Monday, 19 November 2007

The Mainstream Media and Bi-Partisan Political Suppression of US Vote Fraud Information: People are Beginning to Wake Up

Despite compelling statistical, circumstantial, anecdotal and eyewitness evidence that two presidential and numerous congressional elections have been stolen, this evidence has been discounted, ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media and, amazingly, by the victimized Democratic Party and its defeated candidates and even by some progressive publications.

Even so, a sizeable and growing portion of the American public isn’t buying the official and bi-partisan assurances that the US elections are, by and large, on the level, and that the Bush/Cheney regime is therefore legitimate. For example, an August, 2006 Zogby poll reports that only 45% of the population is “very confident” that Bush and Cheney won re-election “fair and square” in 2004. About a third were “not at all confident.”

The USA is in need of some sort of revolutionary change- a shift back to the rule of Law and Constitution. If Ron Paul gets elected, we are likely to see this happen.

If Paul gets sidelined and someone like Giuliani or Clinton (who is also pro-war) get into the White House we might see an escalation of civil disturbances. In this event I am hoping there will be mass protests.

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