Wednesday, 20 February 2008

‘Dodgy Dossier’ Draft Reveals War Lies

It’s bad enough that Tony Blair took us into a war apparently on the basis of a document written by a foreign office press officer.

But what’s worse is that the infamous claim that Saddam Hussein could launch chemical weapons within 45 minutes was not in the draft document.

It was written in the margin by someone else in Whitehall and appears in the final dossier – backing up the claim that the dossier was “sexed up” to justify the war.

The politicians in the US and UK worked hard to construct a lie in order to sell the Iraq War. They claimed that Saddam's regime represented a threat to the world- whereas the raw intelligence revealed no evidence of any WMD threat or ties to Al Qaeda.

Those informed individuals who attempted to draw attention to this situation either became a target of slander-Joseph Wilson (aka Plamegate) or ended up dead- Dr David Kelly (the UK weapons expert).

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