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Professor David Ray Griffin - European Tour and Lectures - April & May, 2009

Professor David Ray Griffin, renowned author of a series of eye-opening books that recount his painstaking research into the attacks of September 11, 2001, begins his new European tour in London on 14th April. Stressing the fact that the time has come for a second look at the events of that fateful day, the tour will include stops in Paris, Brussels and Madrid, and several other cities.

Professor Griffin’s talks will afford the public an excellent opportunity to learn more about the fundamental questions surrounding 9/11. The 9/11 Truth Movement, which started out as a disparate, grass-roots undertaking, has blossomed into a serious community that now includes many specialized branches, such as Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Veterans for 9/11 Truth, and Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice (a group which includes a significant number of prominent scientists). Many former intelligence officers also support the movement and have contributed to the ever-growing list of evidence that proves far beyond a reasonable doubt that the explanations provided by the Bush-Cheney administration are quite simply false.

As Professor Griffin states, “The mainstream media are reluctant to discuss the subject and politicians are loath to delve into disturbing facts that ultimately indicate that America has gone to war on false pretences.” Griffin says abundant evidence now exists that proves the Bush-Cheney administration broke the law and told lies that have led to the deaths of millions as a result of the so-called “war on terror” they concocted following 9/11.


I highly recommend reading any of David Ray Griffin's books as they help one to clearly and logically think about the 911 evidence. Very essential reading for everyone.

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Monday, 30 March 2009

DON'T BE SUCKERED BY DISINFORMATION: 9 Core Problems with the Arguments and Behaviours of the 911 Truth "Debunkers"

It is obvious from the science based forensic evidence that the attacks of 911 were an Inside Job. However, many intelligent people continue to be fooled by the relatively sophisticated DISINFORMATION put out by the 911 Debunkers.

In this essay I will identify Debunker tricks and strategy so that readers will become aware of their tactics so as to avoid being easily misled. For the purpose of this article I will label as "SUCKERS" those people who have unknowingly joined the Debunker bandwagon without fully understanding the situation (no disrespect intended here).

Note there is a distinction here. The Debunkers are deliberately lying and distorting evidence whereas the SUCKERS, who are not necessarily bad intentioned, have "innocently" accepted the the false claims:


In a criminal investigation, when some minor leads are proven to be dead ends, the whole case is not dismissed, especially when the preponderance of evidence is pointing in the other direction.

It is true the 911 truth movement has claimed varying pieces of evidence were solid that were later disproven or reconciled with the official narrative. However, it DOES NOT LOGICALLY FOLLOW that the entire mountain of evidence should be automatically discounted in response. This is not a rational approach.

Nevertheless, SUCKERS often take this irrational view, promoted by the Debunkers, and dismiss the entire 911 truth case after being exposed to a few minor, or misrepresented (straw man), errors in the truth argument. The key point to remember here is that there remains a core of physical evidence completely refuting the official story, and that there are many more bits of supporting evidence indicating 911 was an inside job.


SUCKERS almost always overlook the fact that Debunker arguments rely on false analogies or misrepresentations of evidence to make their case. Often we see Debunkers providing a "straw man" explanation that does not reasonably address the real evidence in question. Such tactics are a prime tool used to provide a false "answer" to the unsuspecting.

For instance, the photographic evidence of Molten Steel at the World Trade Centre site, that strongly implies incendiary explosives were used to bring down the buildings, is claimed to be molten aluminium, or even lead, in highly dubious "refutations." The Debunkers are counting on the fact that most people will accept their claims, often made by "authority" figures, without doing any fact checking with regard to the lack of scientific reality behind their spurious claims.

What is worse is that many SUCKERS, even if they do pick up on the significance of these deceptions, do not attempt to reconsider the whole Debunker position (ie engage in some proper fact checking). Often SUCKERS are psychologically beholden to the "big lie." The truth of the matter is that although the Debunker arguments may seem reasonable at first glance they are almost always deceptive, describing conditions that do not fit what was observed.


The Debunkers make many outright false claims that they put forward as absolute truths. They often state, and the SUCKERS believe it, that EVERY(!) truth claim is unsupported by science. They often quip that very specific scientific evidence, proving the inside job, is not really evidence at all, and that the data being presented could be "anything." This is a con usually tried against less informed people who have trouble articulating the science.

Another very common rhetorical tactic used by the Debunkers is to imply that the physics defying nature of the WTC collapses, the molten steel, the pulverised concrete, and the questionable reactions of the authorities were all EXPECTED phenomena and behaviour- thus attempting to whitewash these serious matters.

The Debunkers also claim that all the conspiracy adherents are either poor scientists or inept professionals, not qualified to make any judgements, whereas their experts are. The final Debunker falsehood I will point out here is the view that more and more people are giving up on the 911 truth movement whereas the exact opposite is true.
Readers should note that all these claims are simply rhetorical statements designed to demoralise. It's a psychological tactic designed to make people give up the fight.


SUCKERS are often unaware that many Debunker arguments run in opposition to the scientific method. Commonly Debunkers will play upon irrational rhetorical statements to lull the subject into a false mindset with regard to a logical consideration of specific scientific material. For instance, they will claim that it MUST have been impossible to rig the World Trade Centre Buildings with explosives and maintain a cover up, ergo all evidence indicating this occurrence must be wrong. Debunkers and SUCKERS alike will then try to conjure up any explanation, no matter how implausible, in order to "deal" with the offensive material. This is backwards methodology - fitting the facts to suit a pre-determined hypothesis. Such attempts to twist and downplay significant real evidence in order to fit a predetermined conclusion, rather than objectively examining the facts and THEN drawing conclusions from the data, is pseudo science at work.


The Debunker protagonists will repeatedly use the words - idiot, charlatan, fraud, incompetent, nutcase, wacko, wingnut, moonbat etc. to browbeat opponents. These comments are commonly used in circumstances where the first point in my list here is true [1.instances where the 911 truth movement has claimed a particular piece of evidence was solid whereupon later review showed it to be disproven or reconciled with the official narrative.]

The SUCKERS, to which this essay is addressed in part, get swept up by the Debunker intimidation and forget to be objective about the evidence as a whole, particularly material that cannot be refuted by the Debunkers. The ridicule here is intended to attract fellow cynics, rather than the analytically minded, and to demoralise opponents in order to undermine their confidence. One should note that even when you are right, continued use of ridicule can be psychologically damaging.


SUCKERS have trouble understanding that there is a huge element of skulduggery in the 911 issue and that individuals can be pressured to change their original stories and that experts can LIE. In cases of changing witness testimony the original response must be fairly considered juxtaposed to the basic scientific evidence and in depth research. SUCKERS forget that individuals running an operation like the 911 attacks must be ruthless and willing to kill any witness that causes too much trouble. Already there have been a number of suspicious deaths of some of the best witnesses to explosions in the Towers and World Trade Centre 7. People can be pressured to change their stories.

Considering the Debunkers themselves, and their propensity to lie, it is essential to recognise that most of these people have ties to, or work for, the very people that we should be considering as suspects. When many members of the official NIST investigatory team into the building collapses are explosive experts, or are linked to individuals involved in research on precisely the type of incendiary explosive that was identified as being used to bring down the towers, then you have a huge "political" problem.


SUCKERS who are caught up in the Debunker deception will tend to overlook the fact that the Debunkers often get their own facts "wrong", lie, put up false analogies, grossly distort evidence etc. The SUCKERS often refuse to acknowledge the truth here, do little or no follow up fact checking, and fall back on the Debunker rhetoric [point 3] that every conspiracy claim is wrong. It's classic head-in-the-sand type stuff. However, the Debunkers themselves only rarely acknowledge their mistakes often claiming that the truth advocates are the ones pushing most of the lies or "errors." Most revealingly the Debunkers will commonly try on the same old false arguments in different settings, rather than packing away such lies once proven to be false. This is a sure sign of duplicitous behaviour. I feel sorry for the SUCKERS who believe the Debunkers. For SUCKERS it is difficult for them to admit error when so caught up in so much disinformation, especially when laced with so much ridicule. If you are a cynical or arrogant SUCKER then coming to realise the truth can be a long road indeed.


