Monday, 13 April 2009

9/11 Truth on Danish TV


This interview is with the first author of the recent paper dealing with the unreacted thermite found in the World Trade Centre Dust- Professor Harrit.

The forensic evidence to which he refers further proves that explosives were used to bring down all three skyscrapers on 911. This paper adds to the physical evidence we already have of the superheated steel, the heat corroded condition of various steel beams, the physical characteristics of the collapses themselves and the iron-rich thermite byproducts that have been identified so far.

In response to a question raised in the clip as to how 10-100 tons of explosive could have been moved into the building:

1. We know the building security had been compromised using a company associated with the Bush family.

2. We know there were "upgrades" or "repairs" to fireproofing and the elevators in the months before the attacks giving ample opportunity to thoroughly rig the buildings.

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