West Coast food is off the menu !

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Southern California Nuke Disaster - 1959

Simi Valley California, about 45 minutes from Los Angeles by car, was the site of the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history in 1959, and the amounts of radiation leaked to the environment and atomosphere were more than 240 times that of the accident at 3-Mile Island.

Odds are you never heard of it.

The information only started coming out 20 years later and only because of an accidental discovery.

And you think the government can't keep secrets.

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Years Later: Human Rights Watch Announces That Bush and Cheney Tortured -- What Gives?

Statutes of limitations for torture not resulting in death have passed. The DOJ has refused to prosecute 99 of 101 cases of torture-to-death that it looked at. Obama has long since publicly told the DOJ not to prosecute the CIA for torture. Obama's torture of Bradley Manning has been widely ignored. Rendition has been established as normal. Torturers have published confessional/bragging memoirs. Habeas corpus has been formally ended. The Bagram-Gitmo archipelago is here to stay. Torture continues in Iraq, Afghanistan, elsewhere. Assassinations have been established as the truly big new fashion. Harold Koh has replaced John Yoo as the Guy Who Will "Legalize" Anything. We've got more illegal wars going at once than ever before. Congress has practically dropped the pretense of a rule of law. The President can't clear his throat without opposing "relitigating the past," as if on the planet he comes from it is common to litigate the future. And Human Rights Watch has chosen this moment to announce that Bush and Cheney might just have been responsible for torture?

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Fluoride Consumption Leads to Brain Damage, Says Study

It is becoming increasingly difficult for fluoride fanatics to defend the practice of artificial water fluoridation, thanks to a plethora of new reports highlighting its many dangers. A new study published in the journal Neurologia reveals that chronic exposure to, and ingestion of, the synthetic fluoride chemicals added to water supplies can cause serious brain and neurological damage. Confirming several others recently published, the study further exposes the lunacy of deliberately adding toxic chemicals to the water supply in the name of saving teeth.

"The prolonged ingestion of fluoride may cause significant damage to health and particularly the nervous system," write researchers Valdez-Jiminez, et al. in their report. "Fluoride is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which may cause biochemical and functional changes in the nervous system during pregnancy, since the fluoride accumulates in brain tissue before birth."

There you have it, folks. Fluoride chemicals, which are derived from the waste emitted by the aluminum and phosphate mining industries, by the way (, cross directly into the brain where they lodge themselves and cause disease. They also enter the thyroid and pineal glands and disrupt proper hormone production, which leads to various other illnesses.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Fukushima Immune? China Bets on 'Safer Nuclear Fuel' (China is Backing Thorium Reactors)

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Keiser Report (E163): Ratings Racket

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on declaring war on rating agencies and buying refrigerators to save the economy. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Professor Emeritus, Guy McPherson, who has exited empire to build a post-carbon community.

Great first half of the show but I have to disagree with their AGW talk in the second half since I believe any climate changes are driven by the Sun and it's not half as ice free as Stacy mentions. There has been speculation about hotter conditions but what we've experienced is record heat AND THEN severe winters - not the mild winters that we were told to expect.

Besides, we know that during the Medieval Warming Period it was hotter than today and there was farming on Greenland. Currently, it appears there has been a redistribution of temperatures, with record cold in South America and Australia and warming elsewhere.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Police Intelligence Analyst Fired For Blowing Whistle On False Flag Terror

A British police intelligence analyst who was asked to create a strategic assessment concerning terror threats was fired when he told his superiors that the threat of an “internal tyranny” was far greater than that of Islamic terrorism, after discovering that both 7/7 and 9/11 were false flag attacks.

Tony Farrell, who has a university degree in statistics, was employed for 12 years as a ‘Police Intelligence Analyst’ with South Yorkshire Police. His job was to provide a yearly ‘Strategic Threat Assessment Matrix’ to enable police to prioritize resources and activities. Fully expecting Farrell to regurgitate the contention that Muslim extremists posed the biggest threat, his bosses were stunned when Farrell instead reported that the 2005 London bombings were staged by British intelligence and that the official story was a “monstrous lie”.

During an hour-long interview with Richard D. Hall which was broadcast nationwide on UK television last week, Farrell revealed how one week before the 5th anniversary of 7/7 in 2010, he began researching information suggesting that the official story behind 9/11 was a total fabrication. Farrell cites the Alex Jones Show as being instrumental in his awakening to this knowledge.

