Friday, 31 July 2009

Denver PBS to Promote AE911Truth !

This is a very positive development in the struggle to bring 9/11 Truth to the airwaves. Mr. Gage will return to Denver on Aug 15 to appear on KBDI PBS TV before an expected audience of at least 200,000 viewers. The station will air the one hour version of "9/11: Blueprint for Truth" during their pledge drive. The full two hour "Blueprint" will be offered as a premium for pledges and we will be on live during the pledge breaks. During this station's last pledge drive, "9/11 Press for Truth" and "From Freedom to Fascism" were aired and the station raised a record amount of funds! We encourage people to volunteer at their local PBS stations in order to propagate this promising trend. We will also be giving a presentation in Boulder on Aug 16 and, perhaps, in Colorado Springs on Aug 14 as well.

There's more on AE911truth upcoming events at the link including a lecture at Harvard University on September 10th and visits to Japan and Australia.

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Marijuana Has Anti-Cancer Properties

The active ingredient in marijuana appears to target cancerous brain cells for destruction while leaving healthy cells alone, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Complutense University in Madrid, and published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Researchers first conducted an experiment in mice that had been engineered to carry three different grafts of human brain cancer. They injected the mice daily with the molecule tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) near the site of the tumors once each day. The chemical appeared to stimulate the cancerous cells to engage in a process known as autophagy, in which cells initiate their own breakdown.

"These results may help to design new cancer therapies based on the use of medicines containing the active principle of marijuana and/or in the activation of autophagy," researcher Guillermo Velasco said.

I don't advocate taking any mind altering drugs since they mess with your head, but if something can be made of the chemical properties found in cannabis, that will save lives, then I'm all for it.

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

RECAP: AE911Truth Interviewed On Russia Today

Endless war, loss of liberties, financial ruin ... ONLY the truth about 911 will be able to shake up the corrupted system.

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It’s the Jobs Stupid: Why There will be no Recovery until Employment Stabilizes.

It should be rather obvious that without any sustained job growth there will be no economic recovery. In the same breath, you will have someone tell you that this is no common recession yet when it comes to talking about the stock market they will tell you that in normal times, stocks recover before jobs. That is true if this were your run of the mill recession. It is not. When you have five states like Oregon, Rhode Island, Michigan, South Carolina, and California all having unemployment and underemployment over 20 percent then you know the unemployment situation cuts deep and wide. With massive market volatility that has sent the S&P 500 rallying 40 percent in only 4 months. That is not normal. Most Americans intuitively know that without a broad based job recovery, there is little reason to believe this recession is close to being over.

Economists should note that jobs in the US are still being lost at an alarming rate. There is no jobs growth. We saw only one month in which the LOSSES were not as bad as predicted. Until the bleeding stops one cannot expect a sustainable recovery. People need jobs to buy things and pay for mortgages, it's that simple. The follow-on effects from having large numbers of people out of work are obvious and the financial markets will eventually reflect this reality.

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Scientists Find Evidence of Hydrocarbons in Earth’s Upper Mantle

In a new research, scientists have found for the first time that ethane and heavier hydrocarbons can be synthesised under the pressure-temperature conditions of the upper mantle of the Earth.

The research was conducted by scientists at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory, with colleagues from Russia and Sweden.

Methane (CH4) is the main constituent of natural gas, while ethane (C2H6) is used as a petrochemical feedstock.

Both of these hydrocarbons, and others associated with fuel, are called saturated hydrocarbons because they have simple, single bonds and are saturated with hydrogen.

The implication here is that "fossil" fuels are not simply the result of decayed organic matter. On Saturn's moon Titan we have seen vast hydrocarbon seas. One might therefore assume that the earth too, being a rocky body, might also consist of non-organic materials such as we have seen on Titan. Oil and natural gas are likely being produced deep in the earth and have either worked their way up into areas that we subsequently drill or have remained in pools from ages past when there was more volcanic activity and more primeval (oily) elements on the surface.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Washington Post Endorses Abu Ghraib scapegoating for torture

The Washington Post Editorial Page -- keeper of all establishment Washington wisdom -- today advocates that low-level CIA interrogators who went beyond John Yoo's torture guidelines, and only them, be criminally investigated and prosecuted by the Justice Department:

We reject the distorted interpretations that underpin the OLC memos and that serve as legal justification for harsh interrogation techniques that either border on or constitute torture. But those who relied on the memos and shaped their behavior in the good-faith belief that they were following the law should not be subject to prosecution. It is an entirely different story for those who went well beyond the often-extreme measures authorized by the memos.
Note the distortions on which the Post Editors rely in order to justify their two-tiered justice system. DOJ torture-authorizing memos should shield those who acted in accordance with them because they were created and followed in "good faith." That assertion is groundless and false.
A recently released report from five Inspectors General makes clear that Dick Cheney and David Addington selected Yoo to write these memos because they knew in advance that he'd approve of whatever they wanted to do. This process was the opposite of "good faith": what happened was that the highest-level political officials wanted to break the law, and so they found a hardened ideologue at the DOJ willing to write memos to classify those crimes as legal. To describe that process as "good faith" is to twist that phrase beyond recognition. It was blatant criminality accompanied by advanced bureaucratic cover from John Yoo -- the same person who wrote memos advising the President that not even the Bill of Rights could constrain his actions.

As I understand it, according to the Geneva Conventions, those who authorised, and those who are party to the authorisation of War Crimes, are guilty of an offense. In this case all those Administration officials such as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice plus some members of the Senate and Congress, who were informed about the harsh interrogation techniques (waterboarding etc), should face criminal trials.

One should note the seriousness of these actions since many innocent people have been killed thanks to the green light given to torture (see full article). Responsibility for these outcomes must lie with those involved in authorising the harsh measures that involved pain infliction that (paraphrasing) "did not leave any permanent physical scarring". Punishment could therefore be extreme so long as the subject was likely to recover.

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Trader on Bloomberg says Markets are Manipulated and Volumes 'Ficticious'.

The bottom line is that the fundamentals of the US economy show that things are not improving. The stockmarket has always had a strong element of psychological feeling driving the prices. With the current trading manipulations we are seeing a false rise in stock values. Eventually reality will catch up and continued company losses and bankruptcies will inject a harsh dose of reality into the equation.

If you are buying stock, look towards defensive investments, and keep a cash reserve. Hedge yourself.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, July 29th, 2009.] quotes Global Research: The US Federal Reserve Bank Generates Profits for its Banker Shareholders !

Comments made by Mike Rivero (, July 29th)

For thinking Americans who understand that the Fed is no more "Federal" than Federal Express, this is an attempt to put lipstick on a pig.

As reported in:

"1. The Fed is privately owned.

