Thursday, 31 July 2008

Pentagon: Terrorism to be Threat for Decades

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates says that even winning the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will not end the "Long War" against violent extremism and that the fight against al-Qaeda and other terrorists should be the nation's top military priority over coming decades, according to a new National Defense Strategy he approved last month.

The terrorist threat can be ended almost overnight with the arrest of those responsible for the attacks of 911. The reason the overall war can be stopped is that we have forensic evidence demonstrating that 911 was an inside job. When those non-Arab individuals are put on trial, and likely imprisoned, then we'll be taking huge steps towards peace.

The prime suspects involved in the attacks- to be brought in for questioning- include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, General Myers, General Arnold, General Eberhart & George W. Bush for starters. All these individuals have either lied to the 911 Commission (giving contradictory statements) or are on record giving statements that do not make sense in terms of the official narrative.

Dick Cheney is the prime suspect as his recollection of his actions on 911 are far removed from the other accounts of his movements on that day. In fact some accounts of Dick Cheney's actions are nothing less than incriminating.

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