After sharing his concerns with the resident police church minister, it was suggested to Farrell that he also investigate the July 2005 London bombings.

“Something he had not suspected ‘in his wildest dreams’ then started to unfold,” writes Nick Kollerstrom. “After reading much of the available but publicly-unreported witness statements and other evidence relating to 7/7, Tony found that he could only conclude that the official 7/7 narrative was ‘a monstrous lie.’ Instead of the official ‘suicide bombers’ narrative, which he and all of his colleagues had believed without question, he realized that the weight of evidence strongly points far more towards 7/7 being an event stage-managed by British intelligence than anything else.”

When enough people speak out about the lies then eventually it'll be impossible to avoid addressing the truth.

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Top Retail Analyst: "I Think What’s Going On ... Is That We Are In A Depression For 80 Percent Of Americans"

More stores across the U.S. that offer deeply-discounted products are seeing their sales decline after years of growth amid America’s “Great Recession” — and one analyst said on Monday it’s another sign of even deeper downturn.
“In those stores, somebody comes in with $12 to do all their shopping,” said Davidowitz. “The person who used to come in with $12 now comes in with $8.”

“In other words, the economy is continuing to be worse, the ... depression continues to explode,” he added.

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Mercury Vapor Released from Broken Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Can Exceed Safe Exposure Levels for Humans, Study Finds

ScienceDaily (July 6, 2011) — Once broken, a compact fluorescent light bulb continuously releases mercury vapor into the air for weeks to months, and the total amount can exceed safe human exposure levels in a poorly ventilated room, according to study results reported in Environmental Engineering Science, a peer-reviewed online only journal published monthly by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

When you get the chance perhaps replace these lights with low energy LEDs that do not pose a toxic threat.

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Paul Tops Romney in New Hamshire

Paul garnered 39 percent of the straw poll vote, followed by Rick Santorum with 12 per cent and Michele Bachman and Herman Cain with 11 percent.

Romney got 9 percent of the vote, Tim Pawlenty, 8 percent, and Gary Johnson, 7 percent

The only reason Ron Paul will not be President is via mainstream media censorship and vote fraud.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The NIST WTC 7 Report is False

This presentation describes some of the ways in which the 2008 WTC 7 report from the National Institute of Standard and Technology is false and unscientific.

Because of the 911 lie we have all been plunged into an endless War on Terror. Only the truth about 911 will end this war and stop the criminals from pushing further atrocities upon the people of this world.

I liked the comment by tHoM0r at the You Tube page on 12/7/11:

Deception by computer model. This is not science, this is merely a long winded way of saying "this happened, but we can't back that up with real world observations".

Further, i still don't understand, even if this column expanded enough to fall off, how did this cause global collapse at an initial rate of fall ~9.8ms/2 ?

(thanks to Michael G for the story !)

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The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA Drug Smuggling

In the USA, the top of the political tree is heavily populated by the corrupted. The President is someone who can be controlled or has a corrupt mindset such that they serve the interests of the entrenched establishment.

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A Cloud Over Our Lives: Air Pollution Linked to Learning Problems and Depression

'The results suggest prolonged exposure to polluted air can have visible, negative effects on the brain, which can lead to a variety of health problems,' said Ohio State University's Laura Fonken.

'This could have important and troubling implications for people who live and work in polluted urban areas around the world.'

The study, which appears in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, is the first to show the negative impact of air pollution on the brain, rather than just the heart and lungs.
Previously the Davis research group had used mice to find that fine air particulate matter causes widespread inflammation in the body, and can be linked to high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

In the new study mice were exposed to either filtered or polluted air for six hours a day, five days a week for 10 months - nearly half their lifespan.

The polluted air contained fine particulate matter, the kind of pollution created by cars, factories and natural dusts.

The fine particulates were tiny, the average width of a human hair, and can reach deep areas of the lungs and other organs.

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Monday, 11 July 2011

RECAP: Carbon Taxes and Climate Fraud (The Australian Carbon Tax Debate)

The "Australian Carbon Tax" is completely unnecessary. Most significantly there are huge contradictions between the global warming claims being made in the media, in support of the tax, and the hard science that is used to support the position. The problem for those advocating the human induced warming hypothesis is the long-term temperature record shows much hotter global temperatures during the last two thousand years and undistorted recent monitoring shows a cooling during the last decade. The correlation between human carbon producing activity and climate change is not at all established.

