Thursday, 16 April 2009

Obama DOJ Ignoring Evidence of Thermite from WTC

Nano-thermite could not be accidentally present in dust samples collected at four different sites, nor could it be the result of clean-up operations at ground zero, as one of the samples was retrieved a mere ten minutes or so after the collapse of the second tower. All samples show the same consistency.
So what does it mean? It means that there is proof (which so far no one has attempted to refute) that the WTC buildings (and more than three thousand lives, counting the ongoing deaths of first responders and ordinary NYC citizens caused by the dust) were brought down by controlled demolition in a planned and purposeful manner by elements of the Bush Administration, most likely as a ‘catalyzing event’ , the new Pearl Harbor’ fondly mentioned by neo-con PNAC (Plan for the New American Century) and designed to galvanize American citizens in support of attacking other nations and restricting human rights at home. ‘Full Specter Domination’.

This was the excuse or invading Afghanistan and Iraq (there were plans for Syria and Iran as well, and perhaps others), for justifying domestic spying, disappearances, torture, and murder. Murder based on lies and deception, and the killing of American citizens.

Knowing, as he must by now, that 9/11 was conceived and executed not from some dark cave in Afghanistan, but much more likely from some deep bunker in dank Cheneystan, will President Obama still insist on ‘looking ahead’? Just how deep is America’s reserve of dismissal and denial?

It is time to start hauling in suspects for some serious questioning. If Obama's DOJ does not act then it is up to everyone of us who is informed to let the public know about this information. The 911 crime cannot be allowed to stand as it is with the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Extreme pressure must be applied so that we will see an open criminal investigation.

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steven andresen said...


I have a friend whose theory contradicts the claim made here that the Bush administration did the deed.

The claim made in this article assumes wrongly that the Bush administration is monolithic in its actions and commitments.

My friend proposes the idea that there is a secret war underneath the surface. I heard about this idea not just from him but also from others even back in the 80's and 90's.

On this view, the secret war is between the mafias (not Italian, but the Chomskian sense). The problem in making this war public is that in many ways the commitments of these mafias are not to the interests of the American population, or its businesses, or other institutions.

For my friend, one should understand the 9-11 event as part of this war. So, Bush may not have been directly responsible for the 9-11 business, or the NORAD AWOL, but be unable to reveal publicly anything about the real culprits because he and his mafia are themselves complicit in the same kind of secret dealings for -un-American concerns.

I think this hypothesis provides an alternative way of explaining some of the things that have been going on in addition to 9-11, like Iraq, and maybe the Obama commitment to leaving Bush people in his administration.

SpookyPunkos said...

Yes, I think that's a useful way of viewing things.

I like to think there is an elitist "establishment" running the country and that there are varying interests involved here with intersecting goals.

With 911, although a relatively small group appears to have been involved, other corrupt "insiders", being part of the larger onrunning dirty game of shadow power politics, are lothe to bring up the subject because of the unwanted attention that will follow.

Questions could be raised out the role played by the intelligence services, various corporations, the national media, "independent" think tanks, agents of foreign governments or special interests etc. and the relationship these groups have in undermining the interests of the average US citizen.

The "mafia" shadow government, in all its complexity will be revealed as pulling the strings behind the fake two party system and the sham will be exposed.

The main thing for all concerned players here is to keep this situation hidden. They lose their power once people understand how things are really operating.

The trick is to educate and inform people about the nature of what is happening and the necessity of acting against the present situation.

There are, after all, many more ordinary people than there are elites. We outnumber them by a lot, so if organised things should change substantially.

Furthermore, we can use the existing legal system, in an open way, through public hearings, to ensure that manipulation of proceedings is limited. When folks are aware of the likely efforts to shape these investigations all manner of strategies will be used to prevent perversions of justice. (Transparency, accountability etc)

Yes, I still think that it is worth going after Obama and Bush in order to open the can of worms that is this elite mafia system.

When people understand that 911 was an inside job they won't be able to avoid looking into all the other "side issues" here.

steven andresen said...


I am noticing that most people are not all that interested in the way the world works. There are too many distractions from putting together a reasonable explanation. They have to go to work. They gotta fix dinner. There's the kids slammin' the door. There's nothing on the television. Or, maybe there's too much.

The problem with the 'news' papers or the other media is that they deal with events as though everything was independent and understood in isolation from everything else. If there's an event, according to the papers, there's no reason to think that there's something going on underneath these events.

Maybe for you, and for me, this is like watching all the murders on the street and realizing there's a gang war going on but noticing that no one else realizes it. They all think that the murders are unrelated random killings.

This is how people think about the 9-11 murders, the wars, the financial meltdown. They are all random events unrelated to each other and definitely not a series of related gang killings being the result of a gang war.

Maybe the papers aren't wanting to get into the gang war because they are owned in whole or in part by the gangs. General Electric is like that.

The idea that there could be a gang war that explains these events might be dismissed as being just another 'conspiracy theory.' That is, anything that makes connections is making too much organization to just random events.

Does this sound about right?

SpookyPunkos said...

Yes, I think that sounds just about right.

The question for ourselves is do we fight so that this situation can change or do we do nothing at all ?

As you pointed out, not everyone in the world is equipped or able to fight the information war. Some of us can though.

I pesonally feel I have to do something because, unlike many, I do have an appreciation of the dangers we are all facing.

I accept that I have a moral obligation to myself and others to act.

This blog is a small effort in the war. I also email newspapers, and television from time to time and encourage others to learn the truth about what is going on.

Even if it takes educating the population one person at a time then so be it.

I recommend using your lateral thinking skill and whenever there is an opportunity to email or write about the 911 issue then take it. Email non-media groups or individuals. I suggest for anyone doing so to point to the physical evidence which I believe can be used as a wedge to open up the whole debate.

I have been thinking about 911 "calling cards" (cheap business cards) that have a website address that can be left all over the place to be discovered on trains, in libraries, at food halls, etc.

Do what you can ! People need to know what is really going on !