Saturday, 13 February 2010

Meteor Hits Mexico Leaving 30 Meter Crater

Breaking news! A meteor has been reported to have hit Mexico leaving a 30 meter crater.

According to Mexican media, the meteor’s impact was in between the towns of Ahuazotepec and Cuautepecy in Central Mexico. The impact of the meteorite was in a relatively unpopulated area and hit Mexico around 6.30pm local time.

Initially authorities believed the impact was caused by a falling aircraft. However, upon reaching the place of meteor impact, they realized that the phenomenon left a hole 30 meters in diameter and was probably caused by a meteorite.

We are constantly in danger of getting smacked by a big, extinction causing meteor. We have the technology to save the planet from such an event if we get organised. Nothing might happen for a thousand years OR we could get hit tomorrow.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 13th, 2010.]

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