Monday, 13 August 2007

Space Shuttle Endeavour Holed in Thermal Shield.

The Endeavour has a small hole that goes through the thermal tiles right down to the ship's Aluminium frame. Heat on re-entry will be like a blow torch. I can only hope the crew can make the necessary repairs or that the damage is not as bad as believed.

Good Luck to the crew !!

Damn shuttle concept. They stick the thing on the side of the rocket rather than on top- where the ship would be out of the way of falling bits of ice and foam. Plus the crew compartment is not a separately insulated escape capsule- a design back up that would give the crew additional protection in the case of a catastrophe. Safety features, except for computer back up systems, were thrown out the window.

(UPDATE: Apparently the damage is not critical this time around.)
(2nd UPDATE: Heat shield damage now considered a real risk.)

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