Monday, 3 December 2007

Let's Make It Official: Your Life Isn't Worth Chicken Shit

Like a vulturous auction during a death watch, fat-cat lobbyists for stinking-rich corporations that lock in good things for your life -- like malignant air and inhumane working hours -- have descended en masse on the Bush administration's racketeering regulators, pleading for a final push of even grosser, antisocial malevolence.

Both sides -- the lobbyists and the Bushies -- have rung the gong, because both are fairly convinced that in 2008 Democrats will sweep elective offices, from the White House to the lower House, and will then actually start catering to the electoral inmates, rather than the plutocratic wardens who have profited so handsomely from seven years of Bush's corporate piƱata.

Where these lobbyists got the idea that elected Democrats aren't as amenable to legal bribery as their Heyakian counterparts is beyond every thinking soul; at any rate, that's the prevailing theory, so it's serious crunch time -- wipe off the books any remaining, regulatory protections that menace the sustained flow of fat into already fattened corporate pocketbooks.

Making dollars at any cost by destroying regulations that are designed to limit potential damage to the population -a pathologically corrupt corpocracy at work.

The top end of town is bleeding the majority of the population with excessively low wages and an increasingly hostile working environment. This situation will not last.

(photo from Billionaires For Bush website.)

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