Friday, 24 October 2008

Preparing the Cover Story for the Theft of the Election

Two weeks to go and the machine is starting to prepare the narrative for how it is possible that John McCain won the 2008 Presidential election. With every poll showing an Obama lead of anywhere from 10-14 points for the past few weeks, suddenly today the Associated Press announced a new poll that shows the race in a dead heat. Nonsense. With the backdrop of the Kennedy-Palast reporting on how the GOP has already started the systematic theft of the election this poll today is just the coverage they need to pretend that the results of a McCain victory will be legitimate. If McCain does indeed go on to steal the election, no doubt his supporters will point to this bogus poll to refute the other polls.

Despite attempts at fraud, I find it hard to think that McCain will get through. However, the USA is basically a one party state that panders to special interest (elitist) lobby groups. The idea that there is a big difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is a falsity. I'll believe all the talk of change when I see it because the players behind the scenes, who are pulling the strings, are all establishment people.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, October 24th, 2008.]

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