Thursday, 24 July 2008

Kucinich vs. The Establishment: Impeachment Hearing On Friday

Congressman Dennis Kucinich will this Friday present his single article of impeachment concerning the Bush administration’s deliberate and unconstitutional lies that led us to war in Iraq, putting him in tandem with the majority of the American people, yet in the cross hairs of both Neo-Cons and Democrats who have tried to block his efforts at every turn.

Kucinich should be commended for his brave and restless pursuit of impeachment. Whether Bush had a few months left in office or a few years doesn’t matter one iota - the Congressman’s efforts are aimed squarely at ensuring Bush rightly goes down in history as the most flagrantly criminal and anti-American president in history, while also making sure that a repeat of the debacle we have witnessed over the past eight years is not allowed to happen again.

The fact that the Democrat leadership has moved to block impeachment resolutions shows that the are either grossly negligent, ethically challenged or outright corrupt. No sane person, with clear information showing criminal wrong doing would hinder such moves.

It looks like the only way US citizens will be able to get their country back and break the current system is to fight for it. Legal action should be initiated against members of the Congress and any White House officials who are in violation of their oaths of office. Congressman Kucinich seems to be one of the few standing up for the US Constitution and Law.

Currently the Massachusetts School of Law is preparing to prosecute Mr Bush and others for War crimes.

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