Its shareholders are private banks. In fact, 100% of its shareholders are private banks. None of its stock is owned by the government."

"3. The Fed generates profits for its shareholders."

"The interest on bonds acquired with its newly-issued Federal Reserve Notes pays the Fed’s operating expenses plus a guaranteed 6% return to its banker shareholders. A mere 6% a year may not be considered a profit in the world of Wall Street high finance, but most businesses that manage to cover all their expenses and give their shareholders a guaranteed 6% return are considered "for profit" corporations."

"In addition to this guaranteed 6%, the banks will now be getting interest from the taxpayers on their "reserves." The basic reserve requirement set by the Federal Reserve is 10%. The website of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York explains that as money is redeposited and relent throughout the banking system, this 10% held in "reserve" can be fanned into ten times that sum in loans; that is, $10,000 in reserves becomes $100,000 in loans. Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.8 puts the total "loans and leases in bank credit" as of September 24, 2008 at $7,049 billion. Ten percent of that is $700 billion. That means we the taxpayers will be paying interest to the banks on at least $700 billion annually – this so that the banks can retain the reserves to accumulate interest on ten times that sum in loans."

"The banks earn these returns from the taxpayers for the privilege of having the banks’ interests protected by an all-powerful independent private central bank, even when those interests may be opposed to the taxpayers’ -- for example, when the banks use their special status as private money creators to fund speculative derivative schemes that threaten to collapse the U.S. economy. Among other special benefits, banks and other financial institutions (but not other corporations) can borrow at the low Fed funds rate of about 2%. They can then turn around and put this money into 30-year Treasury bonds at 4.5%, earning an immediate 2.5% from the taxpayers, just by virtue of their position as favored banks. A long list of banks (but not other corporations) is also now protected from the short selling that can crash the price of other stocks. "

So, for all those who have not worked this out yet, the Federal Reserve will act to protect the profits of the Banks first over the welfare of the people ! It's a scam Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is why we need to see the Fed audited under House Resolution 1207. Find out if your Representative has signed the bill and if not, phone, fax or email them until they do.

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Kucinich: the Federal Reserve is Paying Banks NOT to Make Loans to Struggling Americans!

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rolling Stone: The Great American Bubble Machine

Rolling Stone journalist exposes how Goldman Sachs has taken control of the federal government. This is one of the most informative 15 minutes you will ever experience.

The US economy has been slammed, in large part, because of the actions of the big banks. Thankfully this criminal behaviour has been identified and steps can therefore be taken to fix the situation.

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Ion Engine could one day Power 39-day Trips to Mars

There's a growing chorus of calls to send astronauts to Mars rather than the moon, but critics point out that such trips would be long and gruelling, taking about six months to reach the Red Planet. But now, researchers are testing a powerful new ion engine that could one day shorten the journey to just 39 days.

Rather than astronauts we could send a whole fleet of robot probes for the same cost. The Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity have done an excellent job thus far so why not send more with upgraded capabilities ? Such exploration would be very cost effective. We can always send people in later decades as the space flight technology improves or if NASA's funding improves, whatever comes first !

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Monday, 27 July 2009

Major 9/11 Truth Breakthrough !!! KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth

Having developed a relationship with the Denver metro area local PBS broadcasting station for over the last 3 years by simply taking donation phones calls, in exchange for a few minutes to talk to the audience about the 9/11 cover up, Colorado Visibility 9/11 has succeeded in making history.

KBDI aired the groundbreaking documentary film 9/11 Press for Truth June 4, 2009 during prime time with well over an hours worth of interviews with film producers Kyle Hence and Ray Nowosielski, and also powerful testimony from Bob McIlvaine.

This is brilliant. Everything must be done to get the message out. We have the physical evidence that proves the inside job, so that every effort must now be made to draw attention to the truth.

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The Mysterious Deaths of Top Microbiologists

The body count of infections disease experts continued to climb. Connections to weapons research began to surface.

As many as 14 world-class microbiologists died between 9/11/1 and 3/2/2, and on 6/24/2 yet another microbiologist was added to the list.

Still the US Government acted as if nothing was amiss, as silent on the question of dead microbiologists as they are on the question of the Israeli spies and their connection to 9-11.

In fact, the official silence on the question of how so many top experts in infectious diseases could die in such a short time span is deafening.

Now, statistically, it's possible, even likely, that one or two of these microbiologists legitimately were killed in random accidents. But for so many to die in such a short while exceeds all reasonable bounds of statistics. Prudence would demand an investigation, not the "ho hum" attitude of the government which even today continues to issue dire warnings to the general population of how much we are all in danger from "bioterrorism".

Here is an updated list on the death toll but includes other non-microbiological scientists who have died. Although some of the deaths can be attributed to "normal" activity the huge number of slain experts in microbiology, in particular those in connection to bio-weapons, raises serious questions.

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Hubble Snaps Sharpest Image Yet of Jupiter Impact

The new shot was taken by Hubble’s newest toy, the Wide Field Camera 3, which was installed during the most-recent servicing mission to the telescope in May.

The collision is believed to be the largest since Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 busted into 21 pieces and slammed into the solar system’s largest planet 15 years ago.

If whatever hit Jupiter — and astronomers might never know what it was — had instead struck Earth, it would have caused catastrophic damage to human civilization.

Check out the Hubble images of Jupiter at the link above. They're awesome.

This is an extremely serious matter. Our civilisation desperately needs some sort of asteroid monitoring system so that we can detect large sized rocks that are headed our way. Once detected efforts could then be made to deflect the objects. As things stand we could face disaster at almost anytime. We do have the technology to save ourselves.

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente on the Alex Jones Radio Show

Alex welcomes back to the show Gerald Celente, a trend forecaster, popular author, and founder and director of The Trends Research Institute founded in 1980. He is noted for predicting the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Saturday, 25 July 2009

NYC CAN Breaks 70,000

This past week, NYC CAN broke 70,000 signatures. We have now collected over 18,000 signatures in addition to the 52,000 submitted on June 24, 2009. According to the law, we can force the referendum for a new investigation on the ballot by submitting another 15,000 valid signatures on August 25, regardless of what City Council does. To be comfortably above 15,000 valid signatures, we aim to have at least 35,000 signatures by August 23, which means we have 17,000 to go. This is well within reach as our petitioners are bringing in 4,000 signatures per week.


Although there is a risk that a new investigation into 911 will become a whitewash I firmly believe that any inquiry will draw so much new attention that attempts to avoid critical evidence will fail. The fact that there will be a new investigation will open a HUGE can of worms -namely the forensic evidence that proves 911 was an inside job.

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We Now Have A Total Gangster Government

Representative Bachmann has a point here. Watch the video clip to the end.

She points out that there are now "Tsars" for various functions of government that have sweeping powers to intrude unjustly into people's daily lives.

