Tuesday, 18 September 2007

It's Not About Oil, Stupid, But Flattening Arab and Muslim Countries.

Ex-US Federal Reserve Bank Chief, Alan Greenspan has recently come out and said, what everyone already knew, that the Wars in the middle East were "largely" about oil. But this is not the complete story.

If the neocons had anything to do with the Iraq War planning, and they did, then the War was most likely aimed at breaking up the Iraqi State which was seen as a threat to Israel. There have been plans to do this for the last 10-20 years. The fact is that 90% of the guys running the War out of the US are right-wing hardline pro-Likud supporters who want nothing less than the total destruction of Middle East Muslim countries.
Iran and Syria seem to be next.

Yes, it was also about the oil, but if they could not control it then restricting the supply- from Iraq- and driving up the prices was an equally good outcome for these maniacs. The oil companies are making billions !

The only way to stop these wars is to speak out and ACT. US Judicial and Military chiefs must use existing evidence of wrongdoing committed by members of the Bush Administration and make arrests now. This would be a good start.

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