Friday, 7 September 2007

Ron Paul Wins Latest Presidential Candidates Debate

Ron Paul in the pit of vipers .....

Note: The scumbag who is laughing in the background is Giuliani. What an ill-mannered toad. The producer should have cut his microphone, or rather pushed the button for the trap door, but who am I kidding ? This is Fox News.

Right at the end of the clip it shows Paul has won the phone text poll with 33%.

I was surprised to read that this poll was fairly legitimate as each phone was permitted to vote only once, limiting the chances of cheating.

Over at the MSNBC online poll we see Ron Paul was voted the winner of this same debate by a massive margin. Everywhere you look Ron Paul has the popular vote. The mainstream corporate media lapdogs (war sympathisers) will not be able to keep the lid on Paul's campaign for much longer. It is likely we will see Paul sidelined through vote fraud or via other more sinister measures in the near future. US citizens must stand up and support Paul-- he'll need your help.

(thanks to Tired for the tube link !)

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