Hopefully those in Congress will realise that it's their duty to protect the liberties and freedoms of their constituents. Everything must be done to put an end to this corruption. A good start is to support upstanding Congressional representatives and any other movements that challenge the existing status quo.

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Friday, 24 July 2009

U.S. Rebuffs U.N. Requests for Guantanamo Visits, Data on CIA Prisons

The Obama administration has declined requests from U.N. human rights investigators for information on secret prisons and for private interviews with inmates at the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, U.N. officials said, dampening their hopes of greater U.S. cooperation on human rights issues.

I suspect UN interviews with some of the detainees will reveal shocking physical and mental injuries from torture. Some of these people at Guantanamo will end up being permanently confined to hide the evidence of US war crimes.

Furthermore, because we know that 911 was an inside job, we can be sure in knowing that none of those tortured could have provided any intelligence on that attack. As things stand the Obama Administration is complicit in a cover-up of criminal activity.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Jon Stewart Exposes The Goldman Bailout And Profit Mirage

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Congressman Stearn: Mr Paulson How Do You Have Any Credibility?

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Doctors Warn Avoid Genetically Modified Food

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states,"Genetically Modified foods have not been properly tested and pose a serious health risk. There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation."

Last May the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called on "Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM (genetically modified) foods when possible and provide educational materials concerning GM foods and health risks." They called for a moratorium on GM foods, long-term independent studies, and labeling.

AAEM's position paper stated, "Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food," including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. They conclude, "There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation," as defined by recognized scientific criteria. "The strength of association and consistency between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies."

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wayne Madsen on Disturbing Questions Concerning the Swine Flu

The disturbing issues here are:

1. Did the swine flu originate in a laboratory and;
2. Are the vaccines going to be safe or more harmful than the flu itself ?

So far the swine flu has not proven as contagious and lethal as predicted. Madsen mentions that it has spread globally, and that there have been deaths in New Zealand, but even taking this into account, the death rate is not "out of control" when compared to previous rounds of influenza.

Note the number of US swine flu deaths so far (July 17th) stands at 263 whereas more than 600 people die in the US each year of tuberculosis.

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Max Keiser Takes Offense to Goldman Sachs Oligarchy

This is worth checking out. Max points to severe corruption/cronyism in the US financial system and the fact that gold seems to be the only honest measure of wealth since fiat currencies are so unreliable.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

West Memphis Three: Time for Truth

Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley - also known as the West Memphis Three -- were teenagers when they were wrongfully convicted in 1994 of the murders of three children in West Memphis Arkansas. As highlighted in the landmark HBO Documentary "Paradise Lost," the investigation of these murders and subsequent arrests and trials were tragically mishandled, and amounted to little more than a witch hunt. To date, not one piece of substantial evidence, physical or otherwise, has connected the three men to the crime.

There is no evidence linking the convicted to the murders. In fact the DNA evidence points to other suspects in the crime. The West Memphis Three must be released from incarceration immediately and the case reopened so that those people who were really responsible for the crime can be brought to justice.

For more information on the case visit:

(thanks to hoodratash for the story and links !)

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Monday, 20 July 2009

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (unofficially, aka "Loose Change 4")

Loaded with powerful, new footage and in-depth interviews with the likes of Steven E. Jones, an American physicist who has discovered undetonated explosive material in multiple samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapses, this documentary presents a wide array of evidence both known and unknown... until now.

Eight years later, the American people continue to live in the aftermath of 9/11 and deal with its ongoing repercussions. Is this just another machination of power on the timeline of history? If so, the real question is what happens next? Or better yet, what can we do to prevent another 9/11?

The film serves as a fundamental call to action which is fueled by hope that those affected by 9/11 will soon receive the answers that they have sought after for nearly a decade.

This appears to be the most professionally constructed incarnation of this important documentary. The primary mission of the 911 truth community at present is to let as many people know the truth as possible. The evidence is unimpeachable. We KNOW that twin towers were demolished using high tech explosives -the forensic evidence proves the case- so all we need to do is inform EVERYONE and let justice be done.

Remember, the truth about 911 will end the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

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New Drug Shields Against Radiation

In tests involving 650 monkeys exposed to radiation equivalent to that recorded during the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in 1986, 70 per cent died while the rest suffered serious maladies, the newspaper Yediot Achronot said yesterday.

Of the group given anti-radiation shots, almost all survived and had no side effects. A test on humans not exposed to radiation showed none suffered side effects from the medication.

The medication was developed by Andrei Gudkov, chief scientific officer at Cleveland BioLabs in the US. Also involved was Israel's Elena Feinstein.

"We made a breakthrough that may save the lives of millions," Dr Gudkov was quoted as saying.

The medication has important implications in the treatment of cancer, the report said, since it permits use of more powerful radiation.

These are preliminary results. There might yet be longer term side effects.
However, so far, so good. Brilliant indeed !

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Obama's War

With Obama approaching the end of his sixth month in the White House, there is growing evidence that his administration is in only the first stages of what is shaping up to be a major and sustained escalation of the US war in Afghanistan.

Elected in large part because of the hostility of American working people to the militarist policies of the Bush administration, Obama and the Pentagon are waging an intensified and brutal counter-insurgency campaign that has the potential of dwarfing the carnage in Iraq and dragging on for another decade.
American militarism under Obama enjoys support from the entire political establishment. The Democratic Congress votes to fund the wars, the US mass media parrots the war propaganda of the White House and the Pentagon, and the so-called "left" organizations that previously oriented towards protest politics have stopped their protests and tacitly backed Obama's war.

Nonetheless, there remains deep hostility to war among masses of American working people, who will ultimately be forced to pay the price for militarism, through deepening attacks on their living standards, a growing toll of dead and wounded soldiers, and, ultimately, the drafting of working-class youth to fill the ranks of the expanding army.

With the US corporate establishment wanting to retain control in the Middle East it is likely there will be a draft. However I see huge resistance to such a move unless there was some new devastating attack on the US mainland to stir up the population. It is very likely that we will see another false flag attack on the US in the near future.

Furthermore, I expect the false flag attack to be used as an excuse for the upcoming crash of the US economy. At present many economic commentators have pointed to the fact the the present rally on Wall Street is unsustainable in the long run.

With a new 911 style attack the Obama Administration can kill two birds with one stone. They can get more troops and blame someone other than themselves (the establishment) for the upcoming economic calamity. In the end the crash will lead to tighter controls over the domestic US population. They didn't build all those FEMA camps for nothing.