Most, if not all, of the top online Debunkers are either paid shills for the government or severely deluded. There are also SUCKERS who believe in the Debunker position who appear in online forums and comment sections to heap ridicule and parrot arguments. Appearing in forums and comment sections these people can give the impression of support for the official story, especially when Debunkers appear claiming to have expertise in whatever topic is being discussed. However, these people when confronted with knowledgeable 911 truth individuals are always shot down in flames.

The fact that there might be numerous Debunkers and SUCKERS does not mean they are any more right than before. The same situation with regards to nitpicking evidence, addressing false analogies and gross misrepresentation in general applies here. At the heart of the matter is the fact that upon inspection the Debunker case falls apart. The perceived support here is just another aspect of the cover up. The organised "professional" Debunkers are here for a reason - to quell support for criminal trials. [And note that Debunkers with proven ties to the crime, who are found to be deliberately lying about evidence are themselves facing charges of Treason.]


The Debunkers claim that the truth people are crackpots with bizarre motives, that truthers are out for fame and fortune. In actuality nothing could be further from reality. Most of the key truth people have acted out of great personal risk and want only for the public to become informed so that justice can be served. The hardcore Debunkers on the other hand contain many individuals who are connected to the official investigation (cover up). Conversely it is the Debunkers whose motives should be questioned.


Coming to grips with the Debunker misinformation is as much about understanding PSYCHOLOGY as it is an effort in doing thorough research and engaging in logical thinking. The Debunkers' aim is to downplay the evidence, to whitewash the issues and deceive the reader to SUCKER them into erroneous thought patterns. Thankfully this will only work on intelligent people who have not done enough research ie. those taking at face value the Debunkers claims. The best informed truth advocates will always destroy the Debunkers in any debate addressing the key evidence.

Unfortunately many intelligent people can be hoodwinked because they are often overconfident in terms of trusting their established knowledge base. When confronted by something outside their realm of understanding, especially when it involves complex trickery or a new paradigm, the person will often go into denial or be unable to see outside the box. Laziness and arrogance will lead individuals avoid fact checking causing many to draw false conclusions from half baked Debunker arguments.

Thankfully, despite the Debunker efforts, at the heart of the matter is core scientific evidence, concerning the WTC collapses which reveals Molten Steel and Thermate phenomena that can only be reasonably explained via the use of exotic explosives. The proof is right there and in the end the Debunker claims will never wash. Don't be a SUCKER and let the real criminals get away with murder. Awareness of deceptive practices and a bit of research will go a long way in winning the information war and seeing that Justice is done.

By Spookypunkos

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Molten Steel in the Rubble of the World Trade Centre Collapse = Inside Job

The picture here shows superheated Molten Steel being pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Centre buildings weeks after the collapses.

We know this is steel because other materials such as copper or aluminium exhibiting a yellow or near white colour would be completely liquid. The melting point of copper is 1080 degrees Celsius whilst the melting point of aluminum is only 660 degrees Celsius. The metal in the picture is still plastic even though some of it is well above 1000 degrees Celsius.

You are looking at building steel that has been heated to an extraordinary temperature in a rubble pile that had neither the fuel or air requirements to do so. For instance in a forge, that heats iron to a red hot appearance, we require a sea of hot coals wherein the iron is submerged. Air is pumped in into this mass to increase the temperature. The problem here is that the rubble pile was not a sea of coals and according to official reports, it presented conditions that were described as "oxygen poor"[US DELTA Study Group].

The ONLY other way of heating steel to such a high temperature here would necessarily require the use of large quantities of explosive incendiary materials. The building fires could never cause such melting and neither could later conventional fires in the rubble pile.

The reports of superheated metals seen throughout the rubble must be taken seriously and the implications recognised. Just from this evidence alone it would appear that large sections of the World Trade Centre Buildings were subjected to the actions of incendiary devices.

Most damningly, analysis of the slag from the steel and also from previously molten iron spheres (which were found all throughout the dust) has revealed the signature of the incendiary Thermate.

This smoking gun scientific evidence shows that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were subjected to large quantities of thermite-type incendiaries confirming that the collapses were not natural fire induced events. 911 was an Inside Job.

By Spookypunkos

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Sunday, 29 March 2009

President Obama, the Reason we are Fighting in Afghanistan, to stop Terrorism is a LIE. Send the Troops Home Now !

Recently President Barack Obama has moved to increase troop numbers to fight the "real" war on terror against the Taliban in Afghanistan. A total of more than 21,000 additional soldiers are intended to be deployed. Mr Obama has also put the word on his European allies to send additional forces to fight against the insurgency. So far, the UK has agreed to send an additional 1,700.

Although many commentators have seen the war in Iraq as an unnecessary sideshow, the war in Afghanistan is equally unnecessary. The claim that we are over there fighting the Taliban to stop the terrorists is misleading. At present Western forces are being sent over there to be killed for highly dubious reasons. We are needlessly wasting the lives of our troops.

There are 4 fundamental reasons why the official rationale of fighting the Taliban supporters of Al Qaeda/Bin Laden does not fly.

1. The Taliban were not, and are not, uncompromising hardcore supporters of Osama Bin Laden. In fact, the Taliban actually offered to hand over Bin Laden before and after the attacks of September 11. Arrangements were made to have Bin Laden killed. However, these negotiations appeared to have been botched from the Western side of the equation.

2. Following on from the first point, there is also a distinction between the fundamentalist rulers of Afghanistan and the Al Qaeda criminal organisation. The real target should have been an international criminal organisation, not an entire country. The two groups are not synonymous with each other.

3. There is no evidence linking Bin Laden to the September 11 attacks -- which is part of the reason why the Taliban never handed over Bin Laden after 911. For all those individuals whose countries are fighting in Afghanistan for reasons relating to 911 you should note that the post attack video tape confessions of the Al Qaeda leader have all been exposed as fakes. Furthermore the "confessions" of other suspects in the 911 attacks have been shown to be unreliable and cannot be used in court because they were gained under torture. Because of these facts the FBI has not included the 911 crime on Bin Laden's entry at their "Most Wanted" webpage. Osama Bin Laden is wanted for the bombings of the two US embassies in Africa, not for the 911 attacks.

4. Bin Laden has been dead since at least early 2002 and there is no real Al Qaeda danger other than the fake threats conjured up by Western Intelligence services designed to prolong the military industrial complex's War on Terror. We in the West are fighting against Taliban resistance levelled against foreign occupiers and the puppet government in Kabul.

There is NO REASON for Western forces to be fighting in Afghanistan other than to prop up a puppet regime and protect human rights in areas under coalition control. If we are going to stay over there to protect human rights then it's all or nothing. The question is whether such an action is worth the lives of our soldiers.

Point of fact: we are NOT actually over there fighting verses an Al Qaeda menace which is what the intelligence chiefs will say. These people know better and are lying to the public.

Way back in late 2001 there wasn't any justifiable reason to invade the country and there is still little reason to be over there now. Admitting past errors would be a good start in making preparations to leave. Plans for a negotiated peace need to be enacted immediately. At present we are seeing the continuation of a cruel fiction, the War on Terror, that is needlessly killing more and more soldiers and civilians alike. The war in Afghanistan must end.

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YouTube Star Summoned to White House [Watch the Video]

Bob Basso, who posts videos under the name funbobbasso on YouTube, has created videos in which he portrays Thomas Paine, author of the "Common Sense" pamphlet that made the case for independence during the American Revolution.

