Monday, 30 November 2009

The World Trade Centre Explosions (9/11/2001)


From Loose Change: Final Cut.

Very obviously there were massive secondary explosions occurring throughout the World Trade Centre buildings- in the lower levels, in the basement, the lobby and subway areas- far way from the fire zones. These explosions were not insignificant, indicating they were the likely result of pre-planted devices. From eyewitness testimony alone one would have to conclude that the fires and aircraft impacts would have been able to cause these effects.

Even more damning are the reports of explosions in WTC 7, before the Twin Towers came down. There is no reasonable explanation to account for the testimony of WTC 7 survivor Barry Jennings other than to conclude that bombs had been planted inside this structure.

The final proof that explosives were present is the forensic evidence of Molten Steel and Thermate found at the WTC disaster site- phenomena that simply cannot exist without the use of incendiary type explosives.

911 WAS an Inside Job. Tell everyone so that this information becomes public knowledge. When EVERYONE KNOWS the perpetrators will be unable to hide from the inevitable public investigations.

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