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Experts: Depleted Uranium Creates Problems for Years After Initial Impact

We have seen many threats and accusations made against Iran and its Nuclear Research Programme with condemnations coming from the US, UK, NATO countries and the "Big Boys Club" known as the UN Security Council. Repeated warnings and many dress rehearsals for such an attack have been carried out by Israel. This cat-and-mouse game has gone on for many years but have Israel and their allies ever looked at the consequences of this ill-conceived plan?

We should look at some of the work that has been carried out by two British experts, Dr Chris Busby and Dai Williams. These two extremely dedicated men have worked tirelessly on the continued military use of Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons. These weapons are manufactured in the US and used by US, UK, NATO forces and by many other countries. It is also believed that such weapons can or have been manufactured in Israel, Pakistan and any other country that has a nuclear capability.
These two determined gentleman have very convincing evidence that not only have DU weapons been used but also a strong possibility of other uranium based weapons which could be linked to the so called "Dirty Bomb". Such evil weapons have been used in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza with possible further use in Pakistan.

DU weapons leave a trail of misery and suffering to thousands upon thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians caught up in its indiscriminate use in all the many areas of conflict. The Gulf War Syndrome is directly linked to such weapons as is the dramatic rise in all types of cancers, diabetes, still births and badly disfigured babies. Uranium based weapons have the ability to change the cell structure and DNA in all humans that come into contact with it by either inhalation or ingestion. It has the ability to contaminate the local area, region, adjacent countries and the world once it becomes an aerosol and enter the upper atmosphere.

For the good of the earth, and the human race, we must ban the use of D.U. weapons.

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1996 TWA Flight 800 Shot Down in US Surface-to-Air Missile Test

Video link: TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by Surface-to-Air Missile

On 17 July 1996 TWA flight 800 exploded mid-air off Long Island New York. The official investigation claimed that the cause of the accident was due to an explosion in the empty centre fuel tank- but this is not true.

The clip above provides clear evidence that the FBI, NTSB and US military worked to suppress any evidence that pointed to a missile causing the crash. The reason: It was no terrorist missile but an errant US Navy Missile.

The video ends by stating that a "mysterious" ship sped from the crash area following the shootdown. We now know that the mysterious ship(s) were US Navy warships that had been conducting missile tests in the area.

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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Fearful Thinking

We’ve all heard of ‘wishful thinking‘ – the very human tendency to believe what we’d like to be true. Wishful think has been around a long time.

More recently, eminent theologian and 9-11 sceptic David Ray Griffin has coined the term ‘fearful thinking‘.

He believes it’s key to understanding what prevents otherwise rational people from recognizing the obvious about 9-11.

As Griffin describes it, fearful thinking is when “you won’t believe what you actually fear to be the truth”. Ironically, the more common expression for this phenomenon is to be in a state of ‘denial’.

Being in a state of denial causes a person to flat out reject anything that runs counter to a strongly held belief. Usually the person avoids looking at specific material evidence put against their views. In the case of 911 we also have to deal with reasonably sophisticated disinformation put out by the 911 truth debunkers [in defence of the official narrative that is demolished by the evidence provided by the 911 truth researchers].

Because of this disinformation we find that many people, with relatively good analytical brains, who have actually looked into the case, tricked into thinking the overwhelming forensic evidence proving the inside job is unsubstantiated.

Therefore, apart from those with a flat out a priori denial of the inside job we also have those who have been genuinely deceived by the detailed false arguments put out by the debunkers (arguments that appear to rebut the conspiracy evidence). However, if one does some further research into the debunker claims we find that their arguments don't hold any ground. Twisted logic and outright deceptions are at the core of their positions.

To the "suckers", who have bought into the disinformation, I can only ask that you take a second look and fact check the issues in DETAIL. This is a critically important matter. It should be noted that everyone who believed the official story has been a sucker of sorts, myself included. There is no shame in being wrong from time to time ! What is needed is for those who have bought into the debunker line to think further about the disinformation techniques being used in the "debate".

To the arch debunkers who are peddling the lies I can only say this: it's too late. Science and hard evidence will always trump your unsupported rhetoric, ridicule and false analogies when it comes down to the crunch. Psychological tricks can cut both ways too. When you are peddling OBVIOUS lies then the propaganda task is made all the more difficult. In the end things will change and the corrupt system will be challenged. The false War on Terror will be ended.

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Head of $25 Billion Templeton Fund: Derivatives Will Cause Another Crisis

I have repeatedly warned that credit default swaps are not meaningfully being reigned in, and that the failure to do so will cause future problems.

Mark Mobius - executive chairman of the $25 billion dollar Templeton asset management fund - agrees:

A new financial crisis will develop from the failure to effectively regulate derivatives and the extra global liquidity from stimulus spending, Templeton Asset Management Ltd.’s Mark Mobius said.

“Political pressure from investment banks and all the people that make money in derivatives” will prevent adequate regulation

A lot of the bailout money was horded by the banks to protect against potential Derivatives losses. Warren Buffet labelled these vehicles as Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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Depleted Uranium Hazard Awareness - US Army Training Video


The training materials were intended to instruct servicemen and women about the use and hazards of depleted uranium munitions. In addition, the training regimen included instructions for soldiers who repair and recover vehicles contaminated by depleted uranium.

Throughout 1996, these videos sat on a shelf, while U.S. soldiers continued to use and work with depleted uranium munitions. In June 1997, Bernard Rostker, The Department of Defense (DoD) principle spokesperson for their investigation of Gulf War hazardous exposures, stated that the depleted uranium safety training program would begin to be shared by a limited number of servicemen and women in July 1997.

STILL TODAY the vast majority of servicemen and women in the U.S. military, and likely in the armed forces of other countries which are developing or have obtained depleted uranium munitions, are unaware of the use and dangers of depleted uranium munitions, or of the protective clothing and procedures which can minimize or prevent serious short-term exposures.

From Information Clearinghouse:

If DU is as harmless as sometimes claimed then what spurred the US Army to make this training video ? (DU is NOT as harmless as various individuals & agencies are claiming !)

I suspect that recent attempts to downplay the dangers of DU are political in nature. It's a misguided cover-up of a severe health threat. The results of DU poisoning are devastating and extremely long term.

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Friday, 17 July 2009

Russia Today Covers Richard Gage's Efforts in Washington D.C.

Eight years after the tragedy of 9/11, questions remain unanswered. A group of experts has convened in Washington to discuss what they think happened. Their theories are in stark contrast to the official version.

The US government said that the World Trade Center buildings collapsed as a result of fires ignited by jet fuel.

But according to members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth these are lies. The organization is made up of experts and professionals who believe that the real story behind the destruction of the towers is still up in smoke.

The campaign to inform and educate continues. It is great to see Russian television courageously covering this critical story. The Western media is either corrupt or at asleep at the wheel when it comes to recognising the importance of 911 truth.

