Friday, 26 March 2010

Rampant Unemployment across America: 35 Cities Suffer Unemployment Above 15%

Unemployment rates continue to rise, with the majority of U.S. metropolitan areas showing an increase in January, according to a government report.

In fact, there were 35 metropolitan areas with unemployment rates at or above 15% in January. California and Michigan remain the hardest hit, with 19 cities in California showing rates above 15%, according to the Labor Department. Michigan logged the next highest number, with 6.

In December, there were 25 cities with jobless rates above 15%, most of which were also in California and Michigan.

Overall, jobless rates increased in 363 of the nation's 372 metropolitan areas in January. The number of metro areas with jobless rates above 10% reached 187 in January. Contrast that with the national unemployment rate, which stood at 9.7% in January, according to the government's monthly jobs report.

There were only 2 urban centers with rates below 5% in January. That compares with 10 areas that posted rates below 5% in December.

Posted to give people an indication of the real state of affairs within the USA. The Feds almost always cook the books when it comes to releasing economic data. Make contingency plans on the assumption that things will not be getting better anytime soon.

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