Unfortunately, in today's society, people tend to overlook the fact that science is often "misinterpreted" due to political and ideological positions, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes deliberately, and sometimes by scientists themselves. Whether we like it or not, there is ALWAYS a human bias to contend with when we are dealing with science, especially when it comes to emotionally charged issues. Therefore, when things are contentious, one should not simply accept any claim, scientific or otherwise, at face value. Rigorous open debate should be the order of the day.

Putting aside the science for a minute, when it comes to the carbon tax itself and the promotion of less polluting technology, as opposed to "temperature neutral" technology, in practice, an approach that favours direct action actually works. There is no need to slug the general population with more costs when past experience shows it is unnecessary.

Think about it. The nuclear industry did not come about solely from private research and development. The Western world's partial switch to nuclear power generation was a co-operative effort involving government scientists and direct financial assistance. Similarly we should also expect some level of direct action in making a shift toward renewable energy sources. However, in lieu of a massive organised effort, encouragement of innovative private investment would be a good idea. Rather than a tax on the polluters, it would be prudent to offer substantial tax breaks, perhaps for up to 20 years, to any company engaged in developing and commercialising clean, sustainable technology.

However, although we most certainly have the capacity to make a tax free switch to renewables at any time (if we choose) there is still something that must be understood about the "global warming science" - and it must be emphasised. The preponderance of data shows our planet is almost certainly not in any danger of a catastrophic temperature change brought about by our activities.

For starters, there is no scientific consensus on man-made global warming. A peer review of 928 research papers dealing with climate shows that rather than 75% of them supporting a human influence on the Earth's temperatures, as had been reported, only around a dozen explicitly expressed this concern. Indeed, a rigorous look into the climate warming data itself reveals no correlation between our carbon output and rising temperatures which is underlined by the recorded fall in the average global temperature over the last decade. [1]

Therefore, any move away from carbon dioxide gas producing industries should not be enacted because of the carbon output but because of the pollution generated from the burning of coal and oil. The burning of coal releases arsenic, lead, mercury and many different kinds of radioactive particles into the atmosphere whilst the combustion of petroleum products in motor vehicles contributes to smog. Unless these contaminant releases can be nullified the present situation cannot be allowed to stand. [2]

In terms of atmospheric carbon's role in regulating the Earth's temperature recent research from the University of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico, has indicated that carbon dioxide gas does not act to fuel the Greenhouse Effect as it is unable retain heat as was previously believed. Consequently it is more scientifically sound to regard water vapor and fluctuations of the Sun's output as the primary driver of world wide temperatures. [3]

Also, if history is any guide, we must consider our present level of industrial activity on Earth against various warming periods and the Ice Ages that have come and gone over time. There is no way that human activity influenced any of these climatic episodes.

In regard to past heating, we have most recently seen the Medieval Warming Period (MWP), from around 950 to 1300, in which global temperatures substantially exceeded today's levels. Scientific studies clearly show that the MWP was worldwide. Warmer temperatures allowed farming on Greenland, it pushed back glaciers in Europe (further than they are today), and caused drought in North America and China. Our present level of carbon production and deforestation did not contribute to these conditions which leaves the Sun as the most likely driver of this phenomena. [4,5,6]

Today a plethora of scientists and politicians are now fixated on the idea that our carbon output is regulating the planet's temperature. In the 1970's, after a series of harsh winters, the fixation was directed towards the notion that the Earth, without our help, was entering a new Ice Age. Unfortunately, this time around, during the course of the present debate, a number of individuals, in positions of trust, have tried to prove that the Earth is heating beyond its natural range by skewing scientific data in order to support such a contention.

At the UN, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - a political body - rather than acting forthrightly, has manipulated or has used manipulated climate data to help justify their position and existence (which includes monetary funding). Of particular note are their unsubstantiated claims that scientific studies predicted the disappearance of the Himalayan Glaciers by 2035 and their insistence that sea levels are set to rise by over half a meter by 2100. However, their original source on the destruction of the Glaciers put this event at 2335, a three hundred year discrepancy, while their position on sea levels rising by 18-59cm by 2100 has been strongly challenged by observational data. Expert analysis on the sea levels indicates unchanged or even falling levels whilst a recent study that supported the IPCC's rising sea level position has been retracted. [7,8,9]

Some of the worst and most widely disseminated climate misinformation used by the IPCC and Governments worldwide has come out of leading scientific institutions in the UK and USA.