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Freedom Watch 23: The Fed Threatens Extortion

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‘Government Sachs’ Strikes Gold ... Again

By Robert Scheer

Connect the dots: Goldman Sachs made $3.44 billion in profit this past quarter, while the U.S deficit topped $1 trillion for the first time in the nation’s history and appeared to be headed toward doubling that figure before the budget year is out. Since most of the increase in the federal deficit is due to bailing out the banks and salvaging the greater economy they helped destroy, why is the top investment bank doing so well?

Well, because that was the plan, as devised by Bush Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs. Remember that Lehman Brothers, Goldman’s competitor, was allowed to go bankrupt. The Paulson crowd wouldn’t let Lehman change its status to that of a bank holding company and thus qualify for federal funds; soon afterward, Goldman was granted just such a deal, worth a quick $10 billion. Much is now made of Goldman paying back part of its bailout money, but forgotten is the $12.9 billion that Goldman got as its cut of the $180 billion AIG payoff. That is money that will not be paid back.

Goldman is considered a very smart bank because it was early in reducing its exposure to the mortgage derivatives that in large part caused the meltdown. However, it had done much to expand the market and continued to sell suspect derivatives to unwary buyers as sound investments, even as Goldman divested. The firm still holds $1.85 billion in real estate and lost $499 million in the previous quarter on bad loans, but made up for it by playing the vulture role and issuing high-interest debt to governments and companies made desperate by the recession that the financial gimmicks of the banks brought on in the first place.

And Goldman was not just another bank. Before Paulson ran the Treasury Department, another former Goldman head, Robert Rubin, pushed through the repeal of the Glass-Steagall controls on banking activity. While some now play down the significance of this radical deregulation, not so Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein—at least not back in June 2007, when the markets were still doing well. “If you take an historical perspective,” Blankfein told The New York Times by way of explaining his company’s spectacular success at the time, “we’ve come full circle, because that is exactly what the Rothschilds or J.P. Morgan the banker were doing in their heyday. What caused an aberration was the Glass-Steagall Act.”

That 1933 act was repealed in a law signed by President Bill Clinton at Rubin’s urging, and in the following eight years Goldman Sachs recorded a 265 percent growth in its balance sheet. “Back then,” The Wall Street Journal reports, “Goldman was churning out profits by trading credit derivatives, speculating on currencies and oil and placing big bets [on] the roaring stock market.”

Big bets made in a casino designed by Goldman, which now makes money off loans to the victims. High on the list of victims are state governments that have to turn to Goldman for money because the federal government that saved the banks won’t do the same for the states, which have watched their tax bases shrink because of the banking meltdown. As the WSJ noted, “issuing debt to ailing governments” is now a growth industry for Goldman.

Why didn’t the federal government just lend the money to the states? Why was all the money thrown at Wall Street instead of needy homeowners or struggling school systems? Because the federal government works for Goldman and not for us. Indeed, when it comes to the banking bailout, Goldman Sachs is the government.

So much so that last fall The New York Times ran a story, headlined “The Guys From `Government Sachs,’ ” that stated: “Goldman’s presence in the [Treasury] department and around the federal response to the financial bailout is so ubiquitous that other bankers and competitors have given the star-studded firm a new nickname: Government Sachs.”

One of those stars was Stephen Friedman, another former head of Goldman. Friedman was both a director of the company and chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank when he helped work out the details of the Wall Street bailout. The president of the N.Y. Fed at the time, Timothy Geithner, now secretary of the treasury, requested a conflict-of-interest waiver that allowed Friedman to buy more Goldman Sachs stock, and Friedman ended up with 98,600 shares. At market close on Tuesday that was worth $14,756,476. That’s nothing – three years ago, the 50 top Goldman execs made $20 million each, and this year could be better.

They’re not hurting.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Video: Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - The Devastation, The Victims Who Took The Shots ...

I would also read this article at which refers to the current swine flu "epidemic":

There is no vaccine known to the public for this particular virus. There are vaccines for related viruses thought to possibly be effective, but this is unreliable information. In response to the problems of the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine which caused neurological damage in patients as well as the more recent Baxter scandal in which live H5N1 virus was mixed in with vaccine materials, the government of Sweden has advised their population NOT to obtain vaccinations at this time. As was demonsterated in the 1976 case, the decision to force vaccines on the public are often made more from a commercial for-profit concern than what is actually best for the population.

In the 1976 Swine Flu outbreak, the vaccine killed fifty times as many people as the flu did!

If the Government of Sweden is advising its people not to take the shots then no one should be forced to take them. Considering the recent history of the Baxter company that is involved with the vaccine program, I'd be very cautious about letting anyone stick me with their concoction. Furthermore, if it is shown that they are using a mercury based preservative, like Thimerosal, then there's no way anyone should risk neurological damage. This whole thing stinks.

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Ex-FBI Agent: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation

In the absence of my being there in New York City to stand with the 9/11 families, first responders and survivors, I offer the following statement in support of your goal of a new investigation into the attacks of September 11th and the NYC CAN campaign to place it on the ballot for November.
After 9-11, with the knowledge I had of the bitter internal dispute inside the FBI that was being hushed up but had kept some of our better agents from possibly uncovering more of the 9-11 plot before it happened, I couldn’t forget two of the slides in that Law Enforcement ethics curriculum: “DO NOT: Puff, Shade, Tailor, Firm up, Stretch, Massage, or Tidy up statements of fact.” And “Misplaced Loyalties: As employees of the FBI, we must be aware that our highest loyalty is to the United States Constitution. We should never sacrifice the truth in order to obtain a desired result (e.g. conviction of a defendant) or to avoid personal or institutional embarrassment.”

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'The Select Few' Are Cashing in: Shocking Corruption at the Washington Post

If you want to know what really matters in Washington, don't go to Capitol Hill for one of those hearings, or pay attention to those staged White House "town meetings." They're just for show. What really happens -- the serious business of Washington -- happens in the shadows, out of sight, off the record. Only occasionally -- and usually only because someone high up stumbles -- do we get a glimpse of just how pervasive the corruption has become.

Case in point: Katharine Weymouth, the publisher of The Washington Post -- one of the most powerful people in DC -- invited top officials from the White House, the Cabinet and Congress to her home for an intimate, off-the-record dinner to discuss health care reform with some of her reporters and editors covering the story.

But CEOs and lobbyists from the health care industry were invited, too, provided they forked over $25,000 a head -- or up to a quarter of a million if they want to sponsor a whole series of these cozy get-togethers. And what is the inducement offered? Nothing less, the invitation read, than "an exclusive opportunity to participate in the health-care reform debate among the select few who will get it done."

The invitation reminds the CEO's and lobbyists that they will be buying access to "those powerful few in business and policy making who are forwarding, legislating and reporting on the issues...

