Saturday, 21 March 2009

Top Down Demolition & The Twin Towers


If the building exterior was covered all you would see would be dust clouds bursting forth. The implication is that you can demolish a building any way you want. Just because the Twin Towers "collapsed" from the top does NOT negate the possibility that it was deliberately demolished.

Furthermore, the towers did not simply collapse, they were progressively obliterated starting from very early in the collapse. When smashed to the ground, even from a great height, concrete cracks, it does not explode. Those that think that the weight of the "upper block" was sufficient to do this are kidding themselves. We are simply not seeing "dust" clouds, but pulverised concrete and lateral ejections of heavy sections of debris. And, if the collapse were driven by gravitational force alone there would be no cause for large beams to be propelled in the manner we have seen. Everything should be going straight down or tipping over upon encountering resistance, not propelled rapidly sideways as seen in clips.

In addition to these features, subsequent forensic evidence revealed that explosives were indeed used to bring the World Trade Centre buildings down. 911 was clearly an Inside Job.

(Oh, and if any Debunkers want to try on the "weak powered concrete" argument then they will have to ditch their ideas that the building "unzipped" itself during the collapse, and that floors began to fall before the collapse front hit (a position needed to account for the rapid collapse rates). The problem for the Debunkers is that even if the floor concrete was weak, the steel structures are still offering resistance, and each impact would have necessarily slowed the collapse rate to a point far outside what was observed. Explosives can, and did, remove this resistance.)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 21st, 2009.]

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