The most notable contributor to climate misrepresentation comes from the famed Climate Research Unit (CRU) operating out of the University of East Anglia, UK. Thanks to the "Climategate" email releases we are aware that the CRU was engaged in fraudulent activity intended to quote, "hide the decline", in global temperatures occurring over the last ten years. Most disturbingly rather than seeing the individuals involved in this deception punished, political forces swung into play so that the CRU was cleared of any misconduct by three subsequent "show-pony" inquiries. [10,11]

Alas, the misrepresentation problems do not end with the CRU. The other major data sets, used repeatedly to show temperature increases, are also corrupted.

For instance we know the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite data, showing an overall global temperature rise in recent years, is almost certainly due to equipment malfunction- on at least five of their satellites. Dubbed "Satellitegate", the errors were first pointed out by an anonymous visitor to a skeptic blog who pointed to thousands of impossible readings, of over 200 degrees Celsius, published on a government website. Subsequently it was admitted by the NOAA that their data could not be deemed reliable. [12,13]

Moreover, the situation in the US goes further than just consisting of erroneous readings. There is a pattern of manipulation at major institutions that shows a deliberate attempt to indicate warming where none existed. The fraud here extends beyond NOAA's errors and includes NASA where their computer modelling data has been altered to conform to the warming hypothesis. Periods at the end of the 19th century have been made cooler while temperatures after 1990 have been tweeked upwards so as to get a warming trend. [14,15]

It is also a fact that many thousands of land-based thermometers, used to gauge global temperatures, have been removed from the temperature data record. In the 1970s scientists were able to incorporate data from 15,094 stations compared with only 5,265 in the year 2000- a deficit of 65 percent. For "reasons unknown" those in charge excluded many stations in isolated colder regions (the Russians complained about this in regard to their own data in 2009) while retaining stations in urban areas known to act as heat sinks. Now locations with no data in cold areas are covered by a "homogenized" guess that includes averages from the remaining warmer stations. [16,17]

Unsurprisingly even Wikipedia has been the target of unscrupulous activity in which a global warming protagonist spent years making 5000 revisions to information on the Medieval Warming Period in order to obfuscate the fact that there then existed warmer temperatures than today. [18]

As a result of this manipulation a great number of our political leaders and many scientists, people not directly linked to the skewed data, falsely assume that the evidence for rising global temperatures is solid.

And for those honest researchers engaged in climate, or climate related, studies they now have to overcome a "scientific" warming bias when reviewing their own data, making them perhaps believe their results confirm a carbon warming hypothesis rather than anything else. Take the recent melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet - an event that has been linked to rising global temperatures. It is very probable that the melt may in actuality be due to altered ocean currents (the Pacific decadal oscillations) and undersea volcanism. Note: there is an undersea volcano situated under part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Look it up. [19,20]

So, when take into account all of the above material it is evident that the carbon tax being pushed on the Australian public, by many misguided but well meaning people, is not urgently required to stave off an environmental catastrophe. In all likelihood this kind of taxation will have a low impact on efforts to switch out of coal and oil. A more specific approach, using direct action, would be needed. As things stand, those who are set to benefit the most from this tax on energy -a tax on everything- will be the bankers who collect fees in the process of trading carbon credits.

We do not need a carbon tax to make a change to a less polluting and more sustainable society. What we require is some imagination, research and an uncorrupted "can do" approach from our politicians and scientists while keeping the big corporations (including bankers) at arms length.
























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RECAP: Australian Troops are NOT in Afghanistan to Stop International Terrorism

By Spookypunkos

Australian troops are not in Afghanistan to stop spectre of International Terrorism as is often claimed in justification of our continued overseas deployment.

We are there to support the US occupation that followed their unwarranted invasion. We are now attempting to provide an alternative system to Taliban rule making us both invaders and nation builders at the same time. For Australia and the US there is not, and there never was, any reason of defense importance to invade that country.

Indeed, after 911 the Taliban, on multiple occasions, offered to hand over the alleged perpetrator of the attacks, Osama Bin Laden, but were rebuffed by US officials every time.