Basso, whose website offers his services as a motivational speaker, uses the YouTube presentations to condemn "non-representing representatives" and warns, "Only when they feel the almighty wrath of 'We The People' marching in the streets from California to New York shouting 'We're mad as hell and we want our country back' will they get the message they work for you."

He was scheduled this week to appear on the "Jerry Doyle Show" when he told the radio host that Obama had personally invited him to meet in the White House "to discuss the disturbing nature of the videos."


This guy rocks !
Go out and demand better accountability from your representatives !!!
You deserve better !

... Apart from his call for enforced National service, which happens to be unconstitutional, the man here is talking sense. Listen to him and act.
Send in those tea bags and start forcing real change.

I recommend spreading this video everywhere. US citizens must not accept the injustices and corruption imposed upon them from corporate America.

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Do the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason? Top Constitutional Scholar Says Yes

In early March, more shocking details emerged about George W. Bush legal counsel John Yoo's memos outlining the destruction of the republic.

The memos lay the legal groundwork for the president to send the military to wage war against U.S. citizens; take them from their homes to Navy brigs without trial and keep them forever; close down the First Amendment; and invade whatever country he chooses without regard to any treaty or objection by Congress.
The memos are a confession. The memos could not be clearer: This was the legal groundwork of an attempted coup. I expected massive front page headlines from the revelation that these memos exited. Almost nothing. I was shocked.

This article is by Naomi Wolf who fears her country is being hijacked by establishment elites.

The later portions of the article deal with the legal opinion of a top Law academic who agrees that the Yoo memos point to acts of Treason against the Constitution of the United States.

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New Big Dog Robot Video


Terminator dogs !

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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Video Footage of Phoenix Mass Grave Site

Video footage of a suspected mass grave site at the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona, has surfaced on YouTube. “I am still skeptical about the mass graves being used for civilians, H5N1 victims,” writes wokeuplastweek, who posted the video. “I’m not denying that it could be of dual-use, but I don’t find it to be likely for this particular issue. Looking at the statistics on current living veterans, it would make sense that they would need this many graves. Many WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Vets are getting up there in age. Gulf War Vets are coming back very ill from DU exposure, ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, and other issues and dying prematurely.”


On March 25, Shepard Ambellas appeared on the Alex Jones Show. Ambellas wrote a story and provided photographs of the site. See Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens.


According to reports coming in to the Alex Jones Radio Show there are more of these mass graves being prepared at various locations around the country.

An extremely conservative estimate of the number of graves being prepared in Arizona is at least 4,500 with the potential to accommodate ten times that amount in grouped burials. Even considering deaths by veterans suffering from "Gulf War syndrome", suicides & DU poisoning, this is a lot.

Furthermore, the graves are not in the style one normally associates with standard burials.

In response to a question to FEMA earlier this year about the establishment of mass graves, they replied that such graves represented contingency planning for a bird flu outbreak. Is FEMA is implying that the graves are not being made with US military deaths in mind but civilian ? More information is needed about the other grave sites, their locations and capacities. After the False Flag of 911 who knows what is about to be unleashed. The fact that these graves exist is very worrying.

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Where is the Change....3.21.2009

As the mother of a Marine who served two tours in Iraq who came home 80% disabled , he would call me and say, Mom, I don't deserve to live anymore, I have a gun in mouth, I have to pull the trigger, I can't live with all the innocent women and children I've killed.


Even avoiding the fact that 911 was an inside job, there was no reason to invade Iraq since Saddam was at odds with "Al Qaeda." By all intelligence agency accounts, except those of the White House and their supporters, there were no WMDs. Every death in Iraq has been an unnecessary waste.

So, the question remains, are there any good reasons left for more US miliary personnel to be killed over there ? Does continued occupation warrant the loss of more US lives ?

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The Devalued Prime Minister of a Devalued Government


Spending one's way out of a crisis might sound reasonable but there is a debt consequence to be considered. It seems the UK Government had already overloaded on debt before the current situation.

The danger here is that the UK currency will be devalued making import prices skyrocket which will lead to high levels of inflation. The same danger confronts the US and many other economies.

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Friday, 27 March 2009

9/11 Victims' Kin Seek Release of Secret Documents [UPDATED]

"My mother went through the most public murder you could imagine . . . and I've been putting up with this crap for seven years," Keating said of his refusal to settle his case out of court.

Keating's 72-year-old mother, Barbara, a Framingham native, died aboard American Airlines [AMR] Flight 11.

Keating is making legal history today, along with the families of Mark Bavis, 31, and Sara Low, 28, by asking Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein in Federal District Court in Manhattan to lift the order keeping all the evidence hidden.

This is another problem with the attacks of September 11. The official response has all the hallmarks of a cover up.

The refusal to release even the most basic information points to complicity in the attacks rather than a cover up of gross incompetence. For starters:

*We have not been able to confirm ANY of the aircraft identities from their parts because none of this information has been released.

*We have not seen any of the video shots of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon even though many cameras would have recorded its approach.

*We have not seen any security footage of the hijackers boarding the aircraft.

*We are not allowed access to the film and photos taken by FEMA during the clean up of the World Trade Centre Buildings.

*The computer modelling done by NIST on the fires in the Towers and of the collapse of WTC 7 are not available to the public for independent verification.

Furthermore we have various incidents before the attacks indicating that high level officials deliberately delayed or called off actions by government personnel, FBI and military people who had identified individuals who obviously posed a terrorist threat (the patsies).

If the attacks were simply due to a high level of "unpreparedness" then we would not be witness to such behaviours.

UPDATE: A judge said Wednesday he favors keeping Sept. 11-related documents and interviews secret until the trials for several families of victims suing the airline industry, an opinion that upset several victims' family members.

Donald Migliori, a lawyer for families of three people who died on hijacked planes in the 2001 attacks, asked U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein to make nearly a million pages of evidence and 200 depositions public, saying there was no reason for secrecy.

Hellerstein did not rule, but he said he favored not publically disclosing evidence that had been gathered and shared with lawyers for the victims under a confidentiality agreement until a trial occurs. No trial has yet been scheduled.

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Freeze The $1.5 Qaudrillion Derivatives Bubble

