Sunday, 9 January 2011

Nine Breakthroughs In Alternative Energy [vids]

Oil has been the lifeblood of our modern civilization for the last hundred years, and we have become dangerously dependent on it. As demand ramps up in the developing world, easily accessible reserves continue to diminish. Experts and executives alike have highlighted a return to $150 per barrel oil in their predictions for 2011. If this price for oil becomes reality, it will virtually suck the remaining wealth out of an economy that is already in critical condition, just as it did before the financial collapse of 2008.

Oil presents other problems ranging from its location in unfriendly parts of the world, increased cost of extraction, cartel control over pricing and supply, costs of wars to secure it, its inherently non-renewable and polluting nature, to theories of Peak Oil. It is a fragile system, to say the least, which has driven new innovation into alternative energy.

Only good can come from such endeavors, so it is worth examining 9 potential breakthroughs that will boost the energy revolution:

[see the link for video clips]

Many "skeptics" will claim that certain alternative energy technologies do not work , that they represent "quack" science. Such claims ignore the politics behind the energy industry. Only by seeing truly independent analyses on various ideas and machines can we be sure to rule them out. It is wise to remain somewhat open minded here.

Readers should note that most of the videos at the link do not deal with the "quack" aspects to alternative energy but with real breakthroughs in technology. Please check out the clips.

We are not going to be stuck with using oil and coal to generate electricity and fuel. There is a place for continued, more limited use of these materials, but we can better preserve the stuff (for making plastics) by switching to solar, wind, chemical, mechanical and nuclear sources to produce cheap electricity.

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