Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Unindicted War Criminal Bush Confesses to a few "Mistakes"

After reading various mainstream media articles dealing with Bush's recent Confession to various "mistakes" he's made, I'd like to remind readers that there was absolutely NO mistake regarding the Iraqi WMD intelligence. This "faulty intelligence" meme is actually a White House talking point that has become widely accepted in the corporate media. It is completely inaccurate.

Point of Fact: there is documented evidence proving the Administration deliberately lied when they informed Congress that Iraq's WMDs were an "imminent threat" to the USA - they used this "imminent threat" term in an attempt to portray/legalise the war as an act of self defense.

The White House neocons, and their people in the Pentagon Office of Special Plans, aided and abetted by George "slam dunk" Tenet, sold this "threat turkey" to the US Congress in a summary version of the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE). This modified copy, given to Congress, painted a picture of the Iraqi regime being a credible threat- that they had various WMD programs and weapons.

However, the full version, that the Congress never saw, outlined the various WMD reports, cast doubt on the veracity of all of these, and assuming the worst, concluded that Saddam was NOT AN IMMINENT THREAT to anyone unless he was attacked first. The conclusions of the original estimate were the exact OPPOSITE of the modified version that Congress saw after it was edited by White House stooges.

It's easy to see the differences. Lawyer Vincent Bugliosi, in his book The Prosecution of George W Bush For Murder pointed out these contradictions after he obtained a fully declassified version of the NIE.

Furthermore, we have contributing evidence from various sources indicating the Bush Administration, against the informed opinion of senior analysts at the CIA and State Dept, misrepresented and lied about intelligence regarding the Iraqi WMD threat so that they could kick off an unnecessary war. Famously the Downing Street Memos show that the British were aware that the Americans were "fixing" the facts to suit their policy of removing Saddam.

Everyone should note there is a distinction here between what the political heads at the CIA, the White House, and various neocons in the Pentagon had to say about the WMD threat and what the raw intelligence reports concluded. The actual reports, written by veteran intelligence analysts based on a conglomeration of facts, stated Saddam was not a threat and had little if any capability.

The key point to realise here is that the President and his accomplices deliberately lied to start a war and then launched that war - which is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions. It is no wonder that Bush and his fellows have been pushing the "faulty intelligence" meme.

No one is above the law and it is not acceptable that Bush and those involved in his Administration should be allowed to get way with murder- especially when the prima facie case here is so blatant. The mainstream media must be taken to task for washing over the significance of what has occurred.

[In terms of the the torture aspect of the Bush Administration "mistakes": those authorising torture are also legally liable for the abuse and deaths suffered under the Geneva Conventions. The record shows that people like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice were party to such activities. Cheney has recently admitted to authorising these methods on national television.]

By Spookypunkos

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 14th, 2009.]

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