Wednesday, 21 October 2009

How Goldman Sachs Made $3 Billion 12 Months After We Bailed Their Lucky Asses Out

Here is the Goldman, Sachs & Co. revenue break down for the past 3 months:

*Financial Advisory-M/A: 325 million.
*Equity Underwriting: 363 million.
*Debt Underwriting: 211 million.
*Trading-Principal Investments: 10 billion.

Notice that 10 billion is much bigger than two or three hundred million made from the traditional Wall Street businesses.

That $10 billion is evidence of their magic trick. For we the taxpayer gave Goldman Sachs the following:

Note: Any astronomical derivatives losses would be kept off the books as suggested by Max Keiser in many of his previous public statements. The true nature of the Goldman Sachs balance sheet is unknown.

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