Thursday, 13 September 2007

Did Someone just Steal A Nuclear Weapon ?

Hey, did someone just steal a Nuclear Weapon ?
(read the link !! --it contains very troubling information)

All I can say is that I hope a nuke was not actually stolen and it is simply a fear inducing game being played by the OVP (Office of Vice President) -or a similar authority that has the power to order nuclear weapons onto such aircraft. Perhaps this incident was intended for an Iranian audience- to make them think there are those in the US chain of command who would really employ these weapons ?

... I also find it highly curious that we will now witness a US Air Force stand down on Sept 14th. All fighters are to be stood down for review of safety procedures- although the cause of this "safety issue" was with the B-52 and those errant nukes. Why are they standing down the fighters ?? Very very puzzling ...

Perhaps those "Bin Laden", 911 disaster predicting stock market bets (which are set to expire on Sept 21) are accurate after all and we ARE being set up for another attack. If the markets drop between 30-50% the bet will pay billions. Does someone have some inside information here about an upcoming attack ? Anyone for an air delivered "suicide" plane with a nuke ...
And no fighters would be available for an intercept on the 14th !

**(Whether there is any real connection between these stories [as opposed to the preceding speculation] we cannot know- but as separate entities all these reports are still noteworthy. )

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