Thursday, 13 November 2008

British TV Attempts to Summarize Case for 9/11 Truth

The UK’s Independent Television News dedicated a short segment of a Monday broadcast to briefly explaining several core tent poles of the 9/11 truth movement.

"With new figures showing almost 150 million Web pages devoted to 9/11 conspiracies, here are the big three so-called plot holes in the official version," announced a narrator.

"One theory is that the collapse of both the twin towers was caused not by the impact of the planes and subsequent fires, but by controlled demolitions. Theorists point to the uniform crumbling of individual floors in each tower."

The narrator also mentioned a more obscure 9/11 theory: that the planes which hit the WTC towers had ’shaped charge warheads’ in their nosecones.

Perhaps the most widely discussed theory, that there was no plane crash at the Pentagon, is also mentioned, with evidence cited as the lack of debris and the small impact hole. The program also mentions that the FBI has refused to release video footage of the object impacting the Pentagon, but failed to disclose how many cameras captured it.

Specifically, the FBI confiscated 85 video tapes which may contain footage of the attack.

The program also outlines questions about the alleged crash in Shanksville, PA., citing eyewitness reports of debris raining down across a wide area, as if the aircraft had been shot down by a missile.

Strangely absent was any attempt to summarize questions surrounding the collapse of World Trade Center 7: a highly significant event to 9/11 truth activists, still rife with questions even after the recent National Institute of Standards and Technology report.

See the video at the link for the 2 minute news clip.

The TV summary is quite poor actually, referring to those who believe in 911 truth as simply "bloggers" without indicating that there are hundreds of scientists and building professionals who also share the "belief".
The whole clip makes the truth issue sound rather baseless whereas 911 truth is centred on damning physical evidence that has proven the case.

The three pillars of undeniable 911 truth that the TV program should have mentioned are the fall of Building 7, the molten steel found under all three collapsed high rise buildings and the clear evidence of Thermate explosives found in steel and dust samples.

The key 911 truth groups do not base themselves upon conspiracy "theories" but from known conspiracy FACTS.

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