"Spirited? Yes. Confrontational? No." The invitation promises this private, intimate and off-the-record dinner is an extension "of The Washington Post brand of journalistic inquiry into the issues, a unique opportunity for stakeholders to hear and be heard."

Let that sink in. In this case, the "stakeholders" in health care reform do not include the rabble -- the folks across the country who actually need quality health care but can't afford it. If any of them showed up at the kitchen door on the night of this little soiree, the bouncer would drop kick them beyond the Beltway.

This is corporate America at work, the establishment way of doing things.

The bottom line is that the people always come second to corporate self interests and the mainstream media, which is also corporatised, cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what is going on.

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Private Rocket Successfully Puts Satellite In Orbit for the First Time

It may not be as exciting as the Apollo 11, but I do find exciting that SpaceX has put a commercial satellite in orbit for the first time, launching a Falcon I rocket from the Marshall Islands.

SpaceX launched a Malaysian satellite into orbit using the two-stage Falcon, a rocket developed and built from scratch by the company. The satellite, called RazakSAT, is designed to take high resolution pictures of Malaysia.

If all goes as planned, SpaceX will soon deliver material to the International Space Station in the future. [SpaceX]

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

President Obama & Prime Minister Brown; the Reason we are Fighting in Afghanistan, to stop Terrorism, is a LIE. Send the Troops Home Now !

Recently President Barack Obama & British Prime Minister Gordon Brown have increased troop numbers to fight the "real" war on terror against the Taliban in Afghanistan. At present Western troops are taking casualties whilst the inflicting losses on both the insurgents and innocent civilians who have invariably been caught up in the fighting.

However this War in Afghanistan is totally unnecessary. It is as much a sideshow war as the travesty we have witnessed in Iraq. The basic claim that we are fighting the Taliban to stop the terrorists is completely flawed. It is a bogus claim. At present Western forces are being sent over there to be killed for a lie.

In actual fact there are 4 fundamental reasons why the official rationale of fighting the Taliban supporters of Al Qaeda/Bin Laden does not make any sense:

1. The Taliban are not, and were not, uncompromising hardcore supporters of Osama Bin Laden. The Taliban actually offered to hand over Bin Laden before and after the attacks of September 11. Arrangements were made to have Bin Laden killed. However, these negotiations appeared to have been botched from the Western side of the equation in both instances.

2. Following on from the first point, there is a definite distinction between the fundamentalist rulers of Afghanistan and the Al Qaeda criminal organisation. The real target of Western security services should have been an international criminal organisation, not an entire country. The two groups are not synonymous with each other.

3. According to the FBI there is no evidence linking Bin Laden to the September 11 attacks -- which is part of the reason why the Taliban never handed over Bin Laden over in the first place. For all those individuals whose countries are fighting in Afghanistan for reasons relating to 911 you should note that Bin Laden's video tape confessions to 911 have been exposed as fakes. Furthermore the "confessions" of other suspects in the 911 murders are completely unreliable. Alleged 911 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is on record saying that he made up stories to stop the torture. Because such confessions were gained under torture they cannot be used in a US court- which is the reason why the FBI has not included the 911 crime on Bin Laden's entry at their "Most Wanted" webpage. Osama Bin Laden is wanted for the bombings of the two US embassies in Africa, but not for the attacks of September 11.

4. Bin Laden has been DEAD since at least early 2002 and there is no real Al Qaeda danger other than the fake threats conjured up by Western Intelligence services designed to prolong the military industrial complex's War on Terror. There are real fundamentalists but they do not operate outside their own countries. We in the West are actually fighting against the Taliban resistance levelled against the foreign occupiers and their proxy government in Kabul.

In summary, there is NO REASON for Western forces to be fighting in Afghanistan other than to support the puppet regime of Mohammed Karzai and to protect human rights in areas under coalition control. If we are going to stay over there, to protect human rights, then it's all or nothing. The question is whether such a humanitarian action is worth the lives of our soldiers.

Point of fact: we are NOT actually over there fighting verses an Al Qaeda menace which is what the intelligence chiefs will say. These people know better and are lying to the public.

Way back in late 2001 there wasn't any justifiable reason to invade the country and there is still little reason to be over there now. Admitting past errors would be a good start in making preparations to leave. Plans for a negotiated peace need to be enacted immediately. At present we are seeing the continuation of a cruel fiction, a War on Terror, that is needlessly killing more and more soldiers and civilians alike. The war in Afghanistan must end.

By Spookypunkos

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The Economy Is Even Worse Than You Think

The recent unemployment numbers have undermined confidence that we might be nearing the bottom of the recession. What we can see on the surface is disconcerting enough, but the inside numbers are just as bad.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics preliminary estimate for job losses for June is 467,000, which means 7.2 million people have lost their jobs since the start of the recession. The cumulative job losses over the last six months have been greater than for any other half year period since World War II, including the military demobilization after the war. The job losses are also now equal to the net job gains over the previous nine years, making this the only recession since the Great Depression to wipe out all job growth from the previous expansion.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

13 Doctors Demand Inquest into Dr David Kelly's Death

The death of Government scientist David Kelly returned to haunt Labour today as a group of doctors announced that they were mounting a legal challenge to overturn the finding of suicide.

Dr Kelly's body was found six years ago this week in woods close to his Oxfordshire home, shortly after he was exposed as the source of a BBC news report questioning the grounds for war in Iraq.

Unusually, no coroner's inquest was held into his death.

The only official verdict has come from the Hutton Inquiry, commissioned by Tony Blair, which concluded that Dr Kelly, 59, died from loss of blood after cutting his wrist with a blunt gardening knife.

Critics regarded the report as a 'whitewash', and Mr Blair remains acutely sensitive to the accusation that he has 'blood on his hands' over the scientist's death.

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The key point to remember is that the high risk failures of the big banks were covered by taxpayer the last time around, and Geithner's non-answer seems to indicate that the risk taking is continuing and that the US people are going to foot the bill again !

It is correct to say that the situation we face is one where corporate losses are socialised and the profits privatised. Such skulduggery must end. An audit of the Fed (HR.1207) will reveal much about what has been going on.

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Monday, 13 July 2009

Dr. Robert M. Bowman on Alex Jones TV: America Is Artificially Divided

Bowman points out that the corporate establishment doesn't give two hoots about who wins the Presidential elections since both candidates are in the pockets of the powerful. The issues that people vote for are of little concern to the corporations whose interests are maintained from Administration to Administration.

According to Dr Bowman, it is essential to break this "one party" system by exposing the crime of 911 for what it was- an inside job. Any serious investigations into September 11 will lead directly to the behind-the-scenes power structure. Bowman stresses the importance of 911 truth in bringing about real change. Check it out.

