Thursday, 28 August 2008

Firefighters for 911 Truth

We must demand answers and accountability for why hundreds of New York Firemen didn’t hear evacuation orders, how 3 towers collapsed so quickly and so explosively, and why thousands of rescue workers and civilians alike were not warned of the extremely dangerous atmosphere that was known to exist.

If you think the media or our government has given us the answers, think again. If you think this can’t happen again, think again. Seven years later most Americans haven’t even heard of Tower 7. Seven years later, most Americans don’t know thousands more of those rescue workers are sick, and many are dying from their exposures at Ground Zero. Seven years later, the FBI still hasn’t listed Osama Bin Laden as “wanted” for the 9/11 attacks. This is incredible–they are the lead investigators, and they don’t have enough evidence to put him on the “most wanted” list for those attacks? So, why do so many Americans believe he was behind it? Why are we at war over it? Do you know what evidence there is? The destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, incomplete answers, and abysmal accountability is disgusting and unacceptable.

We have architects, engineers, scientists, pilots, and now firefighters all rallying against the official 911 fairy tale. The reason so many reject the official story is obvious- the physical evidence proves the government narrative is false. Evidence of Molten Steel and Thermates, found in the rubble of the World Trade Centre Buildings clearly PROVE the 911 attacks involved inside help.

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