Sunday, 18 January 2009

Video Discrepancy: Flight 1549 on the Hudson and 911's Flight 77 into the Pentagon

On September 11 2001 Flight 77, flew into the Pentagon- a building literally riddled with security cameras. The only footage released to the public of this crash came from one camera that showed only a few blurry images, and none that could be positively identified as an aircraft.

On January 15 2009 Flight 1549 ditches into the Hudson River and we already have numerous videos clearly showing the aircraft landing.

Where or not you think Flight 77 actually hit the Pentagon, the differences here are telling. And no, the lack of Pentagon film is not simply because of "security concerns", or sympathy for the victims. That is a lame excuse. There is nothing classified about the outside of the Pentagon, and we have seen countless videos of the aircraft hitting the Twin Towers. What we have with 911 is a disturbing situation wherein evidence, that should have been made public, has been deliberately withheld.

Sum total of footage "showing" Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon:

Film so far released of Flight 1549 ditching into the Hudson:


(4:29) [this is the same as above with some close up replays of the landing.]


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