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Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen on Russian TV: NSA Operation to Suppress Leaks and Information that Exposes US Government Corruption

The billion dollar budgets of the US spy agencies are not spent on nothing. A large part of intelligence monies goes to PR and media manipulation.

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New Study Proves Thimerosal Induces Autism-like Neurotoxicity

Excerpt of abstract of new scientific study proving that the mercurial compound used as vaccine preservative called ‘thimerosal’ induces neural damage similar to that seen in autism patients:

Thimerosal-induced cellular damage as evidenced by concentration- and time-dependent mitochondrial damage, reduced oxidative-reduction activity, cellular degeneration, and cell death in the in vitro human neuronal and fetal model systems studied. Thimerosal at low nanomolar (nM) concentrations induced significant cellular toxicity in human neuronal and fetal cells. Thimerosal-induced cytoxicity is similar to that observed in AD pathophysiologic studies. Thimerosal was found to be significantly more toxic than the other metal compounds examined.

One would think that using a mercury based compound is a rather stupid thing to do. We know mercury is bad for the body, so why put the stuff in vaccines when an alcohol based compound can be used ?

I recommend reading the comment section at the link for additional information on this issue.

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Professor Harrit on Russian TV: Nano-Thermite Involved in the Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Centre Towers.

The 3 World Trade Centre buildings that "collapsed" on September 11 were all brought down using explosives. A REAL criminal investigation is required. 911 was an inside job.

Right at the end Professor Harrit mentions that Osama Bin Laden is not wanted by the FBI for the attacks of 911. This is true. The FBI has stated on the record that they do not have enough evidence linking Bin Laden to the crime.

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NSA Security Running Amok to Plug Leaks About 9/11

WMR has learned that the National Security “Q” Group, responsible for security, has grown to an immense security and counter-intelligence force, with an estimated one thousand government employees, contractors, and paid informants. NSA’s Security force is reportedly primarily tasked with plugging any leaks of classified or other information that points to U.S. government’s involvement with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

NSA Security has doggedly pursued a number of NSA employees, some in “sting” operations, others in frequent polygraphs and repeated security interviews where threats are made by thuggish NSA security agents with and without the presence of FBI agents, and others in constant surveillance operations at their homes, churches, and other locations away from the Fort Meade, Maryland, headquarters of the agency.

The people at the NSA who are plugging leaks about Government involvement in the 911 attacks are in violation of the US Constitution. It should be the duty of every US citizen to expose the crime and see that justice is done. The country is depending on you !

(thanks to s. for the link !)

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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Freedom Watch 22 - Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Peter Schiff on Ending the Fed, Free Speech, Corruption

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Letter Sparks Investigation of Baxter Vaccine by New Zealand Minister of Health

The New Zealand Minister of Health, Hon Tony Ryall, has asked the Ministry of Health officials to urgently advise him on issues raised about a "swine flu" vaccine produced by Baxter International Inc. This follows his receipt of a letter raising concerns about whether vaccines produced by Baxter for "swine flu" can be trusted.

In an open letter to all members of the New Zealand House of Parliament, Penny Bright, Media Spokesperson for Water Pressure Group, a judicially recognized Public Watchdog for Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters, raises a series of questions and concerns about the safety of the vaccine. She demands to know whether Baxter products are currently being used in New Zealand for the "swine flu", "bird flu" or any other type of flu.

Bright highlights the fact that Baxter is currently facing criminal charges for producing contaminated "bird flu" vaccine that date back to February of this year when it became known that the company had sent out 72 kilos of live "bird flu" virus supplied by the World Health Organization in the winter of 2009 to 16 laboratories in four countries. These charges were filed by journalist Jane Burgermeister of Austria and were exclusively reported by Natural News.

There are real concerns about the vaccines and the companies that are producing them (not to mention the origin of the influenza itself). Something is seriously not right here such that any conservative, non-alternative media educated politician or criminal investigator should be worried.

Investigations and auditing is warranted. It cannot hurt considering the serious implications of "flawed" vaccinations being dealt out to huge sections of the world population.

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Friday, 10 July 2009

Scientists Support NYC CAN Initiative

Dear 9/11 Truth Movement Supporters,

As authors of the recent mainstream scientific articles relating to events at the World Trade Center, we urge you to support a tremendous opportunity for getting the truth out about 9/11.

On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) filed a petition containing 52,000 signatures calling for a referendum on the creation of a New York City independent commission to begin an investigation with subpoena power. Unlike the first 9/11 Commission, this one will consider all of the evidence, including evidence for the use of explosives in bringing down the buildings.

This is what many of us have been working toward for years. With a new commission, our scientific evidence can be used to achieve real results.

NYC CAN now needs only 20,000 more signatures to override City Council if the referendum is vetoed. If NYC CAN gets the signatures the referendum will go on the ballot, and surely New York City will vote in favor of a new investigation. Please donate now so that this new investigation can happen:

If everyone reading this donates at least $10, or the full amount they are able, we will raise enough to not only collect the signatures, but also to launch a summer PR blitz that will ensure all of New York City will be watching if Mayor Bloomberg and City Council try to kill the effort.

There are some true heroes on the NYC CAN Executive Council, and together with them, we have never been this close to giving 9/11 Truth a real chance. This is your opportunity to alter the course of history.

Please donate now:


James Gourley, Niels Harrit, Steven Jones, Brad Larsen, Frank Legge, Gregg Roberts, Kevin Ryan

Sign the petition and donate what you can ! Open the can of worms and witness what unfolds.

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True Unemployment Rate Already at 20%

Really, how hard is it to find a job? Was June's horrid numbers, in which 467,000 people lost their jobs compared to 345,000 in May, a one-time fluke? Or does it mean that all those Wall Street economists who believe the economic recovery is starting are dead wrong?

Not to scare you, but the situation is actually worse than it seems. Over the years, the government has changed the way it counts the unemployed. An example of this is the criticized Birth-Death Model which was added in 2000. The model is designed to account for the birth and death of businesses and the resultant lag in survey data. Unfortunately, the model doesn't work that well during economic contractions (like we have now) and consistently overstates the number of jobs being created each month.

John Williams of
Shadow Government Statistics specializes in removing these questionable tweaks to the government's statistical data to better align current numbers with the methodology used to gather historical data. After reviewing the data, Williams believes that "the June jobs loss likely exceeded 700,000." David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff notes that the fall in the number of hours worked in June (to a record low of 33 per week) is equivalent to a loss of more than 800,000 jobs.

It's a Depression ladies and gentlemen. Prepare for the worst.

Expect the US economy and stockmarket to sink. Hard assets are key, and so too are jobs providing essential services like food, water, electricity etc.

