Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bush Pentagon Hired Conspiracy Theorist [PROPAGANDIST] As Al Qaeda Specialist

When the Pentagon's internal think tank decided in 2004 it needed a better understanding of Al Qaeda, it turned to an unlikely source: the terrorism analyst Laurie Mylroie, who was known as the chief purveyor of the discredited idea that Saddam Hussein was behind Sept. 11 and many other attacks carried out by Al Qaeda.

Mylroie was paid roughly $75,000 to produce a 300-page study, "The History of Al Qaida," for the Defense Department think tank, known as the Office of Net Assessment, a DOD spokesman tells us. The study, which is dated September 2005, was posted on an intelligence blog last month.

It documents the development of Al Qaeda and spends many pages dancing around the theory that has defined Mylroie's career -- that key Qaeda leaders acted at the behest of the Iraqi regime. She also argues that group-think among U.S. analysts has obscured the true nature of the terrorist group.

Those who know Mylroie's work are shocked that the Pentagon would hire her.

It's not surprising that this person was hired during the Bush years since the objective of the neocons, all throughout the 1990s, was to overthrow Saddam.

This is exactly how a corrupt system works. People at the top, with an agenda, appoint like-minded individuals. Unfortunately nothing much has changed since then. Presently there is a push for another unnecessary war but this time the target is Iran.

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