The G-20 leaders must deliberate a new set of policies capable of leading humanity out of the current crisis. We must first identify the immediate cause which has detonated the present unprecedented turbulence. That cause is unquestionably the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble. Derivatives have provoked the downfall of Bear Stearns, Countrywide, Northern Rock, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Wachovia, and most other institutions which have succumbed. Derivatives have made J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of New York Mellon, Deutsche Bank, Société Générale, Barclays, RBS, and money center banks of the world into Zombie Banks.
In the present hysteria of the globalized financial oligarchy, the very term of "derivative" has become taboo: commentators prefer to speak of toxic assets, complex securities, exotic instruments, and counterparty arrangements. At the time of the Bear Stearns bankruptcy, Bernanke warned against "chaotic unwinding." All of these code words are signals that derivatives are being talked about. Derivatives include such exchange traded speculative instruments as options and futures; beyond these are the over-the-counter derivatives, structured notes, and designer derivatives. Derivatives include the credit default swaps so prominent in the fall of AIG, collateralized debt obligations, structured investment vehicles, asset-backed securities, mortgage backed securities, auction rate securities, and a myriad of other toxic variations. These derivatives, in turn, are pyramided one on top of the other, thus creating a house of cards reaching into interplanetary space.
Financiers are trying to blame the current depression on poor people who acquired properties with the help of subprime mortgages, and then defaulted, thus ­ it is alleged -- bringing down the entire world banking system! This is a fantastic and reactionary myth. The cause of the depression is derivatives, and this means that the perpetrators to be held responsible are not poor mortgage holders, but rather globalized investment bankers and hedge fund operators, the derivatives merchants. We are now in the throes of a world wide derivatives panic. This panic has been gathering momentum for at least a year, since the fall of Bear Stearns. There is no power on earth which can prevent this panic from destroying most of the current mass of toxic derivatives. It is however possible that the ongoing attempts to bail out, shore up, and otherwise preserve the deadly mass of derivatives will destroy human civilization as we have known it. We must choose between the continued existence of derivatives speculation on the one hand, and the survival of human society worldwide on the other.
The G-20 must remove the crushing mass of derivatives which is now dragging down the world economy. Derivatives must be banned going forward, but this by itself will not be sufficient. The ultimate goal must be to wipe out and neutralize the existing mass of $1.5 quadrillion in notional values of toxic derivative instruments. Some governments may be able simply to decree that derivatives be shredded, deleted, and otherwise liquidated, and they should do so at once. Virtually all governments should be able to use their emergency economic powers to freeze derivatives and set them aside for at least five years or for the duration of the crisis, whichever lasts longer.
The Bush-Paulson-Obama-Geithner policy pursued by the United States, which amounts to a $10 trillion (Fed and Treasury) effort to bail out the world derivatives bubble on the backs of taxpayers, can only make the depression worse, will never lead to an economic recovery, and must therefore he rejected. Krugman is right: the "zombie ideas" rule Obama's Washington. The Fed's TALF amounts to subsidies for securitization, meaning more derivatives. The derivatives bailout was pioneered by Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, and Mervyn King in the case of Northern Rock. These efforts are doomed to costly futility. The $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble is comparable to the black holes of astrophysics, those artifacts of gravity collapse which will irresistably suck in all matter that comes near them. This compares to a world GDP of a mere $55 trillion, itself a figure inflated by financial speculation. The derivatives are the black holes of financial engineering, and can easily consume all the physical wealth and all the money in the world, and still be bankrupt. Gordon Brown's demand of $500 billion for the IMF is enough to bankrupt several nations, but pitifully inadequate to deal with the derivatives. They can only be dealt with by re-regulation -- a quick freeze, leading to extinction and permanent illegality. We reject Brown's IMF world derivatives dictatorship.

I recommend going to the link and reading the whole article.

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Turley: Cheney War Crimes Probe would be 'Shortest in History'

If Obama would step out of the way and allow prosecutors to look at evidence of alleged Bush administration war crimes, "it would be the shortest investigation in history," Turley said on a Monday episode of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show.

President Obama, appearing Sunday on the CBS news program, said the former vice president's policies on the treatment of prisoners captured in President Bush's terror war are "unsustainable" and had caused "incredible damage to our image and position in the world."

"The reason Obama seems very irritated by it is that he is responsible for the conversation," said Turley, a constitutional scholar and George Washington University professor. "Because he's the one that is blocking a criminal investigation of Vice President Cheney and President Bush and other Bush officials. It is like a bank robber calling up and asking him to debate bank robbery."

It was only Dec. 15 when the former vice president admitted he approved the interrogation tactics which many, including the international Red Cross, have called torture.


It's very obvious that crimes of torture were committed here and that the Obama Administration is doing nothing to uphold US and International Law. It would be a relatively simple matter to act in this instance yet nothing is done.

The facts show that Obama is not a progressive politician but an establishment lackey. The only way things will really change is for people to start writing their Congressional Representatives and campaign in the streets. Don't let them get away with anything !

Call Obama's bluff and expose him - force him to act !

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"We're All In This Together"

No we are not, that's the point.

Tonight, President Obama basically said that we can't demonize every investor who earns a profit, because "we are all in this together." Sorry, but I am going to have to call a big fat "bull-shit" on this one.

When Obama said "we" did he have a mouse in his pocket? Obama, and his family have a very opulent, slave-built roof over their heads. He travels on the public nickel, his children attend an exclusive Washington, DC private school that has organic food on its menu, and has health care that covers everyone in his family from head to toe and side to side and inside out.

Even though he and every member of the administration, Congress and the Supreme Court are not hurting for anything, the bastard (sorry if your parents weren't married when you were conceived) Wall Street banksters are receiving billions of dollars of government welfare and are not so good about being in "this together" with us.

The only concrete steps the Treasury and Fed have taken are to buy "toxic" assets (if something is toxic can it still be an asset?) so companies like Goldman Sachs (via AIG) can have the public tit rescue them from their stupider than crap mistakes.

WE the ROBBED Class are in this together. THEY the ROBBER Class are in it for themselves. How many times does Obama have to demonstrate that his economic recovery is nothing but Reaganomics wrapped in a little bit of populist rhetoric to make it easier for the mis-informed Robbed Class to swallow. If anything transpires to alleviate the suffering in our Class at all, it will be because some of the prosperity got through the cracks in the deeply cancerous system and trickled ON us. Rest assured, this is just a mistake and the only time the Robber Class cares about us, is when the interests of the two classes collide.


A good essay from activist Cindy Sheehan.

One group IS paying for the "mistakes" made by a select few. It's time to revolt !

Make as much noise as you can because you ARE being robbed !

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Pentagon Exploring Robot Killers that Can Fire on Their Own

The unmanned bombers that frequently cause unintended civilian casualties in Pakistan are a step toward an even more lethal generation of robotic hunters-killers that operate with limited, if any, human control.

The Defense Department is financing studies of autonomous, or self-governing, armed robots that could find and destroy targets on their own. On-board computer programs, not flesh-and-blood people, would decide whether to fire their weapons.

"The trend is clear: Warfare will continue and autonomous robots will ultimately be deployed in its conduct," Ronald Arkin, a robotics expert at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, wrote in a study commissioned by the Army.

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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 (Abolish the Fed) Now Has 44 Co-Sponsors

If you don't see your rep on this list, contact him/her today and urge them to support the bill!

Rep Abercrombie, Neil [D, HI-1]
Rep Alexander, Rodney [R, LA-5]
Rep Bachmann, Michele [R, MN-6]
Rep Bartlett, Roscoe G. [R, MD-6]
Rep Broun, Paul C. [R, GA-10]
Rep Burton, Dan [R, IN-5]
Rep Chaffetz, Jason [R, UT-3]
Rep DeFazio, Peter A. [D, OR-4]
Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. [R, TN-2]
Rep Foxx, Virginia [R, NC-5]
Rep Garrett, Scott [R, NJ-5]
Rep Grayson, Alan [D, FL-8]
Rep Heller, Dean [R, NV-2]
Rep Jones, Walter B., Jr. [R, NC-3]
Rep Kagen, Steve [D, WI-8]
Rep Kingston, Jack [R, GA-1]
Rep Marchant, Kenny [R, TX-24]
Rep McClintock, Tom [R, CA-4]
Rep Petri, Thomas E. [R, WI-6]
Rep Poe, Ted [R, TX-2]
Rep Posey, Bill [R, FL-15]
Rep Price, Tom [R, GA-6]
Rep Rehberg, Denny [R, MT]
Rep Rohrabacher, Dana [R, CA-46]
Rep Stearns, Cliff [R, FL-6]
Rep Taylor, Gene [D, MS-4]
Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. [D, CA-6]
Rep Young, Don [R, AK]
Rep Sessions, Pete [TX-32] - 3/23/2009
Rep Deal, Nathan [GA-9] - 3/23/2009
Rep Franks, Trent [AZ-2] - 3/23/2009

Search on bill HR 1207 for updates:

Remember, the Federal Reserve (a Private Bank) LOANS the banknotes that the Government Treasury issues, AT INTEREST so that more money will be owed than is in circulation. It is the Treasury (Taxpayers) that has to foot the bill. This is a colossal scam especially considering all the Federal Reserve Bailout money that has flooded the ailing markets. Everyday people should not have to pay interest on their own Government's money.

The US Treasury needs to be issuing money directly and The Fed needs to be abolished.

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Ultimate Undebunkable 9/11 Truth Crash Course

Demolishing the official story of the collapse of the three WTC buildings in 8 and a half minutes. I spent two whole days on this video ... I tried to make it as undebunkable as possible. From Debunking the Debunkers.