International terrorists, the ones that Minister Smith said still threatened our safety, only do so thanks to the support and financing facilitated by Western intelligence organisations. Rather than stopping terror attacks, sections of the intelligence community seek to realise such operations in order to fuel conflict for strategic purposes. After all, one cannot bomb, invade or otherwise meddle in the affairs of sovereign countries without some sort of convincing story.

Yes, there are regional terrorist groups but attacks inside Western countries are almost exclusively directed or undertaken by individuals tied to the intelligence agencies.

The atrocities of 9/11 and 7/7 are instances in which the alleged terrorists, and their leaders, had ties to the CIA, MI6 and other foreign intelligence services. According FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, Bin Laden was intimately connected to the CIA right up until the attacks, while other FBI agents discovered Saudi intelligence connections to the hijackers. In the case of 7/7 the "mastermind", Haroon Rashid Aswat, was later identified by US sources as an MI6 double agent.

The harsh reality is that none of these devastating attacks could have succeeded without the assistance of intelligence agency people and others in positions of authority. 911 would not have happened if not for the involvement of high ranking US officials who shut down FBI anti-terrorist investigations that had identified many of the alleged hijackers prior to the attacks. Additionally the US Army anti-terrorist unit known as "Able Danger" was also hamstrung in its mission when they were told to allow the free passage of known terrorists into the US before 911.

Today Australian forces are in Afghanistan thanks to the global "war on terror" championed by the the Bush White House. This phony situation, the entire war, is completely unnecessary and is a result actions undertaken by people working in the lawless "shadow" side of the US Government.

So, despite what Australian officials have said there is no reason, vital to the defense interests of Australia, that compels us to stay. The question must be asked whether our troops should remain overseas and attempt to nation build, whilst also fighting against the Taliban, or should they withdraw and come home ?

Now please view the documentary "Fabled Enemies". Educate yourselves about the hidden intelligence ties to terrorist networks. There's a nasty game being played out of sight of the public and everyone should know about it.

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Keiser Report (E162): Europe's Neo Feudalism

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on selling Greece's sovereignty and Spain's El Gordo. In the second half of the show, Max talks to economist Michael Hudson about the IMF assassins sent in to destroy the Greek economy.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

US Government Openly Admits Arming Mexican Drug Gangs with 30,000 Firearms – But Why?

Here’s how “Fast and Furious” worked: Under orders from Washington, ATF agents were specifically told to acquire these weapons using “straw” buyers in the USA, find new buyers in Mexican drug gangs, then sell the weapons and “lose track” of them. Although some agents raised concerns about the insanity, they were overruled by the higher-ups in Washington who wanted to pursue this policy for their own reasons. “It made no sense to us either, it was just what we were ordered to do, and every time we questioned that order there was punitive action,” said Phoenix Special Agent John Dodson.

But what could be the reasons for Washington initiating such a program in the first place? Why would the Obama administration actively send 30,000 sniper rifles, assault weapons and firearms into Mexico even while claiming to follow an anti-gun stance back in the USA?

To answer that question, you need to understand P.R.S — Problem, Reaction, Solution. It is the “playbook” that governments use to get what they want, which usually involves: 1) Disarming their populations, 2) Taking away all their rights and freedoms, and then 3) Ruling over their people as tyrants with complete power.

Precisely such an effort is now underway in the United States, led by the Obama administration which has repeatedly demonstrated itself to be an enemy of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Related Stories:
Los Zetas Kingpin: We Bought Guns Directly From U.S. Government

Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder is tiptoeing on a razor’s edge of incompetence or perjury: denied prior knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious (Gunrunner) smuggling guns into Mexico ... AG Holder should have known his AG Advisor, his assistant AG, directors of five of his agencies, and all Southwest U.S. Attorneys were discussing smuggling guns into Mexico in 2009

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FBI: No Oklahoma City Bombing Videos Found

The FBI has not found videotapes from the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that are being sought by a Utah lawyer and do not believe another records search is reasonable or will uncover the information, the agency has told a federal judge.

FBI officials are "unaware of the existence or likely location of additional tapes" that would fulfill the Freedom of Information Act request filed by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, agency attorneys said in court papers filed last week.