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Unemployment, Not the Stock Market, Distinguishes a Recession From a Depression

The current plunge is structural, not cyclical. Most of the jobs lost will never come back. The real estate bubble severely distorted the economic structure. Now the world economy has a lot of rebalancing to do. And this process will last much, much longer than the “green shoots” crowd deems possible.

My suggestion for you today is to watch the stock market for hints of the beginning of the next stage of this crisis. Watch unemployment and world trade as reliable indicators of the severity of the slump.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ex-US Intelligence General: 911 was a Fraud !

Among other things the General here talks about the lack of wing marks on the Pentagon walls. Surely, if a large airliner struck the Pentagon then there must have been marks on the walls similar to what was seen on the World Trade Centre towers (ie wings/engines/vertical stabiliser) ?

Although I favour the hard evidence we have from the World Trade Centre buildings, that shows explosives were used to destroy these structures, this observation should also be considered seriously.

Of course any debate as to whether a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon could be cleared up immediately if the FBI would release some of the film they admit to having that must show the Pentagon being struck.

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Current Recession Is a Severe Credit Bust of Depression-Era Magnitude

There's a big difference between inventory-driven recessions and credit-driven recessions. An inventory recession is caused by a mismatch between supply and demand. It's the result of overcapacity and under-utilization which can only work itself out over time as inventories are pared back and demand builds. Credit-driven recessions are a different story altogether. They typically last twice as long as and can precipitate financial crises. The current recession is a severe credit bust of Depression-era magnitude.

The financial system has effectively melted down. The wholesale credit system (securitization) is frozen, the banking system is dysfunctional and insolvent, and consumer spending has tanked. The Fed's multi-trillion dollar lending facilities and monetary stimulus have kept the financial system from grinding to a halt, but the underlying problems still persist. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has chosen to avoid the hard decisions and keep the price of toxic assets artificially high with the help of a $12.8 trillion liquidity backstop. That's why stocks have rallied for the last 4 months while conditions in the real economy have steadily deteriorated. Bernanke is using all the tools at his disposal to keep the market from clearing and prevent the mountain of debt that has built up over decades from being purged from the system. Unfortunately, as Ludwig von Mises said, "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought on by credit expansion."

At a fundamental level the indicators show a huge failure in the US economy which is why they are headed into Depression rather than Recession. Globally there are no good upside economic indicators except for the continued growth, at a diminished rate, in developing countries with surplus budgets.

Every country is going to suffer as the USA and parts of Europe dramatically unwind.

One point; Whitney talks about housing depreciation. However, as the general US economy fails we might see a run on the US dollar causing inflation. Combined with a stagnant economy we get Stagflation. Stay tuned to see what happens ...

If you live in the US, be prepared for big trouble !

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Investigators Easily Smuggled Bomb Material Into Government Buildings

A new report by the Government Accountability Office inadvertently discredits a claim often made by 9/11 truth debunkers – that bombs could not have been smuggled into the twin towers or Building 7 without being noticed by security.

“In the past year, investigators successfully smuggled bomb-making materials into ten high-security federal buildings, constructed bombs and walked around the buildings undetected,” reports the Washington Post.

The GAO said that Federal Protective Service security at the offices of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the State Department amongst others was easily penetrated by investigators carrying liquid explosives and low-yield detonators.

“In one instance, the GAO obtained a building security tape showing an investigator walking through a security checkpoint with bomb making materials,” according to the Post.

“We knew that the FPS was a troubled agency, but that GAO could penetrate security at these buildings and make bombs without detection is truly shocking,” said Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman.

Several factors would have made it easier for conspirators to smuggle bombs inside the twin towers before 9/11 ...

The conspirators didn't need to do much smuggling as it appears the security was compromised in the months leading up to the controlled demolitions when numerous "upgrades" and repairs were carried out on the buildings. See further details in the story at the link.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

UK Weapons Inspector Who was Found Dead was Writing Expose: Paper

British weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly was writing an expose about his work with anthrax and his warnings that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction at the time of his death in July 2003, according to a report published in a British newspaper.

Kelly’s death — said to have been a suicide — has stirred controversy, as it came on the heels of testimony to the House of Commons about a memo which purported that Britain had “sexed up” a dossier on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. A Parliamentary inquiry ruled that the death had been suicide, though it also included testimony from a former British ambassador who quotes Kelly as having said, “I will probably be found dead in the woods” if Iraq were invaded.

The new report says Kelly had spoken with an Oxford publisher several times about a book.

“He had several discussions with a publisher in Oxford and was seeking advice on how far he could go without breaking the law on secrets,” the UK Daily Express alleged.

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Israel Seized Cynthia McKinney, Government and Media did Nothing

McKinney has since been released, yet this story never made headlines in the mainstream press when it was most certainly newsworthy. The US mainstream media has an obvious bias when it comes criticism of a certain country in the Middle East.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

RECAP: 7/7 Mind the Gap

Documentary detailing the gaps in the official story of the 7/7 London Bombings that demand further attention. This film, presented by ex-Mi5 whistleblower David Shayler, argues the need for an Independant Public Inquiry into 7/7 and the surrounding events.

Part 1

This excellent documentary deals with the London 7/7 bombings and opens with a rundown of the lies that started the Iraq war, a brief review of the 911 false flag terror attacks and the involvement of Western intelligence services in past incidents.

Most people don't realise there are HUGE problems with the official story about the 7/7 bombings. For anyone who has bothered to look at the evidence, it becomes clear that official narrative is highly suspect and completely false with regard to certain critical aspects of the story. This documentary is highly recommended viewing.

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Western Media Persists in Propaganda About Iraq’s Purported WMD

The mainstream media is reporting that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein told his FBI interrogators after his capture that he lied about having weapons of mass destruction (WMD) because he feared Iran. But there’s just one problem with this claim: Saddam Hussein never claimed to have WMD, but, as everybody knows, repeatedly denied that this was so.

This propaganda line had its origins early on following the U.S. invasion of Iraq. David Kay, who early on headed up the CIA’s effort to find WMD, the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), suggested at the time that Saddam had “bluffed” about having WMD in order to deter Iran.

The deception served to absolve the Bush administration of responsibility for having lied about the “threat” by making it seem as though it was reasonable to arrive at that conclusion since Saddam had claimed to possess WMD, even though he did not.

In actual fact, however, far from admitting possession, Iraq repeatedly denied having WMD in the months and years leading up to the invasion.

The corporate bosses running the mainstream media made sure that the news networks did their "patriotic duty" and followed the White House lead on Iraq. Now, because of the willingness of the corporate media to spew lies, we have hundreds of thousands of people dead in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Independent News from places like Knight Ridder and the online blogs had pointed out the problems with the official claims about the WMDs yet, somehow, all those mainstream media journalists failed to pick up on the story.

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