This is a decent short summary of the most damning evidence. There's a few extra bits of evidence I would have jammed in there, a few different edits, plus some points of clarification.

Nevertheless, the basic forensic and eyewitness testimony cannot be countered. There are no reasonable explanations to account for the phenomena observed here other than those explanations involving explosives.

I quote: Fiscal Ruin, Lost Rights, Endless War - ONLY 911 TRUTH WILL SET US FREE

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US Doing a Mini-Mozambique on its Debts

By Brian Buckley

LIKE the French royal House of Bourbon, some contemporary schools of economics have learnt nothing and forgotten everything. Paul Krugman and Stephen Kirchner (BusinessDay, 19/3) provide telling examples. Their nostrums for the world debt crisis are more government spending, or greater volumes of easy credit, or both.

Professor Krugman is a great admirer of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, but he omits to mention that FDR never got unemployment below 14 per cent, and the unemployment figure in the US was 17.2 per cent at the start of World War II.

Like Krugman, Kirchner (and Ben Bernanke), FDR was worried about price deflation — so much that he had farmers' crops burned to keep prices up. This was in the middle of the 1930s Depression when millions of families were short of food.

The artificially low interest rates promoted by former Federal Reserve Bank chairman Alan Greenspan (well below normal market rates) saw the consumption sector of the US economy grow from about 66 per cent of GDP to 72 per cent. The percentage increase may not look so great, but the cash figure represents an increase of about $US850 billion a year ($A1240 billion).

Where did this avalanche of money go? Into investment properties, new house purchases by the low or no-income sectors, commodities, sharemarkets, shiploads of Chinese durables and consumables, weird financial products and derivatives of New York and London and into the pockets of the crooks and sharpies of the investment banks and hedge funds.

The interest rates set by Greenspan, combined with government winks and nods, were an offer of free money to those in on the game. Greed was certainly a factor, but if you set up a stall offering free money, the greedy will knock down both the stall and passing pedestrians in the rush.

Asset inflation doubled, much of it financed by cheap borrowings and derivatives based on debt. The Securities and Exchange Commission and Congress looked away from huge and dishonest gearing that flourished in front of them.

The whole was compounded by a sudden increase in the Bush regime's government debt. As that mastermind of fiscal and foreign policy, vice-president Dick Cheney, said: "Deficits don't matter."

US Government interventions in the form of guarantees for the large mortgage buyers such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and legislation demanding that commercial banks lend to people with no capacity to pay poured fuel on the fiscal fire. (People could get mortgages by producing a power bill.)

Despite Washington's dismal record of government failure, we now have bank bail-outs, mortgage industry bail-outs, car industry bail-outs, and hundred of billions of dollars of President Barack Obama hand-outs to selected industry and politically sensitive target areas.

Obama's Government deficit is now estimated by Goldman Sachs to reach $US2.5 trillion this year. That is an additional $US25,000 per household on top of record US mortgage, credit card and other debt.

Official US federal debt is now approaching $US12 trillion. That is nearly $US120,000 for each household, and more than seven times national savings.

No surprise that the Chinese Prime Minister has told the world he is now worried about the effects of these subsidies, doubtful loans, and deficits on the US bond market, the dollar and world trade. It was a stark warning that China may not finance future US Government bonds and government spending.

Fed chairman Bernanke has taken the warning, promising that the Fed will now monetise large chunks of Washington's debt. This is known as doing a mini-Mozambique.

There are no easy solutions. Perhaps $US20 trillion has to be sliced out of the US debt structure. Unproductive businesses have to be let go so productive ones can grow again.

Real banks must be allowed to take the space of the zombie banks. Asset values must be allowed to reach their market price so they will become actively traded again.

Instead of wasting scarce funds on Wall Street mates, the President could divert what is left to training the unemployed.

But creating more debt and encouraging more debt-based spending is a recipe for permanent recession.


[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 26th, 2009.]

U.S. Fund for Developing Electric Cars is Untouched

The future of the American auto industry is getting off to a slow start.

The U.S. Energy Department has $25 billion to make loans to hasten the arrival of the next generation of automotive technology - electric-powered cars. But no money has been allocated so far, even though the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan program, established in 2007, has received applications from 75 companies, including start-ups as well as the three Detroit automakers.

With General Motors and Chrysler making repeat visits to Washington to ask for bailout money to stave off insolvency, some members of Congress are starting to ask why the Energy Department money is not yet flowing. The loans also are intended to help fulfill President Barack Obama's campaign promise of putting one million electric cars on American roads by 2015.


Remember the US government is under the influence of many large corporations. Radical change will be a long time coming.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus

by Ron Paul

The distraction on Capitol Hill this week has to do with the jackpot bonuses that executives at AIG recently received. The argument is over a relative drop in the bucket. The total amount of bonuses given out was $165 million. The government has put $170 billion into AIG so far. Many now are demanding we get this money back. We ought to be spending our time and effort doing something more worthwhile, like figuring out how the Federal Reserve is handling the trillions of dollars they are creating and pumping into the economy, and how that is affecting the purchasing power of dollars in your pocket.

The big mistake was appropriating the TARP funds in the first place. A Johnny-come-lately bill of attainder won't stop the spending epidemic. This whole situation is a perfect demonstration of why "doing nothing" and letting failing companies fail would have been much better than sinking valuable money and resources into them.

When a company makes a profit, it is a signal that it is taking resources and increasing their value while controlling costs. When a company operates at a loss, it is a signal that it is decreasing the value of its resources or letting out-of-control costs outstrip any value it has created. A company operating at a loss is therefore an engine of wealth destruction. Bankruptcies are a net positive for the economy because more productive competitors are rewarded by opportunities to buy up remaining assets at bargain prices to strengthen their operations. In an economy that allows this kind of growth and change, any jobs lost by bankruptcy are soon replaced by new ones as the most efficiently managed businesses gain access to more assets and expand.

Bankruptcy was the stimulus that we needed in the case of AIG. More bankruptcies would clean out malinvested resources and enable economic growth again.

AIG, by losing money and maneuvering their operations to the brink of bankruptcy, was telling us that they were inefficient. So what did we do? We forced the taxpayer to assume the losses, and now we are supposed to be shocked that it is not working out. Had AIG gone bankrupt, it would have been impossible to hand out these bonuses. The taxpayer would have been fleeced for $170 billion less last year. Had they gone bankrupt, the world would not have come to an end, it would just continue on with one less engine of wealth destruction.

We should have learned from Japan. The 1990's is referred to as Japan's "lost decade" because of the zombie banks kept on life support by the Japanese government. Any productivity was redirected through these engines of wealth destruction, resulting in long term stagnation. We should and can avoid this outcome if we come to our senses.

A recession should be a time of strengthening and regrouping for an economy. But as long as the government insists on maintaining the status quo by propping up failed institutions, we will continue to dig a bigger hole for ourselves.


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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Commander Confirms Netanyahu War Plans

Israeli army Home Front Command Major General Yair Golan said Sunday that Tel Aviv is preparing for "all possible scenarios", indicating that one such scenario would be to fight a simultaneous war against Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The confirmation comes as US President Barack Obama seeks "new beginnings" with its arch-rival Iran. The US offer has been met with world praise but with fury in Tel Aviv.

Israeli media outlets late on Sunday began propagating wild scenarios that Iran is using the Lebanese Hezbollah to recruit Palestinian fighters to carry out terror attacks on Israel.
Israel has long accused Iran of arming Hezbollah and Palestinian groups via Syria, in an attempt to demonize the two Muslim countries.

Tel Aviv also accuses Tehran of developing nuclear weaponry -- a charge denied by the UN nuclear watchdog.


In the absence of international pressure against these Israeli plans for war it will be up to the people of Israel themselves to stop such actions. Mass protests, national strikes !