Trentadue sued the FBI and the CIA in 2008 to get the videos and contended the FBI's efforts to locate the information have been inadequate. He is looking for surveillance tapes taken the morning of the bombing from exterior cameras on the Murrah building and dashboard camera video from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol's arrest of Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was convicted of and executed for the bombing.

Trentadue asserts that the videos exist and will expose that others were involved in the domestic terrorist attack that killed 168 people.

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How Fluoride Causes Hypothyroidism

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

RECAP: 7/7 Mind the Gap

Documentary detailing the gaps in the official story of the 7/7 London Bombings that demand further attention. This film, presented by ex-Mi5 whistleblower David Shayler, argues the need for an Independant Public Inquiry into 7/7 and the surrounding events.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

This excellent documentary deals with the London 7/7 bombings and opens with a rundown of the lies that started the Iraq war, a brief review of the 911 false flag terror attacks and the involvement of Western intelligence services in past incidents.

Most people don't realise there are HUGE problems with the official story about the 7/7 bombings. For anyone who has bothered to look at the evidence, it becomes clear tha the official narrative is highly suspect and completely false with regard to certain critical aspects of the story. This documentary is highly recommended viewing.

Remember, the threat of false flag terror attack will always be with us until these crimes are fully exposed and justice served.

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The 7/7 Train Times from Luton to King's Cross Disprove the Official Story

The well-known picture of the four ‘bombers’ entering Luton station on the morning of July 7th was released by the police on July 16th. It apparently shows them catching the 7.40am train, as they announced at the press conference.

The image is time and date-stamped as 07.21:54, a few seconds shy of 7.22am.

The police had earlier inspected CCTV pictures of them at King’s Cross mainline station at 8.26 am, or so we were told. The Luton to King’s Cross Thameslink service normally takes 36 minutes, and so the 7.40am from Luton would usually arrive into King’s Cross at 8.16am. This would have fitted in neatly with these two timed CCTV images given out by the police.
It turned out however that all trains were severely delayed on July 7th, due to problems with overhead lines in the Mill Hill Area.

These facts only emerged weeks after the event, when two researchers visited Luton station on the morning of 23rd August, and conducted on-platform interviews with commuters.

Computer records of the train timetables were kindly made available both by Marie Bernes at Customer Relations at King's Cross, and from Chris Hudson, Communications Manager of Thameslink Rail, at Luton station.

That gave the following Luton to King's Cross timetable for the morning of July 7th:

It is evident from this table, that this 07.48 train did not arrive in King’s Cross until after the two of the underground trains involved had already departed King's Cross underground station.

Was any train feasible? Let us consider an earlier train, which left Luton station at 07.25, and arrived into King’s Cross Thameslink at 08.23 am; thus, its journey took 58 minutes. This scenario would give the four young men barely three minutes to walk up the stairs at Luton, buy their tickets in the morning rush-hour and then get to the platform. Some have suggested that Lindsay German from Aylesbury had arrived early and bought the four tickets in advance (day-returns at 22 pounds each), to make this feasible. But, from King’s Cross Thameslink, it takes a good seven minutes to walk through the long, Underground tube passage which includes a ticket barrier, to reach the main King’s Cross station, in the morning rush-hour with large rucksacks – in no way could they have been captured on the 08.26am alleged CCTV picture.

Thus, no train that morning is capable of getting a passenger into both of the CCTV images. This could be part of the reason why the police can never release the images they claim to have, of the four at King’s Cross.

This major breakdown of the official story came about through the testimony of a commuter who wished to remain anonymous: she arrived at Luton station that morning at 7.25am, and testified that she had no train to catch until 7.58am, because the 7.30am and 7.40am trains from Luton were cancelled on July 7th. She could only get a slow train at 7.58am from platform 3 to King's Cross, which didn't arrive there until 8.43am. It was so packed that many could not get onto the train at Luton*. (The 07.30 was delayed in arriving into Luton that morning and came into platform 4, whereas the London trains normally come to platforms 1 or 3, which is why she believed it had been cancelled.)

The official story, as it stands, MUST be false.

And with terror drills at the exact same time and place as the real bombings, with the bombers buying return tickets and arguing with shopkeepers, plus indications the bombs themselves had been planted under the trains, this all makes for a very weak official account.

Remember the war on terror will never end if our own side is fueling the conflict with such deceptions and/or cover ups. We need truth to stop the wars !!

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, July 9th, 2011.]