Saturday, 14 August 2010

"We've Now Killed The Gulf Of Mexico"

Matthew Simmons has been saying the spill is worse than anyone admits for weeks, and he hasn't been wrong yet.

Today he tells Bloomberg we've now killed the Gulf of Mexico.

Simmons says the leak is much bigger than the cameras show thanks to a big gushing hole around ten miles from the sunken rig:

RIP Matt Simmons.

For a longer interview with Matt visit this link. In the featured interview (above) Matt is talking about two separate locations. One , which is capped, and the other that resembles a "gusher" coming out of the sea floor.

The solution, to prevent further leaking, is to use a nuclear weapon that would weld the ground shut as it turns the sea floor into glass. Apparently the Russians have used such a technique a number of times in the past. Let us hope that, in the event of a nuclear solution, things are not made any worse.

Also, it looks, like the Gulf area is now thoroughly contaminated (by the spill itself and Corexit) such that mass evacuations of the populations living there might be necessary. Stay tuned.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 14th, 2010.]

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