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Geithner's Plan "Extremely Dangerous," Economist Galbraith Says

The plan is yet another massive, ineffective gift to banks and Wall Street. Taxpayers, of course, will take the hit

Why does Tim Geithner keep repackaging the same trash-asset-removal plan that he has been trying to get approved since last fall?
In our opinion, because Tim Geithner formed his view of this crisis last fall, while sitting across the table from his constituents at the New York Fed: The CEOs of the big Wall Street firms. He views the crisis the same way Wall Street does--as a temporary liquidity problem--and his plans to fix it are designed with the best interests of Wall Street in mind.

If Geithner's plan to fix the banks would also fix the economy, this would be tolerable. But no smart economist we know of thinks that it will.

We think Geithner is suffering from five fundamental misconceptions about what is wrong with the economy. Here they are:

The trouble with the economy is that the banks aren't lending. The reality: The economy is in trouble because American consumers and businesses took on way too much debt and are now collapsing under the weight of it. As consumers retrench, companies that sell to them are retrenching, thus exacerbating the problem. The banks, meanwhile, are lending. They just aren't lending as much as they used to. Also the shadow banking system (securitization markets), which actually provided more funding to the economy than the banks, has collapsed.

The banks aren't lending because their balance sheets are loaded with "bad assets" that the market has temporarily mispriced. The reality: The banks aren't lending (much) because they have decided to stop making loans to people and companies who can't pay them back. And because the banks are scared that future writedowns on their old loans will lead to future losses that will wipe out their equity.

Bad assets are "bad" because the market doesn't understand how much they are really worth. The reality: The bad assets are bad because they are worth less than the banks say they are. House prices have dropped by nearly 30% nationwide. That has created something in the neighborhood of $5+ trillion of losses in residential real estate alone (off a peak market value of housing about $20+ trillion). The banks don't want to take their share of those losses because doing so will wipe them out. So they, and Geithner, are doing everything they can to pawn the losses off on the taxpayer.

Once we get the "bad assets" off bank balance sheets, the banks will start lending again. The reality: The banks will remain cautious about lending, because the housing market and economy are still deteriorating. So they'll sit there and say they are lending while waiting for the economy to bottom.

Once the banks start lending, the economy will recover. The reality: American consumers still have debt coming out of their ears, and they'll be working it off for years. House prices are still falling. Retirement savings have been crushed. Americans need to increase their savings rate from today's 5% (a vast improvement from the 0% rate of two years ago) to the 10% long-term average. Consumers don't have room to take on more debt, even if the banks are willing to give it to them.


The bailouts are all about keeping the private banks solvent. These banks are overloaded with bad debts and now the taxpayer has to take the hit as the US government pumps money into bank assets that are worth "nothing."

It's exactly as had been surmised at the beginning of the bailout process. Private profit and socialised losses.

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China to Keep Buying Treasuries, Top Official Says

China’s top foreign-exchange official said the nation will keep buying Treasuries and endorsed the dollar’s global role, supporting the U.S. as the Obama administration increases spending to revive growth.

Treasuries form “an important element of China’s investment strategy for its foreign-currency reserves,” Hu Xiaolian, director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said at a briefing in Beijing today. “We will continue this practice.”

Hu’s remarks came as Treasuries extended the worst start to a year since 1996 and less than two weeks after Premier Wen Jiabao said he was “worried” about the safety of the securities. U.S. President Barack Obama is relying on China to keep buying Treasuries as his administration sells record amounts of debt to fund a $787 billion stimulus package.

“China’s so heavily invested in U.S. Treasuries that to stop buying now would have a negative impact that would see China’s investments fall in value,” said Dwyfor Evans, a strategist with State Street Global Markets in Hong Kong. “It’s pretty important for the U.S. that the main buyers keep making purchases.”

Although this practice is propping up the markets and stopping a sudden collapse the fact remains that the US economy is still debt ridden and still stagnating.

Things will be going backwards, but drawn out over a longer time period.

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Man Arrested for Feeding the Homeless


It's time to really think about the oppressive "Patriot Act" measures still in operation in the US, most of which have NOT been abolished by the Obama Administration. There are still Laws restricting the right to protest for instance that should have been eliminated. This local law against feeding the homeless is an abomination.

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Monday, 23 March 2009

The Worst Is Over? Are You Kidding?

* Things are worse overseas: some countries simply can't bail out their banks -- liabilities are 3 to 5 times GDP.

* May take 2 years before housing bottoms

* Ditto for equity markets

* Expects 1970s-like inflation when we come out of recession.

* Could have decade of Japanese in-and-out-of-recession if we don't seriously deal with banking system.

I would seriously be planning any financial strategies assuming the above will occur with the added expectation of a dramatic collapse or two in the world economy during this period. There is still the possibility of severe US dollar devaluation in the near future and the potential of a derivatives market implosion.

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Obama Maneuvers to Protect Wall Street Bonuses

Following the passage Thursday of a bill by the House of Representatives that would tax some bonuses at a handful of companies that have received government bailout money, the Obama administration is seeking to discourage passage of a similar bill by the Senate, even as Obama feigns indignation over $165 million in bonuses awarded by the bailed-out insurance giant American International Group (AIG).

Obama is attempting to navigate between placating public anger over AIG and similar outrages by Wall Street firms that have received hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer funds and satisfying the demands of the financial elite, which will brook no government interference in its drive for self-enrichment.


Obama is not a progressive he's an establishment lacky. Judge the man on his actions not his rhetoric.

For political reasons you will see some action taken against the corporate excesses but nothing substantial. Obama must be seen to be doing something or else there will be rioting in the streets.

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Collapsing Markets Expose 'Ponzimonium' of Scam Artists

Financial authorities in the US are investigating "hundreds" of individuals and entities over suspected Ponzi schemes as turmoil on the global financial market exposes fraudsters, whose ill-gotten gains have remained undetected for years.

The commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Bart Chilton, warned today of "rampant Ponzimonium". He was speaking as the biggest Wall Street fraudster on record, Bernard Madoff, failed to gain release from prison. A federal appeals court ruled that the 70-year-old must remain incarcerated until his formal sentencing in June, when he is expected to be committed to prison for the rest of his life.

Chilton said that regulators are uncovering more Ponzi schemes in the wake of high-profile cases such as the Madoff debacle and charges filed against Allen Stanford.
The lure of money and power attracts the crooks. As with the financial markets, such is the case with government and higher levels of bureaucracy. Look at the SEC that was tasked with policing these workings. Although repeatedly warned about Madoff years in advance (from as early as 2000) they did nothing. Incompetence or corruption ?

And note: crooks are unable to operate in a highly transparent system. It's not impossible to change the status quo, just difficult.

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40 Years Since RFK Assassination, Mounting Evidence of CIA Involvement

Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated 40 years ago this month at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Sirhan B. Sirhan, a 24 year old immigrant, is the alleged lone gunman and is presently serving a life sentence.

In a new book, An Open and Shut Case, Dr. Robert Joling and Philip Van Praag have joined a growing list of people who don’t believe that Sirhan acted alone.

Joling and Van Praag, both forensic scientists, claim that after analyzing audio recordings of the assassination they have concluded that at least 13 shots were fired. The handgun Sirhan used only had the capacity to fire eight shots. They believe that there were two guns and that the fatal shot came from behind Robert Kennedy, while witnesses claim that Sirhan was in front of Kennedy. According to a March 27, 2008 ABC report by Pierre Thomas, Joling claims, “It can be established conclusively that Sirhan did not shoot Senator Kennedy. And in fact not only did he not do it, he could not have done it.”

Sirhan Sirhan may be guilty of attempted homicide, but he is completely innocent of the murder charge. According to the forensic evidence it was physically impossible for Sirhan to be the murderer.

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ron Paul on CNN's American Morning - 3/20/2009


Congressman Ron Paul talks about the AIG controversy- the bonuses and the continuing unchecked bailouts.

