Friday, 19 December 2008

GM Files: Horrifying New Disease Contains Identical Material to GM “Food”

Just in case you thought it was fine to eat Genetically Modified foods (better identified as “FrankenFoods”), along comes a study which makes it clear that you are eating this make believe non-food at your own peril and, worse yet, you are feeding it to your kids at their peril as well. It is important to note that Codex Alimentarius, which sets standards for the international trade of food, permits genetically modified foods and makes no effort to limit, control or eliminate them. In fact, the US has been trying for years to prevent the labeling of GM foods and seed in international trade to emulate its domestic policy which prohibits any label indication that foods contain GM ingredients, as 75-80% of all foods sold in the US do.

Now it appears that the increasingly prevalent nightmare of a disease called “Morgellon’s Disease” may be a result of GM crops and food.

This is a real horror story.

With any new technology where the costs of development are high and the detrimental effects are subtle it may take decades before the severity of any problems fully emerge. Dioxins and asbestos worked extremely well in their day yet now we see that the collateral damage to people's health was disastrous.

A great deal more research (that is open and transparent) needs to be conducted on the effects of GMOs. Once the cat is out of the bag then we might be in trouble ...

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