Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ex-MI5 agent: Russian Spy Ring Story Pure Propaganda

Moscow and Washington say they hope FBI arrests of alleged Russian agents will not affect relations between the two. The controversy comes just after a meeting between the U.S. and Russian Presidents. Former MI5 officer Annie Mashon says an inside game among U.S. intelligence agencies [to keep tensions high between the two countries] could be behind the timing of these arrests.

It's interesting to note that Annie Mashon mentions other more serious spy rings that were covered up by the Bush Administration- the 911 "dancing Israeli's" and the Israeli "Art Students." See this Fox News story on You Tube. More than a hundred in total were deported and the incident swept under the rug.

Political implications are considered in each spying incident. In some cases it is decided to engage in a cover-up whilst in other situations the incident is used for propaganda purposes. The recent Russian spies were engaged in relatively superficial spying- collecting mainstream information rather than espionage.

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