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Ter·ror·ist (adjective): Anyone Who Disagrees with the Government

The Department of Homeland Security and police forces label anyone who they disagree with - or who disagrees with government policies - as "terrorists".

Don't believe me?

Well, according to a law school professor, pursuant to the Military Commissions Act, "Anyone who ... speaks out against the government's policies could be declared an 'unlawful enemy combatant' and imprisoned indefinitely. That includes American citizens."

And according to an FBI memo, peace protesters are being labeled as "terrorists".

I prefer the term "counter-intelligence insurgent" to "terrorist"...

This is an information war and we in streets and in the blog-o-sphere are running psychological warfare against the real terrorists.

When the people are fully informed about the injustices and told they can do something, by speaking out, then things will change. Our massive advantage is that we have the US Constitution and the truth on our side.

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In the Face of a World Shaped by Lies & Run by Criminals: What should WE DO ?

There is a simple choice here: you can decide to FIGHT or you can keep your head down and say NOTHING.

For those of us who have chosen to fight- the war is one of information. It's a battle to educate people about what is really happening so that the criminals, who operate thanks to people's ignorance, can be exposed.

The most important thing to remember here is the ONLY way that the criminals running the show can function is because people do not realise what is going on. Most individuals are unaware of the trouble we are facing- almost all of it caused by the people at the top. While many Laws are violated we are told next to nothing by the corporate media. Specific violations like torture, illegal wars, wiretapping and other matters are white washed. We are told that it's necessary, not a major concern, or told nothing at all. This is not an acceptable situation.

Just because someone is in high office, wears a suit, or speaks eloquently, does not place this individual above the Law. For those who believe the legal system will be twisted so that any trial will get nowhere, I say: expose the truth. Let everyone know about the crimes so that it becomes public knowledge. See what happens to a rigged trial if everyone is aware of the damning evidence showing that they DELIBERATELY LIED to start the Iraq War, that Torture was approved from the top (already admitted) and that 911 was an Inside Job.

On this last point about 911, if everyone can be educated about the FORENSIC PROOF we will see a giant can of worms opened up revealing the extent of our corrupt society. Things will change dramatically.

Do not forget, the only way the criminals have literally managed to get away with murder is because people are ignorant of the facts. Fortunately, when the light is turned on there will be no place for these people to hide.

Subsequent to trials, a call must be made for increased accountability and transparency for anyone in a positions of power so that the likelihood of further crimes can be diminished.

Education is the key. Let EVERYONE know what YOU know about the evidence at hand and let justice be done.

By Spookypunkos

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Debunking the Debunkers - the Blog !


This brilliant site destroys the fake science and claims made by the 911 debunking fraternity. I highly recommend that everyone visit the blog in order to get some basic scientific principles set in mind. It is an Aladdin's cave of great information.

Also, their selection of links to other 911 truth webpages and resources is invaluable.

For anyone wishing to deconstruct the main debunker falsehoods and expose the official lies I suggest they draw attention to sites like Debunking the Debunkers. Encourage others to fight in the information war and inspire further actions that will bring about the public exposure of the 911 false flag terror attack. We can still bring some measure of justice for all the victims of 911 and end the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.



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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment" on Bank Bailout - 03/19/09


It's about time that the heads of these bankrupt corporations be removed from their positions. These mega-millionaires destroyed the businesses they were running and they need to go.

It all comes down to a measure of accountability, including accountability under fair Law.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 21st, 2009.]

The Real AIG Scandal

Everybody is rushing to condemn AIG's bonuses, but this simple scandal is obscuring the real disgrace at the insurance giant: Why are AIG's counterparties getting paid back in full, to the tune of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars?

For the answer to this question, we need to go back to the very first decision to bail out AIG, made, we are told, by then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, then-New York Fed official Timothy Geithner, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke last fall. Post-Lehman's collapse, they feared a systemic failure could be triggered by AIG's inability to pay the counterparties to all the sophisticated instruments AIG had sold. And who were AIG's trading partners? No shock here: Goldman, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and on it goes. So now we know for sure what we already surmised: The AIG bailout has been a way to hide an enormous second round of cash to the same group that had received TARP money already.

It all appears, once again, to be the same insiders protecting themselves against sharing the pain and risk of their own bad adventure. The payments to AIG's counterparties are justified with an appeal to the sanctity of contract. If AIG's contracts turned out to be shaky, the theory goes, then the whole edifice of the financial system would collapse.

But wait a moment, aren't we in the midst of reopening contracts all over the place to share the burden of this crisis? From raising taxes—income taxes to sales taxes—to properly reopening labor contracts, we are all being asked to pitch in and carry our share of the burden. Workers around the country are being asked to take pay cuts and accept shorter work weeks so that colleagues won't be laid off. Why can't Wall Street royalty shoulder some of the burden? Why did Goldman have to get back 100 cents on the dollar? Didn't we already give Goldman a $25 billion capital infusion, and aren't they sitting on more than $100 billion in cash? Haven't we been told recently that they are beginning to come back to fiscal stability? If that is so, couldn't they have accepted a discount, and couldn't they have agreed to certain conditions before the AIG dollars—that is, our dollars—flowed?

The appearance that this was all an inside job is overwhelming. AIG was nothing more than a conduit for huge capital flows to the same old suspects, with no reason or explanation.


And these tax dollars spent on AIG and the Banks are now added to the debt mountain. The dollars don't exist, they are to be paid off by the US taxpayer.

The problem is that the people responsible for the mess are getting away without any punishment whereas the less affluent section of the popualtion are slated to become the victims.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 21st, 2009.]

Top Down Demolition & The Twin Towers


If the building exterior was covered all you would see would be dust clouds bursting forth. The implication is that you can demolish a building any way you want. Just because the Twin Towers "collapsed" from the top does NOT negate the possibility that it was deliberately demolished.

Furthermore, the towers did not simply collapse, they were progressively obliterated starting from very early in the collapse. When smashed to the ground, even from a great height, concrete cracks, it does not explode. Those that think that the weight of the "upper block" was sufficient to do this are kidding themselves. We are simply not seeing "dust" clouds, but pulverised concrete and lateral ejections of heavy sections of debris. And, if the collapse were driven by gravitational force alone there would be no cause for large beams to be propelled in the manner we have seen. Everything should be going straight down or tipping over upon encountering resistance, not propelled rapidly sideways as seen in clips.

In addition to these features, subsequent forensic evidence revealed that explosives were indeed used to bring the World Trade Centre buildings down. 911 was clearly an Inside Job.

(Oh, and if any Debunkers want to try on the "weak powered concrete" argument then they will have to ditch their ideas that the building "unzipped" itself during the collapse, and that floors began to fall before the collapse front hit (a position needed to account for the rapid collapse rates). The problem for the Debunkers is that even if the floor concrete was weak, the steel structures are still offering resistance, and each impact would have necessarily slowed the collapse rate to a point far outside what was observed. Explosives can, and did, remove this resistance.)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 21st, 2009.]

RECAP: WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall [And Destroys its Own Cover-Up Theory of a Progressive, Fire Induced Collapse]

In its draft report, released in August 2008, NIST attempted to cover up evidence that WTC7 fell at freefall, but the coverup was transparent. In its final report, released in November 2008, NIST finally acknowledged freefall, but couched it in a bizarre framework that continues to deny its clear significance.


The clear significance of a period of freefall collapse indicates absolutely no resistance was being offered by the building structure. This is obviously impossible in terms of the fire induced collapse model since, during the collapse, undamaged portions of the structure would slow the fall rate. The resistance offered here should be more than that of air alone. Steel columns, even ones that might be buckling, would still resist the fall.

However, in the case of the WTC7 building, the massive structural columns appear to have vanished into thin air (pun intended) for at least 2 and a half seconds !

