Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Financial Times of London: What Happened To Building 7 ?

To the truthers, "building 7" ­ the third building in the World Trade Center complex to collapse on September 11 ­ is evidence that the mainstream media is in on the plot. On that day, the BBC reported the building's fall almost half an hour before it happened. Journalist Jane Standley was broadcast at 4.54pm eastern time reporting that the tower had collapsed ­ but in the background, it was still standing.

The Financial Times has drawn attention to the "dilemma" of the collapse of WTC 7. Even though the article obfuscates some of the issues and evidence, this piece will inform many people who have never heard about this "suspicious" collapse (yes, there was a THIRD Skyscraper "failure" on 911 !!)

The more people who become aware of the problems with the official account, the sooner we will see real action taken to resolve the September 11 crime, which we know was an Inside Job.

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