Thursday, 30 September 2010

RECAP: A New Standard for Deception by NIST

The History of the official NIST cover-up in detail (from 2006) dealing with the WTC Towers. Very illuminating. It gives the reader some insight into how supposedly unbiased scientific studies can be rigged:

Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

The information blurb taken from Part 1 at the You Tube site states that:

NIST is an Agency with Bush Appointees.
What is Bush Science? One of the most important facts.

The Bush administration appointees have been distorting Scientific fact.

Here is a fact : No Building exhibiting all the characteristics of controlled demolition has ever NOT been a controlled demolition.

Mike Taylor of the National Association of Demolition Contractors says it looked like an Implosion.

Ronald Hamburger - a structural engineer aqnd contributor to the FEMA and NIST reports said that it appeared to him that charges had been placed in the building.

He asks:
"Where are the real experts?"

He discusses all the various reports

The same players that lied about OK City also were the ones who covered the WTC buiding collapse.

Gene Corley
Charles Thorton
Shankar Nair

These guys say they knew what happened.....HOW?
(Thanks to Mike G for the story !)

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