Of course the most reasonable explanation to account for this incredible phenomena is the use of an explosive agent that can remove resistance almost instantaneously. In this regard we have abundant physical evidence showing that this is exactly what occurred in the form of the molten steel and the thermate products that were discovered in the rubble subsequent the collapse. Without doubt, the evidence shows that Building 7 was brought down using explosives.

An earlier video excellently and more fully explains the significance of the freefall collapse, see below:


Readers should note that deliberately covering up a crime is, in itself, a crime.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 21st, 2009.]

Friday, 20 March 2009

What the Pros Say: US Is Now 'Bankrupt'

Global stocks traded higher, as did the dollar against the euro, Thursday after the Federal Reserve's surprise announcement it would buy $300 billion in US Treasurys in order to help the ailing economy.

But experts tell CNBC they have concerns over the Fed's latest move and that the current national balance sheet is a disaster

The recent rise in the stock price is just due to unwarranted hype. The stock market falls will continue since the US economy is not going to improve anytime soon. More companies will go bankrupt as their profits and sources of finance dry up. There is no fundamental reason why things should magically get better.

Also note that the price of gold remains high meaning hedging vs a weak US dollar and a weak US economy remains strong.

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Undersea Tonga volcano erupts in Pacific ocean 18/03/2009


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Thursday, 19 March 2009

US Kicks Iran War Prep Into High Gear

Just days after the top US commander sketched out plans to strike Iran, the US military claims Tehran sent a drone into Iraq in February.

The US military on Monday claimed that American jets had shot down an Iranian unmanned surveillance aircraft 97 kilometers northeast of Baghdad in February.
The US has time and again accused Iran of stirring violence in neighboring Iraq, claiming that the country supplies groups opposed to US military presence with weapons, training and money.

Iran has denied links to militant groups inside Iraq, citing the US occupation as the main reason behind the instability of the oil-rich country.

The US, Israel and their European allies accuse Tehran, a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), of having plans to develop nuclear weaponry.


All claims of Iranian involvement in the insurgency in Iraq have so far proved unfounded. Plus the IAEA has found no evidence of a secret nuclear weapons program.

Furthermore, the British are now offering to assist the Iranians in their nuclear power station program adding to the work already undertaken by the Russians.

Everyone should note that the Iranians will never ballistic missile attack Israel because the land there is also inhabited by the Palestinians. Furthermore, any US-Israeli counter attack would obliterate Iran. The Iranian leadership might not like the current Middle East situation but they are not stupid enough have their own country annihilated.

Despite all the propaganda the facts show that Iran is minding its own business.

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A Silenced Drug Study Creates An Uproar

The study would come to be called "cursed," but it started out just as Study 15.

It was a long-term trial of the antipsychotic drug Seroquel. The common wisdom in psychiatric circles was that newer drugs were far better than older drugs, but Study 15's results suggested otherwise.

As a result, newly unearthed documents show, Study 15 suffered the same fate as many industry-sponsored trials that yield data drugmakers don't like: It got buried. It took eight years before a taxpayer-funded study rediscovered what Study 15 had found -- and raised serious concerns about an entire new class of expensive drugs.
The saga of Study 15 has become a case study in how drug companies can control the publicly available research about their products, along with other practices that recently have prompted hand-wringing at universities and scientific journals, remonstrations by medical groups about conflicts of interest, and threats of exposure by trial lawyers and congressional watchdogs.

Even if most doctors are ethical, corporate grants, gifts and underwriting have compromised psychiatry, said an editorial this month in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the flagship journal of the American Psychiatric Association.

The obvious lesson here, and one that should be well noted, is that when it comes to certain scientific studies, money and politics play a large role. The only way of mitigating against this corruption is to make sure there is independent verification of suspected work where conflicts of interest play a part.

It is important that we look into the effects, especially the long term effects, of various artificial drugs on the body. Readers should note: the US FDA cannot be trusted since it is made up of many corporate insiders with conflicts of interest. Complacency in this area will be our undoing.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

911 Truth on PBS

http://www.colorado911visibility.org On March 5th 2009 the local PBS station, KBDI, in Denver Colorado broadcast the groundbreaking expose, America: Freedom To Fascism to raise funds for the station. They invited volunteers from Colorado 911 Visibility to run the phone bank. In this clip Earl Staelin is interviewed about the points of that day in September that we still don't have answers for.


In response to the KBDI host's question regarding the likely intention to shoot down Flight 77, where she asked "why would they want to take down an American plane with American citizens on it ?" [5:30] ... well, we already saw commercial aircraft used as guided missiles against the Twin Towers, so it's reasonable to conclude that the Air Force was planning to shoot down "hijacked" aircraft heading toward the Pentagon.

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Patriot or crackpot? Seattle Man's Mission to Prosecute Bush

Ask Bob Alexander how often he's heard the word "quixotic" recently. The approximate answer: all the time.

Of all the people who read Charles Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's best-selling "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder," this 57-year-old Seattle coffee merchant is the only one jolted to act on it in a substantial way. The SuperBeans proprietor has become a super-activist.

With the help of a handful of volunteers and donations, Alexander has sent 2,200 copies of Bugliosi's hardcover to prosecutors around the country.

Now he and his volunteers are following up with each one of them by phone and e-mail, as well as gathering signatures for petitions urging the prosecutors to indict the former president.


Those who believe the mainstream media will think that the invasion on Iraq was based on "mistaken" intelligence, that Saddam's regime possessed WMDs and that they were likely to hand these weapons over to terrorist organisations.

However, as Mr Bugliosi's book points out, the actual intelligence showed that Saddam Hussein presented no imminent threat to the security of the USA or to any country in the Middle East. The politicians DELIBERATELY LIED in order to stage the War in Iraq. They told the public the exact opposite of what the intelligence had concluded knowing that in doing so they would be sending soldiers off to die needless deaths - hence the murder case against Bush.

The prosecution of these liars is necessary to set an example for future generations.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

President Obama, there is NO REASON to be Fighting in Afghanistan. Send the Troops Home Now !

Recently President Barack Obama has moved to increase troop numbers to fight the "real" war on terror against the Taliban in Afghanistan. More than 17,000 additional soldiers are intended to be deployed. Mr Obama has also put the word on his European allies to send additional forces to fight against the insurgency.

Although many commentators see the war in Iraq as an unnecessary sideshow, the war in Afghanistan is equally unnecessary. Western troops are being sent over there to be killed for NO REASON whatsoever.

There are 3 fundamental reasons why the official rationale of fighting the Taliban supporters of Al Qaeda does not fly.

1. The Taliban are not hardcore supporters of Osama Bin Laden. There is a distinction between the fundamentalist rulers of Afghanistan and the Al Qaeda criminal organisation. In fact, the Taliban actually offered to hand over Bin Laden if the US could provide evidence of his involvement in the September 11 crime. The target should have been an international criminal organisation, not an entire country.

2. There is no evidence linking Bin Laden to the September 11 attacks -- which is the reason why the Taliban never handed over Bin Laden. The video taped confessions of the Al Qaeda leader have been exposed as fakes while the "confessions" of other suspects in the 911 attacks are not admissible in court because they were gained under torture. Thus far the FBI has not included the 911 crime on Bin Laden's entry at their "Most Wanted" webpage. Osama Bin Laden is wanted for the bombings of the two US embassies in Africa, not for the 911 attacks.

3. Bin Laden has been dead since at least early 2002 and there is no real Al Qaeda threat other than the fake threats conjured up by Western Intelligence services designed to prolong the military industrial complex's War on Terror.

There is NO REASON to be fighting in Afghanistan. There never was a reason to invade the country back in late 2001 and there is still no reason to be over there now. This recent escalation of troop numbers is completely unnecessary. All we are seeing is the continuation of a cruel fiction that is needlessly killing more and more soldiers and civilians alike. The war in Afghanistan must end.

By Spookypunkos

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