Sunday, 3 February 2008


If the Bush administration is following their usual method of operation, something big is in the works. These acts of cutting off the patsy nation of Iran from their internet connections to the rest of the world may just be Bush's insurance that there can be no protest, nor denial, when the blame gets pinned on Iran for some impending new false-flag disaster/attack.

Just like right before 9/11.

Cutting those undersea communication cables IS a big deal.

We might soon witness some sort of follow up action in the next week or two.

The only way we can stop any more false flag attacks is to promote the truth about September 11. There IS concrete proof that the attacks of 911 were an inside job -thanks to the physical evidence we have of Molten Steel. What is required is an effort to wake people up to this reality, especially those in the media, politicians and those in the judiciary.

By forwarding evidence showing that 911 was an inside job, perhaps phrasing it as a question to your peers, might we see a change in the current status quo. We can't let the bad guys win.

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